The Foxer

Warm-up Foxer (Where am I?)

I’m on a busy coastal road. I’m in a country that has no stripes on its flag. There’s a silver two-car electric multiple unit emerging from a tunnel 20 metres to the NW of me. I’m 5 miles from a Decade Volcano. I’m at the same latitude as an African square declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Eighties. I’m in a country that’s above Italy in the World Rugby rankings. The nearest level crossing is 500 metres away. I can see a sign aimed at litter bugs. I’m just about to be passed by a white no.66 bus with an unusually attired chap behind the wheel.

Feature Foxer

Identifying all twelve locations in today’s enlargeable geofoxer will be tricky unless you figure out the theme that connects them.


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Last week’s warm-up foxer: I was here (defoxed by phlebas)

Last week’s missing vowels foxer:

’30 Things That You Might Find on or in a Road’

1. SNKHL – sinkhole (Stugle, Little_Crow)
2. RBYS LPPRS – ruby slippers (Stugle, AFKAMC, Little_Crow)
3. FLTNRPH BN – Fulton Airphibian
4. KTHRNFR RRS – Katherine Ferrers (Arioch_RN)
5. BT TSDT – Bott’s dot (skink74)
6. HRB – Herbie (Little_Crow)
7. LND – landau
8. TKRCB R – Otokar Cobra
9. HLGBRS LSS – Haile Gebrselassie (Gothnak)
10. LLL PPLDY – lollipop lady (Gothnak, Little_Crow)

11. DTSNFR LDY – Datsun Fairlady (Gothnak)
12. SLPR DS – Sal Paradise
13. TC KRTP – ticker tape (Gothnak)
14. TH LMN DLS – Thelma and Louise (Gothnak)
15. ND NPPS – Indian Papoose
16. LN DNSTMCR RG – London Steam Carriage (Little_Crow, Stugle)
17. T TSL – Otta seal
18. TFTYFLFF YTL – Tufty Fluffytail (Little_Crow)
19. BSL N – bus lane (Gothnak)
20. DV DMNN – David Mann (Gothnak, Little_Crow)

21. THN TH L LMB – The Ant Hill Mob (Gothnak)
22. PH NTH KMP HC – Phan Thị Kim Phúc (skink74)
23. R DRG – road rage (Arioch_RN)
24. STNMS TR – Austin Maestro (Little_Crow)
25. SD NCHR – sedan chair (Gothnak)
26. BR THBNZ – Bertha Benz (Gothnak)
27. THG DSM RTN – The Good Samaritan  (Gothnak)
28. KN GMM – King Momo (skink74)
29. TRCK SHW – auto rickshaw (Arioch_RN)
30. FRTHR – Further


  1. AbyssUK says:

    i: is the ring o bells pub in Wookey, England

    Too early to guess a star wars theme ??

    link to

  2. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    A: is the Imperial War Museum’s London address. (here)

  3. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    F: is the bus station in Bath (here)

    • AbyssUK says:

      The BUS!
      Its an Optare Solo M850!

      • chuckieegg says:

        Heheh! Well done that man. I’ve just spent ages looking at an Endorian forest when I should have been looking at the tree.

  4. Gothnak says:

    My wife has got a new job, Yay! I have to go out for lunch to celebrate in 15 mins… no Foxer for me… boo!

  5. AbyssUK says:

    I think j is in tunisa.. from the phone number.. am thinking near a star wars filming site ..

  6. KarolisLive says:

    Warm-up: could it be near Mt Unzen or Sakurajima in Japan?

    • phlebas says:

      I think it has to be, from the rugby and volcano clues. I’m looking around Sakurajima at the moment.

      • Stugle says:

        I’m trying Nagasaki, which has white city buses (Tim didn’t specify he was being passed by a CITY bus, though).

      • Gusdownnup says:

        I think we’re here; that’s got the train, bus, and (blurry) sign. Moving a step or two in either direction resolves them, I think.

        • phlebas says:

          Oh, well done! I headed the wrong way along that stretch of line, it seems.

          • Gusdownnup says:

            It’s a long road; I must have passed a suitable bus four or five times. Thanks for your help, and Karolis for his.

        • Stugle says:

          Well done! I kept scouring the map for a ROAD tunnel. Ah well, c’est le Foxer.

        • GHawkins says:

          But what is the African square he referred to? Your location is at a latitude of 31 degrees N, but I have been unable to find any UNESCO Heritage Site that is a square in the countries on that latitude.

  7. AFKAMC says:

    C. possibly Bert Mooney Airport, Butte, Montana

    link to
    link to

  8. Gothnak says:

    Assume E is advertising the Detenice Castle in the Czech republic, no time to find the location :(.

    It has a witch tour i believe, as does Wookey hole, maybe a link?

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      “Dobrovická muzea” is a brewery(?) in the Czech republic (here), but that sign’s just advertising it, currently scanning nearby locations for hints of a Star Wars connection…

      • Rorschach617 says:

        So am I. Getting flustered that Detenice and Dobrovice do not share a road, since I would expect adverts next to a road to be alone the lines of “5km to this place, 8 km to this other place, on this road”, rather than “somewhere in this locality, you can find this”.

        • Stugle says:

          I was looking at that triangle on the sign as a stylized/supremely simplified road map, but I couldn’t map any streets in Dobrovice to it.

  9. Gothnak says:

    Bath has a Witch.
    Wookey Hole has a Witch.
    Detenice Castle has a WItch.
    Bert Mooney Castle has a plane called a Witchcraft – link to

    Good luck with the rest…

  10. Rorschach617 says:

    H: The liner on the left is the Crown Princess. Princess cruisers of the “Grand” class have a nightclub called Skywalkers on them.

  11. chuckieegg says:

    I’ll take a stab at J being Hotel Sidi Driss in Tunisia. It was Lukes home in Star Wars.

  12. Premium User Badge

    Matchstick says:

    K looks to be in Tremont, Cleveland, Ohio but I’m struggling to nail the exact location

  13. Premium User Badge

    Matchstick says:

    Got It – It’s the Treehouse Pub on Corner of Processor Avenue and College Avenue Cleveland. Picture taken from Professor Avenue (directly in front of St. John Cantius Catholic Church)

    If we’re looking for a Star Wars theme – Ewoks and Treehouses maybe ?

    • AbyssUK says:

      Wanted to find the star wars link.. and the tab was still open at work after the weekend.
      The Guinness advert, of course Alec Guinness

  14. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    L: is the RRK Energia factory/museum in/near Moscow (here)

  15. Premium User Badge

    Matchstick says:

    My collegue just identified B as the Jay Pritzker Pavillion in Millenium park Chicago

  16. mrpier says:

    D is the Grand Canyon Skywalk (er).

  17. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Just G and E left then.

  18. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    G: is the “Trench of Death” (so the trench run on the Deathstar?) here near Ypres

  19. Teek says:

    H is Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal in Vancouver.

  20. AbyssUK says:

    E: Thats a JAWA motorcycle in the tree… looks like some sort of historic motorcycle club.. cannot find it however

    Ha JAWA museum
    link to