Overwatch launches $5 Overwatch League team kits

Blizzard’s swanky Overwatch League kicks off on Wednesday, with 12 teams representing cities across the globe, and what sport would be complete without flogging expensive merch? Blizzard today launch “jersey” skins, letting Overwatch characters wear your favourite team’s clobber for $5 each. Five dollars! If you just like pretty skins, hey, Blizzard are letting all players buy one outfit for free so pick yourself something nice. Just remember: no team colours allowed in pubs on match day.

The Overwatch League’s first season will start at 4pm PST tomorrow (that’s midnight in the UK) with San Francisco Shock playing Los Angeles Valiant, followed by Shanghai Dragons vs. Los Angeles Gladiators then Dallas Fuel vs. Seoul Dynasty.

Yes, the team names are weird. But good grief, the UK’s only team is the London Spitfires, a name almost as shocking as Tracer’s accent.

Here, have a look (apols. for the Twitter embed, it’s not on YouTube grumble grumble):

The new team skins are bought with a new microtransaction currency, League Tokens. Blizzard are giving everyone 100 Tokens to get started, which is enough to buy one kit for one character (yes, they’re per-character) and would usually cost $5. You’ve got until February 13th to grab those free points. Some money from skin sales will go to teams, at least, as Dota 2 and some other digital sports have done.

The Overwatch League kits and offer are live, arriving in today’s patch. I don’t believe they’re live in Europe yet, as our patches launch a day late, but I don’t own Overwatch to check. [and that’s why you’re wrong, fool -ed.]

League games will be streamed on Twitch.

Oh goodness me I’ve just discovered you actually can buy real Overwatch League shirts.


  1. Seafoam says:

    Keep in mind that the buyable currency doesn’t have that god awful scheme of “1 skin costs 100 coins but you can only buy packs of 90”.
    Looking at you Bethesda.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Maybe I’m cynical, but I thought every dealer of fake currency pulled that scheme?

      Now that EA has put Mass Effect 2 and 3 DLC on their store for real money instead of Bioware Points (although very expensive), I will consider buying it at some point. Really hate when you can’t buy content directly for real money.

  2. MikoSquiz says:

    Front-and-centering generically “Overwatch League” merch seems weird. Do people wear, like, non-specific “NHL” or “FIFA” merch (as opposed to team merch)?

    Incidentally, the London Spitfires are an all-Korean side. The only Brits in the league are on Philadelphia Fusion and the LA Valiant.

    • Excors says:

      It seems quite a few decent players, including some British ones, got caught up in contract difficulties – they were in teams that wanted to join OWL themselves, so those teams wouldn’t release them from their contracts, then some of those teams failed to get the necessary investment and disbanded, and by that point there weren’t many vacancies remaining in the other OWL teams. (If OWL is adequately successful then it should get more teams next year, and the signing process won’t be as chaotic, so hopefully those players can get in eventually.)

      London Spitfire have said they initially wanted a mainly British team, but the players were all locked into contracts, so their fallback plan was to acquire the best existing team regardless of location (who happened to be Korean). They say they’re trying to build up a proper UK presence, which hopefully would include UK/EU players on their Overwatch Contenders team (the division below OWL), though it’s certainly a bit awkward for now while their OWL players are all Korean and are playing in LA for the first year or two.

  3. Neurotic says:

    Went to have a quick go this evening on the ol’ PS4, and it was in the middle of updating. Perhaps in the morning I shall have another look!

  4. Excors says:

    I don’t believe they’re live in Europe yet, as our patches launch a day late

    All patches (and events and seasons etc) are simultaneous in all regions, to the best of my knowledge. The OWL skins are definitely available in the UK now.

    (The pricing in GBP is a bit less proportional than in USD – it’s £5 for 1, £9 for 2, £17 for 4, £35 for 9, and £87.49 for 26 if you’re insane.)

  5. ChefSquid says:

    > 12 teams representing cities across the globe

    9 of which are from the US, and one from Europe, pretty disappointing.

    • Rindan says:

      It is, but this entire first season is weird. All of the games are happening in the same place in LA. I think next season it’s supposed to expand and be something more normal. This season looks more like a dry run.

  6. Xerophyte says:

    “London Spitfire” have at least managed to create an identity with their branding, unlike the painfully bland other teams. Naming your nominally British manshoot team after a quintessentially British shooty war thing and putting a Spitfire on the logo isn’t exactly clever … but it sure beats my adopted hometown’s “San Francisco Shock”, which was likely chosen by a Generic American Sports Franchise algorithm and yet unfortunately reminds me that my apartment block is in a soil liquefaction zone and will one day kill me.

    That the league is so US-centered is a bit weird given that the players aren’t. I’m guessing they’re going more by where they expect the initial money to come from and where they had better partner contacts first than anything else. All the teams will be playing in Los Angeles for season one of this thing, apparently. The team “locations” and the decision to go all-in with a very US style franchise system makes it all seem surprisingly insular, especially after stressing the international nature with the world cups and all.

    Overwatch is also still extremely hard to follow if the preseason games are anything to go by. They’re getting better, slowly, but I feel like there’s a reason first person cameras are used sparingly in broadcasts for sports where we have them. I’m not convinced this is the spectator esport for the masses. Seems a hell of a gamble to go this big.

    • Seafoam says:

      Well if you have knowledge of the game then it’s quite easy with the commentary.
      Especially now since the teams have one unified skin and the effect colors are cordinated.

      Of course it all requires for you to have a grip on Overwatch’s mechanics to begin with.

  7. Diziet Sma says:

    Let us buy the normal skins we want rather than gambling on loot boxes (a la HotS) and I’m in.