First footage of Yume Nikki follow-up Dream Diary


Cult indie horror game Yume Nikki arrived on Steam this week and, more than a decade after its original release, we saw signs that the dream saga might continue. Yume Nikki is free and if you’re at all interested in wandering through subtle and not-so-subtle nightmare realms while trying to decipher their strange logic, you should play it!

A countdown site suggested we’d find out more about the new project in a couple of weeks, and now, with twelve days still to go, we have our first hints about what comes next. Dream Diary appears to be the title and the only other text says: “We can not wake up”. Oh no. I’m fairly sure there are no spoilers here because…well, you’ll see.

That’s precisely what I want from a Yume Nikki trailer. I have no doubt that internet sleuths will start to decipher it but I’m happy just to be along for the lights and the colours and the creepy sounds. Freeze during the static burst near the beginning and you’ll see what looks to me like a familiar face though. It’s the hair that gives it away.


Right now, we have no idea if this is a sequel in a similar style to the original, RPGMaker and all, or something else entirely. But all will be revealed in twelve days. Either that or we’ll just have a three hour version of this video and that’s fine by me.


  1. Seafoam says:

    From what I’ve heard, the elusive original creator just gave them permission but has nothing else to do with it.

    The original Yume Nikki was amazing because it was so mysterious, it just tickles the mind.
    I’ve read incredibly long articles theorizing what it is about. Is it just about dreams? Sexual themes, past sexual abuse or normal curiosity? Violent desires, social exclusion, supernatural… the theories surrounding the game are boundless.
    I do not believe a sequel or a spiritual successor could touch upon Yume Nikkis essence at all. If it will be good it won’t be good in the same way.

  2. poliovaccine says:

    Just checked out the original last night, had never heard of it (or honestly the name rings a bell, but never knew about it anyway) til the RPS post alerting folks it was free on Steam. I haven’t figured anything out about it, but I’m really enjoying the art, as well as doing everything ten times slower by doing all my traversal via chair-scooting. Have no idea what a sequel would need or even want to be, but I’m definitely curious.

  3. MrUnimport says:

    Yume Nikki just means dream diary to begin with.

    This might be interesting. I’m inclined to agree with people who say Yume Nikki ought to stand alone, that part of the experience is never getting an explanation or an elaboration, but from the trailer it seems like they have a good grasp on the strange and uncomfortable vibe the original game had.

  4. swigg says:

    I’m sure lots of people think this too, but this doesn’t feel quite right. One defining aspect of Yume Nikki is how thoroughly unconcerned it is with presentation, or being understood, or marketing. It’s unreasonable and aloof. It’s the opposite of games that seek to entertain and make sure everybody gets to see their advertised secrets. On the steam page there is this passage “It is unlike any other RPG especially in the fact that there really is no action or dialogue to speak of. This gives the game a very dark and foreboding atmosphere. Can you make it to the secret ending?”

    I don’t think Kikiyama has anything to do with it. The impression I get is that he isn’t involved and truly doesn’t care what happens to the game he made, even as it becomes a commecial “IP”. But I kind of admire that, too.

    But I’m sure tons of people will enjoy it on a superficial level, the same way my dad thinks Eraserhead is “awesome”. Even I felt initially a bit excited to hear that Kikiyama might be involved. I’m probably even going to keep an eye on this, but the only way I could really enjoy it is if I don’t expect an experience as earnest and ugly and personal as the first game was, and just approach it as entertainment. Also, there’s no point in bemoaning a defilement of the source material when apparently Kikiyama himself seemingly has no concerns. I like to hope he’s healthy and has moved on and doesn’t care!

    • R. Totale says:

      It’s probably best to think of this as an official fan game.

    • MrUnimport says:

      “But I’m sure tons of people will enjoy it on a superficial level,”

      Well, good job ruling out any possibility ahead of time that people’s enjoyment of the new one could transcend the superficial.