The best of the internet’s attempts at Getting Over It


Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy has been stewing for a while – as have the people who’ve been playing it – so I figured the internet would have cooked up some treats for our viewing pleasure. I figured correctly: below you’ll find the best clips, gifs and raps I could find.

If you’ve ever wondered what Getting Over It might look like if someone attempted it in real life, then wonder no more.

Let’s kick things off with an obligatory ‘man manages to fall from the very top to the very bottom’ clip. That rail he haplessly glides down is called the snake, which makes it a toss up between this serpent and the biblical one for the title of ‘most evil slithery bastard ever’:

But that’s enough of angry people who done falled bad – there are plenty of rage videos out there if that’s your thing. On to the cosplay section of this post, courtesy of Bennet Foddy himself:

I’ve had a soft spot for endearingly shitty cosplay ever since I saw these incredible Dota 2 videos. Still, here’s something a little more professional:

This gif is probably a metaphor for life or something:

Here’s someone getting spooked by some bats:

And another:

Here’s a chap getting very angry at a hat:

And finally, as someone was bound to show us before too long, here’s what Getting Over It looks like in real life. There are some scandalous uses of appendages called ‘legs’ for what I think is known as ‘jumping’ which I’m not too happy about, but apparently this is the best the internet could do:

An honourable mention goes to this rap from Dan Bull, if only for the line “that’s why they call me Buzz Cauldron”.

Oh, and proper finally in case you missed it – here’s someone beating the game in under 2 minutes.

He’s quick, sure, but is that as entertaining to watch as my slapdash efforts or Brendy’s more ‘refined’ technique? Probably, yes.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Dios says:

    So…Bennett Foddy is an actual person and not, say, the most ridiculous fictional name the designers could come up with? I definitely knew that.

  2. jon_hill987 says:

    I found this somewhat amusing:

  3. April March says:

    I liked the rap, especially the direct Foddy quotes at the end, but I’m sad it didn’t make any references to ‘riding the snake’.