Paladins plunking it up with new Battlegrounds mode

Okay then.

The Battle Royale genre brewed for a few years, shifting and gurgling trying to find a stable form until Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds burst out the barrel and engulfed the world in its murderous foam. Now everyone’s drunk on last-man-standing murder and–watch out!–here comes Paladins stumbling down the digital alley, announcing plans to mix its class-based shooter action with a new Battle Royale mode. It’s shamelessly named Paladins: Battlegrounds but might at least turn up something different, as the different classes (sorry, ‘heroes’ or ‘champions’ or whatever) and team compositions mean everyone should bring more variety than the usual Royale ’em up blank slates.

In the usual Battle Royale way, Pladbat mode will plop 100 players into a big map to loot items, chase crates, and murder men until one team triumphs. The announcement from Hi-Rez Studios today blurbs:

“Designed from the ground-up to be played in teams, players must work together to survive in Paladins: Battlegrounds. Supports struggle to keep their Front Liners alive, while Damage Champions let the bullets fly and Flanks look for any possible assassination.

“Players spawn into a massive map — over 300 times the square footage of a typical Paladins’ Siege map. Then they hop onto their mounts and begin exploring, looting their way through more than four dozen outposts and tracking zeppelins that drop legendary gear.”

Ayup, that’s a Plunker all right. Pladbat is due to hit the free-to-play game later this year. Beyond Pladbat, Hi-Rez also announced another new champion and a team deathmatch mode.


  1. Naarkon says:

    Bias warning: I play smite and paladins and generally like Hirez.

    This looks like it could actually be pretty good. Not necessarily better than the other battle royales available, but I do think that classes and larger teams will make a meaningful difference in the gameplay.

  2. Freud says:

    Battle Royale is going to be the new third person cover shooter or icon filled open world game. Game developers know when to jump on a trend and don’t know when to jump off it.

    • pigy33 says:

      If this mode is in 3rd person like how the devs stupidly made the casual queue then yeah you’re right. As most PUBG players playing the 1st person mode now shows how people like 1st person games instead of 3rd person camp behind a tree the whole round type of games.

      • LinusWP says:

        I think (s)he didn’t say that the new Paladins mode was in 3rd person, but instead compares the new wave of Battle Royale-games with the wave of 3rd person cover shooters in the past.

  3. shagen454 says:

    That title isn’t going to piss of PlayerUnknown any. But, he needs to chill because he’s already made mad bank on this game already and should be flattered.

    • Imperialist says:

      I mean, its not like he has any ownership or right to a word that has essentially been around as long as the English language (and longer, in other forms). That would be up there with Bethesda being pissed at Mojang for the use of the word “Scrolls”. 9th Century Monks and Greco-Roman scribes would be retroactively pissed.

      • Chewbacca says:

        He has of course no ownership on the word. But using the exact same name for a (more or less) similar game is very bold. No one cares if you name your Basketball game Battlegrounds. But this is a different case here.

      • WHS says:

        Using the word is fine, but using it in this fashion could plausibly raise trademark concerns.

  4. Chromatose says:

    Oh videogames, you sure know how to videogame.

  5. gabrielonuris says:

    Pladbat!!! Ok, let’s kill it now before it grows wings!!

    • goodpoints says:

      I say Pallybat

      • Dave L. says:

        BatPals, surely?

      • shaydeeadi says:


      • Viral Frog says:

        Came to comments to see how many disgruntled people came to complain about the Plunkbat reference in the headline.

        Instead, saw many other fellow Plunkers embracing it. I am not disappointed.

        I’m gonna second Pallybat.

      • Ejia says:

        I initially thought “Palabat”, but Pallybat looks much better, yes.

  6. Ghostwise says:

    Did we already coin “plunklike” ? I forget.

  7. Carmine_steel says:

    Gotta love it when a team of developers don’t have any original ideas so the first copy overwatch and realize they dont have enough players so they copy a second popular trend oh boy i can’t wait to see what Hi-Rez copy’s next

    • akumou says:

      Did you forget when they copied League of Legends? This is the third time they will be copying trends and making a crappy clone.

    • thesoupcan says:

      Blizzard made copies of existing games for years but nobody said a word about it?

      I could say Blizzard made their own spins to existing games but so did HiRez so whats the problem?

  8. kwyjibo says:

    Hi-Rez are the most unoriginal company on the planet.

    At least they cancelled their Clash Royale clone.

    Now cancel everything else.

  9. Hunchback says:

    Does EVERYTHING have to be some form of “battle royale” nowadays?

    Honestly, if i might just puke if i read about yet another game that’s adding a “battlegrounds” mode for no reason at all. :|

    • darthfergie says:

      Not just for no reason. Remember, Battle Royale saved Fortnite which was barely finding a userbase before it dropped that F2P version.

      Devs are looking to cash in fast and are spinning up their own mods everywhere. Don’t be surprised to see it in CoD and Battlefront before the end of 2018.

      • Chromatose says:

        One possible take is that the ever-increasing cost / complexity of game development means that developers are taking fewer and fewer risks and banking more on demonstrably ‘safe’ IP and ideas. I’m not saying we’re headed for another crash, but I do wonder how long this sort of increasing convergence can sustain. It wasn’t like enough decent devs didn’t get burned or shuttered completely by the MOBA goldrush.

      • DrollRemark says:

        Which is really odd to me, because I tried Fortnite’s version, and it’s really not the same as plunkbat at all. Just being a 100 player island deathmatch isn’t what makes me love the latter, so it’s a weird format to try and emulate.