Mount & Blade/World Of Tanks hybrid Tiger Knight relaunches on Steam

Tiger Knight

Somehow, the original release of Tiger Knight flew completely under my radar. I’d have expected the blend of historical Chinese warfare, familiar siege and mounted combat mechanics and massive-scale PvP warfare (7v7 matches, each player leading a regiment of up to 30 AI soldiers) would have caught my eye, but apparently not. I even missed the game shutting down last year.

Thankfully, 2018 is set to be a year of new beginnings, and Chinese publisher NetDragon Websoft have dusted the game off for a second, international-geared release via Steam. It’s a bit patchy, but might be worth a look, given its free-to-play nature.

While undeniably a little on the rough side (feeling almost like a throwback to the early days of Korean-led free-to-play gaming), the couple rounds I’ve played cooperatively against bots have been enjoyable enough, in an awkwardly familiar kinda way. Tiger Knight is a freakish frankengame, assembled from components of other, more popular titles and while it may not be more than the sum of its parts, it has a lot of parts to add together.

The setting is Three Kingdoms-era history (with ancient Roman soldiers playable as well, just to add to the hodge-podge feel of the game), the combat mechanics are shamelessly lifted from Mount & Blade, and the progression systems and game structure are copy-pasted from World of Tanks, right down to requiring you to fill out an individual troop type’s research tree before you can progress to the next unit type.

The translation is more than a little rough, admittedly, but it’s at least accessible enough for English-speakers. Players who got in on the older version of the game are apparently being rewarded for their loyalty with a stack of currency and items in-game. Right now there’s no difference in content between the original (failed) beta and the current playable build on Steam, but the developers do have plans to work on new content over the coming year, assuming players decide to stick around.

Personally, I’m just glad to see a multiplayer game get a second chance, after seeing so many games fizzle out and shut down over the past few years, and in this case, I feel the odd melange of ingredients might just result in something worth keeping around long-term, assuming they can polish it up a little further.


  1. StAUG says:

    ‘like WoT’

    I hope it doesn’t have game breakingly powerful real-money-only units for sale like WoT does.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Unless a great deal has changed in WoT since I played, it doesn’t have anything of the sort.

      • Cozzie says:

        Robbaz had a YT series showing off how broken some of the paid tanks were. He’s good at the game anyway but dropping cash (I think this was 2/3 months ago) made it completely trivial.

        • ludde says:

          There was also the debacle last year when Wargaming tried to silence SirFoch by copystriking his video on the new premium Chrysler K, which he deemed horribly P2W.

          He there’s his follow-up video where he talks about stuff like premium ammo flat out having more penetration and sometimes even damage, saying it’s Wargaming’s go-to for making money, among other things: link to

      • ludde says:

        WoT has a lot of pay-to-win aspects. Some of them can be subtle at first, but once you understand why and how, it’s pretty bad.

  2. Mangalo says:

    I implore people to give this one a shot. It’s a very interesting game, very much a frankengame, but plays really well. Each set of units performs differently, and there’s a lot opportunity for micro management and tactical teamplay, you can really coordinate between players without saying a word. Hit them on the approach with an archer team, tank the damage with the shield wall then counter attack with your DPS units, lots of high level stuff.
    Also makes you feel like a badass as you hack down dozens of troops as your commander, then come face to face with another and duel it out amoungst the chaos of an ever evolving battle.

    • Philocypher says:

      Game looks like a lot of fun but the lag makes it unplayable… I’m in NA, have they fixed the lag issues in the last 3 days?

  3. zagibu says:

    Shamelessly lifted from Mount and Blade? I hope they have a deal with them, because this game is basically a Mount and Blade total conversion. It still uses many of the original animations for example.

  4. Smaug says:

    The new Mount and Blade also has a multiplayer mode where you command a group of AI soldiers.

  5. Kohlrabi says:

    Looks more like War of the Roses to me. That is like M&B without the shit combat.

    • Abacus says:

      Strange comparison to make. Another comparison would be that M&B has an active multiplayer community, whereas War of the Roses kicked the bucket a whole ago.

  6. Captain Narol says:

    I’ve give it a try and it’s quite a good brainless fun even if it requires lots of grind.

    I just wish they add more civilizations of that era than just Chineses and Romans (it’s on the roadmap) to add some variety !

  7. Tim James says:

    You know there are too many games when they are released, shut down, and re-released all before you’ve ever even heard of them.

  8. Tuco says:

    This has to be the third Mount & Blade clone I saw coming from China, and not even the most blatant… Which makes me wonder if the original is somewhat popular there or if these clones are all they ever got.

    • ShinySpoons says:

      Yes, was very popular for a while. Na/euro players wouldn’t encounter them though because of language and distance(ping) issues

    • zagibu says:

      I know that the C-RPG mod for Warband had quite a large population for some time over in China.

  9. Stevostin says:

    3rd person view k thx bye

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      Do you play Mount & Blade first-person? Wouldn’t that be super awkward?

      • cpt_freakout says:

        Why would people do that to themselves

      • zagibu says:

        It’s actually quite fun. Much harder to fight, but much more in your face when arrows fly past your ears…or not past them.

      • Captain Narol says:

        If you use a ranged weapon in M&B, you have to switch to First-Person view to aim.

        In fact, that’s quite immersive when you do, ala Skyrim.

      • fnLandShark says:

        I find first person to only be useful while couching a lance on horseback. Otherwise, it’s just torturous and nausea inducing.

  10. fish99 says:

    NetDragon Websoft, because their games utilize both the net, and the web.

  11. Hensler says:

    This basically sounds like my perfect game – not sure how I missed it before. I’m downloading it now – hopefully the microtransactions don’t drive me away.