Awesome Games Done Quick raises over $2.25 million for charity


Speedruns themselves can be mind-boggling, but it’s the community behind them that interests me the most. There’s an infectious joy that comes across in every video that’s come out of Awesome Games Done Quick, the annual week-long charity speedrunning event that wrapped up over the weekend. It’s an event that provides the triple-whammy of heart warming camaraderie, entertaining speedruns and a whopping $2,269,209.96 so far for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. That’s more than $50,000 over last year’s total and donations are still rolling in – you can chip in here if you’re so inclined.

I’ve collected some of the best runs for ya after the jump.

Here’s the official youtube playlist, though as I write this only 113 of the 181 total runs have been uploaded to it so far.

It can be hard to follow what’s happening in a single speedrun, and this Resident Evil 3 race between Bawkbasoup and Wusscake tasks you with watching two at once. The commentator does a good job of breaking down what’s happening on both screens though, and the race dynamic adds a tension that I didn’t realise was missing from normal speedruns.

I figured the blink ability in Dishonoured would make for good speedrun fodder, and this run from DrTChops doesn’t disappoint.

Kotti’s Arabian Nights run is another highlight. Watch out for the dancing commentators 11 minutes in.

There’s also zallard1’s double run of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! and Super Punch-Out!!, which he somehow manages to play simultaneously. Neither of those are PC Games, but it’s an impressive enough feat for me not to care.

I’ll leave you with this clip from Carcinogen’s Resident Evil 7 run, though be warned that it contains spoilers. I haven’t watched the full run all the way through, but there are plenty of other fun moments in what I’ve seen of the rest of it too.


  1. Nevard says:

    This is a nice middle finger to the people who were claiming that enabling subscription mode so it was possible to actually moderate their chat, and making sure streamers didn’t say horrible things on camera like at least one has in most of the previous events, actually led to a greater amount of donations.

    Who would have though that being welcoming and professional could pay dividends?!

    • pelicans says:

      Hmmm.. while this year was admittedly (just) a record, how do you know the total donations wouldn’t have cleared more $ had they not banned chat, etc?

    • falchieyan says:

      There were a lot of naysayers this year. There was a lot of venom about the decision to drop the Super Metroid race due to the past years’ attempts having all but one runner die before the run was even over. Also the noisy contempt toward the number of trans people associated with the event(any YouTube post of a game with a runner that is trans has a big chunk of downvotes solely due to that fact).

      Though not a particularly flashy run, the Super Mario Land 2 run was especially adorable due to people making up song lyrics for several of the stage songs. The Super Dram World 2 was also immensely entertaining.

  2. quasiotter says:

    I agree with the reasons in that you love it, Mr. Matt Cox. The awful-games block is always my favourite, because I love it when things are a bit out of the ordinary. It’s funny, but I always have fond memories of tuning in for these.

  3. caff says:

    Really love seeing the PC game runs, especially seeing a game like Resi 7 destroyed on mad house (hard) mode. I still go back and watch runs from previous years’ SGDQ and AGDQ.

  4. Apologised says:

    The Titenic speedrun was a tiny joy. As was the previous interview with the two guys who still couldn’t beleive that the organisers were letting them do an Athena speedrun after being repeatedly told that there was AT BEST a 15% chance of either of them finishing.

    The Bloodborne All Bosses run was deeply humbling, as even when RNG handed him lovecraftian lemons at every turn, the runner was still able to turn every boss into blasphemous lemonade in stupid quick time.

    Edit: Megaman Relay was decent, less of an actual marathon than the DKC one was, or the Mario one. But the Megaman X race was miles better since there was a lot less glitching through walls and it was a lot tighter.

    I find myself wondering what Relay they could do this summer. Sonic is the only one that really springs to mind. Unless they want to go completely nuts and do Metroid: Zero Mission -> AM2R -> Super Metroid -> Metroid Fusion. Although you can’t REALLY speedrun that last one.

  5. Bullfrog says:

    If you enjoy zallards Punch Out run check put some if his runs at previous GDQ’s in which he plays the game blindfolded.