Fallout 4’s New Vegas and Fallout 3 remake mods show off progress

One of the few certainties in this ever-changing world is: right now, someone, somewhere, is remaking an old Bethesda open-world RPG inside a newer game from that series. Fans are working on bringing several Elder Scrolls games to several newer Elder Scrolls games, while others are trying to put Fallout 3 and Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas inside Fallout 4. The teams behind the Fallout 3 and New Vegas mods have both recently shown more of their work so coo go on, let’s have a look.

First up is Capital Wasteland, the mod bringing Fallout 3’s wrecked Washington to Fallout 4. The team are focusing on the base game first, with all its quests and weapons and… it’ll be Fallout 3 inside Fallout 4, yeah? So a little prettier and slightly less janky. They do say they won’t copy over Fallout 3’s washed-out green filter, mind, instead trying to strike a similar tone through weather. And no, they won’t whack Fallout 4’s settlements in either.

When it will be ready? When it’s done. It’s made by a team of volunteers, named Road To Liberty, working in their spare time. Follow their site for more. For now, check out their progress in the new video released over the weekend:

The Fallout 4: New Vegas mod has only officially been in development since August, though parts of its team have come from a failed earlier mod attempting to do the same. Heck, you can even download some bits and pieces of their work for Fallout 4 right now, including ye olde Caravan Shotgun. They are planning to implement Fallout 4’s settlements, and might also make some New Vegas bits that Obsidian had cut from the original game.

It too is done when it’s done. See the mod’s site for more words and pictures. These here moving pictures from January 1st show progress on some of New Vegas’s gameguts:

These being huge projects, we don’t know when–or if–they’ll be finished but hey, remember that rare certainty.


  1. Spuzzell says:

    Ah, someone is modding some gameplay into FO:4?

    That’s a good idea.

  2. Turkey says:

    It’s time to mix it up, folks. Why not recreate Oblivion in Fallout 4 or Fallout 3 in Skyrim? Get creative, people!

    • frightlever says:

      You could be on to something. Steampunk Morrowind in the FO4 engine could work.

      Dwemer robots, Telvanni institute, BoS Empire, hmm..

    • Moonracer says:

      I remember post Skyrim/pre FO4 thinking the left/right hand combo mechanic of Skyrim would be interesting to implement in a Fallout game. Dual pistols?, pistol and melee? pistol and shield? or two handed rifle?

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      I wanted to joke about recreating Fallout 4 in Daggerfall or something, but then I remembered that “demakes” are already a thing, so sure why not.

  3. N'Al says:

    To pick up on the post’s first sentence: As a consumer, I’m finding these ‘remakes’ increasingly boring, although I don’t doubt they’re easy learning experiences for budding modders.

    Still, not going to deny this is impressive stuff.

    • Vilos Cohaagen says:

      Likewise. I’ve played both the originals to completion and don’t really want to replay them or buy Fallout 4. I have so many unplayed games in my libraries that I don’t really have any interest in replaying games in general with one or two exceptions (System Shock 2 / Thief games for instance). Good luck to them, but definitely not for me.

      • sosolidshoe says:

        Personally I strongly disagree. I’ve found a lot of replay value in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games(FO4 aside), particularly once you bring mods into the equation, but getting the older ones to play ball and look good is an onerous task. I’ve been wanting to replay New Vegas again for a while now but when I sat down and worked out what I’d need to do to make that happen in terms of mods – for graphics especially – and considered how stable the game would actually be with all that extra stuff layered on, it just seemed far too onerous to bother with.

        Being able to go back and replay the older games with modern graphics and some of the more irritating mechanical quirks ironed out – Morrowind & New Vegas in particular but I could stand to play Oblivion and FO3 once more – sounds like heaven to me. FO4 had four good things about it(graphics, increased stability with mods, settlements((after a few mods tweaked it)), and the walking-tank Power Armour mechanic), so if they import the story and most other mechanics from NV into the FO4 and keep those four things I’ll be extremely happy.

        All that said, I’m not allowing myself to get hyped for any of these mods, unfortunately there’s a good chance most of them will never be completed.

