Hearthstone’s new Tavern Brawl features World Championship-winning decks

The latest week-long Tavern Brawl event mode in Hearthstone is an interesting one, letting players use decks that have won previous Hearthstone World Championships – in their original, unnerfed forms. Some of the cards in these decks have been rebalanced, see, but here they’re fighting at full strength. Say hallo again to Knife Juggler, Azure Drake, Undertaker, Leper Gnome, and their overpowered pals. The decks span the 2014, 2015, and 2016 Championships so it’s a neat chance to pit different eras of Hearthstone against each other too.

The ‘Hall of Champions’ Brawl supplies players with twelve World Championship decks from Pavel, Firebat and Ostkaka – one deck chosen at random when you play. The decks are obviously powerful–especially given that cards are reverted to their previous forms–but some deck types and combos might be unfamiliar, so you might need to study up. Or laugh and reap the victories as opponents struggle to play a deck well.

I remember one chum bought some of Magic: The Gathering’s pre-built World Championship Decks way back in the day and we, being scrubs at the time, couldn’t figure out quite how they worked or why they were considered so powerful. Bless. Dear little idiots.

Some people are reporting finding the odd card or two hasn’t properly reverted to its era-appropriate power levels, though these seem to be the result of oversights or glitches rather than intentional decisions by Blizzard.

The Tavern Brawl will end next Wednesday, but hopefully it’s one Blizzard will bring back in the future – with more decks.

All of this is to celebrate this year’s World Championships, which are going on this week. They’re livestreamed and whatnot, if you’re curious, and player decklists are over here. And hey, whether you care about digital sports or not, you can score free card packs by picking a favourite.


  1. Bull0 says:

    Such fond memories of the knife juggler. He feels like an old friend now. Fallen out of touch a bit, but we’ll always have the good times

    • Spuzzell says:

      Ah. You should play aggro Paladin.

      He’s always there. Ruining my day. With knives in my face.

  2. ChairmanYang says:

    Never has a better game been destroyed by a worse business model.

    • AngoraFish says:

      This isn’t an uncommon criticism, but I just don’t get it. I do my dailies and taven brawls and with the other free packs given away for various reasons within a couple of weeks of a new expansion I have a more than competitive selection of cards. In fact, saving up towards the end of the previous expansion I typically have 1500 gold or more to spend on packs on release day.

      I have my own criticisms, specifically that the game does very little to separate veterans from the newbie queue, and it must be hell for a newbie to face gold avatar after gold avatar at rank 20 and below, but that’s not a criticism of the business model. In fact, I would think it would undermine their business model as I know several friends have liked the game, got sick of getting trashed in the newbie ranks, and stopped playing. Non-players = no income at all for Blizzard.

      • Carra says:

        I spend about 15 euros a month on the game and it’s enough to play most competitive decks. Last expansion was especially cheap, outside of cubelock, only a few new legendaries see play.

        My problem with the game is that’s become completely impossible for new players to get into it. With decks now costing 10.000 dust on average and needing cards from basic + 6 sets, you cannot get up to speed without spending hundreds of dollars.

  3. ludde says:

    Ugh, I have a hard time for this Stockholm-syndrome line of argument that it’s not so bad and you can game the economy. As long as you do these chores here and those chores there every day you can be almost as good as the paying guys in just a few weeks. Back in the day, any mixing of real money and competitive play would have been a straight up no-no.

    • Zamn10210 says:

      They’re not chores. It’s not like daily quests in WoW or something where you have to undertake some repetitive monotonous task. To complete quests in Hearthstone you just play games of Hearthstone.

  4. Carra says:

    I just played a game or two, i got C’thun warrior twice. First game vs a huntertaker.

    Second time against a freeze mage which is a very hard deck to play. Heck, it was one insanely lopsided game. No way that the freeze mage gets through the 100+ armor I built up.

    It’s a great brawl, I’ll be playing a few more games this weekend.

  5. Suits says:

    “And hey, whether you care about digital sports or not, you can score free card packs by picking a favourite.”

    that’s closed, since the tournament started