Full Metal Furies out now from Rogue Legacy creators

The studio behind roguelikelike platformer Rogue Legacy today released their new game, the cooperative action-RPG beat ’em up Full Metal Furies. It’s so into cooperation–in other local or online form for up to four players–that even the singleplayer option will let Nigel Nae-Pals swap between characters mid-fight for monster combos. Rogue Legacy is a goodun so ooh let’s see about this.

So! There are baddies. They’re bad. You want to kick the dickens out of them. We play as the Furies, a team of four–a Fighter, Sniper, Engineer, and Tank–who have their own weapons and abilities. Pick your person, smash enemies, battle bosses, level up, get neat weapons and powers, and on you go.

Oh, but the game has an Ikaruga twist. All enemies are colour-coded and can only be hurt by certain colours, so players really will need to watch their mates. (Or yourself, Nige – in singleplayer, you pick two classes to switch between at the press of a button.) I am quite interested in the idea of forcing reliance and cooperation, as even co-op games can suffer from greed and showboating. Oh, and about greed: yes, it also shares gold and whatnot with everyone. Be friends. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

Full Metal Furies is out now, priced at £15/€20/$20 on Steam and the Humble Store.


  1. roguewombat says:

    Man, I was all about this until I realized it wasn’t Full Metal Furries.

    j/k … I actually love Rogue Legacy and look forward to giving this a try!

    • Quickly says:

      I do wonder what the talk goes like behind the scenes, weighing the potential for constant split-second misreadings and long-term association of Furries vs just choosing a different title, like with No Truce with the Furries.


  2. vahnn says:

    I hope this is a representative sample of the game’s music, because I’m really digging this track.