        • krikitarmy says:

          For Morrowind, I would personally recommend OpenMW rather than SkyWind or MorrOblivion. I tried modding Morrowind and it turned into a CTD nightmare. But I redid everything using OpenMW and haven’t experienced a single crash or major bug since.

          I don’t nearly enough about games to know if OpenMW-like projects are possible for other games. But I would much rather play a game with an updated engine than a mash-up like MorrOblivion or SkyWind.

      • ElGordoFreeman says:

        Well, both SS2 and Thief orignal series have mods already for better textures and some gameplay changes. SS2 and Deadly shadows have a set of mods (deadly shadows has one to remove almost all city transitions making almost a single cohesive map of the city hub). Thief 1 and 2 have very interesting mods that only update the textures (the models are still the same sadly since is tied to the engine), both from the same guy, available on moddb. I highly suggest you check those out

  4. ZippyLemon says:

    None of these is ever going to even approach release, is it?

    How the SureAI guys manage it I have no idea.

    • frightlever says:

      You reminded me I haven’t played Enderal yet!

    • krikitarmy says:

      Apparently, MorrOblivion is nearly 100% finished. Then again, I don’t really know who is looking to play an old game in an only slightly less old game’s engine…

      • Coming Second says:

        Hah, that right there is one of the big problems with this type of thing. They take so long to do that by the time they’re close to completion, tech has moved on enough that it already looks outdated. So then somebody on the team has the bright idea of going back and updating what they’ve already done…

  5. Lupa says:

    Not sure what people are complaining about. I think its fantastic, I’d love to roam around in both games in the better engine.
    I admit its a big thing that’s holding me back from playing the old one’s is being introduced to a new engine. I used to mod the crap out of Fallout 3 and New vagas. But since fallout 4 dropped I just haven’t been able to.
    And also doing oblivion in fallout game? That is a little restarted. They would have to rewrite the whole game, add magic, all sorts of shit. Basically impossible.

    • austinamend says:

      You say that magic is impossible to create in FO4, but there are already projectiles (bullets) and beams (lasers) in FO4… All you have to do is modify those textures to look more “magical.” Maybe steal an animation from the game where the hand just opens up and put those two together and now you have magic in F04. I’m telling you, never say impossible to a group of modders, they will try to find a way no matter what anybody says.

  6. dethtoll says:

    While I have zero hope of these succeeding, it would certainly be nice to play Fallout 3 and New Vegas in an engine that isn’t awful.

    • nimbulan says:

      Yeah, and engine where first person gunplay actually works properly would be nice. I hated being forced to use VATS because of all the gun-related bugs.

    • Premium User Badge

      Grizzly says:

      The thing I am mainly interested about is the cut content of New Vegas: When Obisidian developed New Vegas they had to cut a lot of stuff to both deal with engine limitations and the PS3’s memory limits. The latter can be restored, but mods that deal with the former (Freeside Open and The Strip Open), have a tendency to be buggy. Being able to work with an engine that does not have these limitations means that they should have an easier time restoring things, which excites me.

  7. TotallyUseless says:

    It’s amazing how some people are extremely fanatical about the greatness of New Vegas.

    • ElGordoFreeman says:

      Totally agree. The game is good, but is not consistently good, mostly on quests and the emptiness of the world. Also most ppl forget that almost all the good gameplay changes were taken directly from the fallout 3 modding community (thanks to the GECK small letter)

      • Premium User Badge

        Nauallis says:

        I think that NV DLC is pure gold, both gameplay and story. Hands-down it’s better than the DLC for FO3. Base game… ehhhhhhhh… no. FO3 is all-around the better standalone.

  8. RuySan says:

    I’d rather if someone made New Vegas into The Witcher 3 or something. It’s not as if F4 is that much better looking than F:NV.

  9. shagen454 says:

    How hard is it to make these games isometric in the Fallout 4 engine?

  10. Peppergomez says:

    why oh why try to mod a Bethesda game, using their **** engine? you can’t polish a turd.

    • ZippyLemon says:

      I think the whole point is that you can polish a turd, actually.

  11. Red_Fox says:

    Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit.

    I’d really rather see 1 and 2 get remade though.

