Monster Hunter: World’s PC version coming in autumn

Monster Hunter: World, Capcom’s latest action-RPG about hunting dinosaurs so you can skin them and wear their faces as gloves helping you hunt bigger dinosaurs to wear their faces as bigger gloves, is coming to PC far later than I’d imagined. Capcom have said that the PC version would come some time after the console launch of January 26th, and today confirmed quite how late it will arrive: in autumn 2018. I suppose I was expecting six weeks tops. Oh well.

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto broke the bad news in a small video update today.

“As for the PC version, we’re working hard on it right now, and aiming for an autumn 2018 release,” Tsujimoto said. “We’ll update you with more details later and thank you for your patience.”

Right-o. That’s that, then.

It can be tempting to pick over statements (the tweet delivering Tsujimoto’s video uses slightly different wording, saying the game “is currently being optimized for PC”) and guess at what’s behind this unusually long hold-up, but that speculation is rarely productive – or correct. I’ll simply say I’m disappointed that this will be so late on PC.

Given that it’s the first main Monster Hunter game coming to PC, I’d hoped to be somewhat in sync with consolechums and their conversations around the game. Instead, we’ll arrive late to a game whose depths and secrets are already known and well-documented, when the dust has settled on the discourse and it’ll be a challenge to break through that and experience the game fresh.

In the RPS treehouse we’re currently trying to peel off the sleeping John’s face to make into gloves to console Katharine, as she has been looking forward to this.


  1. Blowfeld81 says:


    well, they better make it an amazing port with proper 21:9 support or I will bite a kitten!

  2. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    *the makers of Dauntless breathe a heavy sigh of relief, wipe their brows*

    • Cloak says:

      It’s only a delay in the inevitable, after that nobody will look twice at poor Dauntless. That’s if, they don’t screw up porting MHW. I mean this release date probably already push PC people the wrong way. But really, RIP Dauntless.

  3. Ghostwise says:

    I hear that the character creation in this one is terrific.

  4. fish99 says:

    Disappointing, but it’s probably a year earlier than we’ll get RDR2 on PC, if we ever get it.

  5. Freud says:

    Capcom doesn’t always have the best ports so I don’t mind them taking extra time with this. Hopefully it will be worth it.

    At least they have an interest to bring console games to PC, which can’t be said for all publishers/developers.

    • Blowfeld81 says:

      The poor apprentice…ehm… qualified team of coders who have to do the port in the next 10 months will do a great job, as all Capcom ports for PC have shown how much they care about this platform :)

      • Blain says:

        They actually seem to care a fair amount. There may be a lot of patching involved, but by the time I get around to playing them, most Capcom games run pretty well.

        Much like Dragon’s Dogma, if Monster Hunter: World is good I’ll be happy to play it even well after the fact.

        That said, since Capcom wasn’t in any rush to support me, I won’t be in any rush to pay full price to support them.

      • demicanadian says:

        def. not all their ports show care, but I’ve been positively surprised with pc-ness of Resident Evil 7 demo.

        • Jorum says:

          They seem to have made a lot of progress since the utter failure that was RE4.
          RE7 was a solid PC release, and my understanding is that RE5 adn Street Fighter were fine.

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      A lot of people seem to have been put off Capcom ports for life after the messes that were Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 3’s original releases.

      Those were outsourced, and they were broken as hell. Ever since, Capcom have done all their porting in-house. DMC4 on PC was the definitive version of the game. Same with everything they’ve ported since. Dragon’s Dogma may have come late, but it is so far improved over the original version that it’s a little silly.

      Still, this delay sucks. No argument there.

  6. Jorum says:


    I’m a little disappointed.

  7. Kits says:

    I could have easily waited a month or two…but the better part of a year is making me seriously consider just getting the PS4 version and sucking up paying for the ripoff PS+, despite preferring PC.

    • Jorum says:

      Well I already have PS+ for my PS3, but it’s all but given up on providing free PS3 games now. I’d cancel it if I didn’t have a big backlog of PS+ free downloads to play first.

      Is it worth buying a PS4 just for Monster Hunter, Horizon, and Bloodborne? No. Obviously not. Am I looking at PS4 pro prices on Tesco website in another tab. Yes. Yes I am.

    • Hanban says:

      I’m gonna get it for the PS4. I just can’t wait until autumn. Will get it for the PC at release so I can play with the community though.

  8. suibhne says:

    Well, guess I won’t be buying this on PC. How disappointing.

  9. KDR_11k says:

    Sheesh, by the time this comes out they’ll announce Monster Hunter World G for consoles.

  10. Caiman says:

    It almost seems like we’re not getting it at all. I know that’s silly, but a lot of the excitement of these games comes from the shared community experience of playing it when everyone else is. By Autumn 2018 the game will have been forgotten, everyone will have moved on, and it’ll feel like we missed the train somewhat. Oh sure, it’ll have a bit of a mini PC resurgence, but it’s just not quite the same.

    Anyway, I guess better late than never (and better working than broken) so I shouldn’t really complain. Right, what other games are coming out soon? What do you mean, what about my backlog? *sigh*

    • treat says:

      I was looking forward to this with some mild interest but this news pulls it from my consideration. That’s fine, though. 2018 in video games is looking like piss so far (that’s to be expected after such a great year) which will hopefully give me enough time to catch up on the gems in my backlog.

  11. Seafoam says:

    Aw cmon! Terrible news!
    Oh well, I guess a good port is better than a rushed one.
    But this is testing my patience, by god if I end up buying a PS4 then that shall it be!

  12. Thulsa Hex says:

    Ooof. I hope it means it’ll be a quality port. I’m a little disappointed, but what can you do.