8 things we learned about Deckard by exploring his Blade Runner apartment


The cyberpunk apartment of Blade Runner’s robot-killer Rick Deckard has been recreated as a walking sim, Blade Runner 9732. We told you about it before but it’s now on Steam, playable with a Vive VR headset (or without). Alice has already observed that Deckard enjoys the pungent odour of Axe and L’Oreal products, but what else can we learn about the extra-judicial android murderer by nosying through his home? Quite a lot.

Deckard owns more milk than is prudent


There are five 1 litre cartons. The only other item in his fridge is beer.

He has many Trustworthy Paper Documents


As any policeman should.

He reads National Geographic while he poos


So he is human after all.

He really likes The Bird by Jules Michelet


It is a book about birds written in 1856. Here’s an extract.


He owns 43 copies of this book.

His washing machine and boiler are from my student flat


The astonishing future appliances of 2019.

His bolognese recipe is disastrous


Two eggs, half a carrot, jar of sauce. Deckard, we need to talk.

He loves dismantling his revolver into its constituent parts and looking at them while drinking hard liquor between reading passages from his favourite book, The Bird by Jules Michelet


You can’t go on living like this.

He has an excellent view


Okay maybe you can.

While Blade Runner 9732 doesn’t have the official backing of Warner Bros, the game’s creator Quentin Lengele says he discussed the project with them. They decided not to use it as a promo piece for the recent sequel, he says, but they “let me release it for free and I can even ask for donations to improve it.” Which seems… oddly magnanimous?

Work will continue on it, he says, including the possibility of having Rachael hanging around, presumably with a severe look of judgement and mild disgust on her face.

Blade Runner 9732 is free on Steam.


  1. Arathorn says:

    Well, Deckard being a film noir hard-boiled cop, it would be rather suspect if he did know how to cook. He’s supposed to live off hard liquor and manly tears (the latter only when nobody’s looking, of course).

  2. chuckieegg says:

    Oh, come on. What we all want to know is : Is there an origami unicorn?

  3. thekelvingreen says:

    Does Ridley Scott nip in and move things around when you’re not looking?

  4. elevown says:

    I know it is free, and seriously impressive for one guy to knock out just because, but I hope he improves the controls, they are the worst thing.

    And no origami about – though it does seem to be set late in the film.

    • fish99 says:

      Yeah I tried playing this on (admittedly unsupported) Rift and the controls just kill it. At least let us rotate the view when teleporting.

  5. SilentBoy741 says:

    Also, that huge black console in Deckard’s bedroom appears to be running Norton Commander 5.0, a file transfer utility from the ’80s, on the right-hand monitor. For bulk porn downloads maybe?