  12. Ejia says:

    A Tale of Two Wastelands stuffed the capital wasteland into New Vegas, letting you use the best non-mod items (Atomic Pulverizer, Chinese Stealth Armor) with the best perk (Jury Rigging), but since they were made in the same iteration of the game engine it was just a matter of repacking the assets of FO3.

    It’ll be more work to do these for FO4 and I don’t think they’ll ever be finished, but I’d like to see Jury Rigging in 4. Maybe someone’s already done a mod for that.

  13. Darth Gangrel says:

    Lol, these remake mods will probably be finished before I’ve even started playing any Fallout game. I have them all, old ones on GOG, new ones on Steam, but they seemed to have fallen between the postapocalyptic cracks in my backlog.

  14. Jerion says:

    Best of luck to these guys. Super-ambitious mods usually don’t make it. Always a pleasure to see the ones that do.

  15. SaintAn says:

    Hope they don’t have all the awful changes to the Fallout formula that 4 has. Though I’m sure this will never be finished just like all the mods for modding old TES games into the newest TES game. Like Morrowind into Oblivion, then Morrowind and Oblivion into Skyrim, and what will probably be in 10 years, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim into TESVI.

  16. OmNomNom says:

    If anyone is looking to play Fallout 4, either if you’ve played before or the very first time you need to play it with the Horizon mod. It overhauls almost everything and makes it a much better game. (And much harder)
    It’s incompatible with almost everything that isn’t a graphics mod but really it’s the only mod you need.

    • Premium User Badge

      Nauallis says:

      Okay, but tell me why that mod is needed. “It overhauls everything, and makes it much harder” is too vague.

      • OmNomNom says:

        Fixes stealth
        Stops enemies being bullet sponges
        Revamps legendary mobs and drops
        Reworks entire settlement system to make it actually useful (and relatively essential) to progression.
        Fixes power armour
        Fixes the healing, resting and food/drink systems
        Improves the perk and levelling system (slows it but also rebalances and ensures you have goals at all levels)
        And loads more. I suggest you read link to nexusmods.com

      • Harlander says:

        I went to have a look in an attempt to summarize, but it does a whole load of stuff – too much to list here. (also, the page puts the update log before the main feature list, which is irritating)

        Best just take a look for yourself, here

        Unusually for a mod for a Bethsoft mod, it actually seems to increase the effect of level scaling

  17. milligna says:

    They should just make a DLC-sized taste rather than starting something entirely overwhelming and near-impossible to pull off with no money without incredibly good leadership skills and slavish devotion for a decade.

    Not that this is a painful personal experience or anything. Oof.

  18. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    How long before Zenimax up and files C&Ds? They’re well known for being litigious dicks and plenty of companies try to stop fan-update projects like this.

    • fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

      It certainly wouldn’t be out of the question; but the “Tale of Two Wastelands” mod of Fallout 3 into Fallout: NV (incidentally a very good mod) has survived for quite some time now.

      I’m not sure if this is Bethesdanevolence; or if it’s based on the fact that the mod is a collection of scripts and patches that takes a copy of Fallout 3 you supply and chews it into a Fallout: NV mod; both allowing the mod authors to avoid redistribution of copyrighted assets and to make it impossible to use without a purchased(or probably a suitably cleanly pirated; but how cheap are you?) copy of the game.

      It doesn’t prevent sheer bullying; that can often be carried out on even the flimsiest of legal pretexts if you can afford a lawyer and the target can’t; but there is a massive distinction between distributing assets ripped from a game and distributing a set of instructions about a cool thing to do with assets from a game.

      Obviously, having it all wrapped up nice and neat in an installer program makes it vastly easier than a gigantic HOWTO telling you what to change manually; but neither case contains illicit copies which puts them on firmer ground legally.

  19. Jayseki says:

    Have any of these “x inside y” mods been completed yet? (Oblivion inside Skyrim, GTA IV inside GTA V, etc)

  20. AJRimmer says:

    >One of the few certainties in this ever-changing world is: right now, someone, somewhere, is remaking an old Bethesda open-world RPG
    Don’t you dare imply New Vegas is anything other than Obsidian’s