What are we all playing this weekend?

I realise it’s trite to talk about the weather but we had a great bit of snow this week. I live off a main road it’s common to hear drunk people walking past talking, singing, or shouting in the middle of the night – but snow magically calmed some this week. 2am, two people spend a while going on outside my window, one of those halfhearted drunk arguments, but when they suddenly go quiet I worry something has happened. I poke my head out the window and… they’re building a snowman. They’re rolling snowballs around, snapping stickarms off Christmas trees out by the bins, and very quietly building a metre-tall snowman. Eventually they left, and took the snowman with them in their arms. Magical. Thanks, snow. Anyway, something something video games?

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: I’m playing Celeste, a pixelly platformer about climbing a mountain. It’s beautiful and sad and difficult, and I love it quite a lot. I can say no more, but it’s out next week and that is a very exciting thing to report.
Alec: Olly olly! I’m planning to finally get Oxenfree under my belt this weekend. I really need to give the Binding of Isaac a break, as I’m starting to see turd-piles in my dreams.
Alice: My GTA Online crime spree continues. Okay, so most of my first million dollars has gone on clothes, motorbikes, and tattoos, but with this next million I’ll really build a crime empire, you’ll see. I’ve also been using GTA Online to keep my fingers busy while listening to podcasts or the radio. I turn on Passive Mode then happily drive, cycle, and walk around, taking in the sights and investigating what other players are up to (crimes, mostly), enjoying this little crimeworld.
Brendan: I want to Slay the Spire, whatever the spire is. It’s probably horrible, judging by everything else in this card game roguelike. Realistically, I’ll probably end up playing the new Zelda on Nintendo’s new giant gameboy. I won’t be adding cardboard to anything.
Graham: [Graham is legitimately away so, while he’s not fired, he is tasked with clearing out Adam’s slop bucket for one week -ed.]
John: I’ve got a proper whole actual day of the weekend to spend playing games! Woohoo! And I intend to spend it playing nothing but Subnautica, because it’s coming out next week, and it’s completely brilliant. I will eat you, little fishies. Every one of you.
Katharine: Having got distracted by collecting every last crystal in Grow Home last week, my mission this weekend is to finally get that gloriously tangled star plant up to the goal of 2000m, save B.U.D’s homeworld and make my onboard M.O.M computer proud. Then, if there’s still time on Sunday after standing nose-to-nose with fellow train passengers for the better part of the day in order to attend a family dinner, I might squeeze in a bit of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as well.
Matt: I finished the first episode of retro FPS Dusk last night, so I’m looking forward to tucking into the second one. There’s a visceral thrill to tearing through the air while splatting cultists with a super shotgun that transcends the game’s rudimentary graphics. I’m told the second episode gets much harder, which suits me seen as I’ve pretty much breezed through everything so far on the ‘I can take it’ difficulty mode.

I’ve also just discovered you can tell your dudes in They Are Billions to patrol an area, which might let me survive longer than the piddling 5 days I’ve managed so far.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. hughie522 says:

    Nantucket, though I keep getting stuck on an unskippable story part that I’m just not prepared for and can’t seem to avoid / flee from :P.

    • celticdr says:

      I’ve also been playing Nantucket – that unavoidable mission felt impossible til I unlocked the “no bleeding” skill, and had 2 level 10 harpooners on the boat with me, then I breezed past it.

      Seems annoying that there’s only one buff you need to make the early game (and that quest) dead easy and they don’t explain it or at least give you a way to get out of it.

      Feels like the beta testing was rushed in general regarding balancing/how slow combat is. I hope they fix that stuff because the game overall scratches my “Sid Meiers Pirate’s! Gold” itch… and that itch hasn’t been scratched in a long while!

  2. Premium User Badge

    zinzan says:

    slither.io as always, not been so addicted to a games since Tetris, it’s classic just one more attempt, I was unlucky, well that was unfair, etc. Normally leads to “where did my family go and why is it dark outside?”

    Errrrm Anyway – also playing PBeM Combat Mission (CMBN, CMFI & CMFB)

    I also keep looking at the Humble Bundle CIV VI deal and thinking – I LOVE CIV/I haven’t played much since CIV IV (aka the GREAT ONE)

  3. FizicsMcmanus says:

    Almost finished with The Surge, it was a mixed bag for me with that song from Medical permanently embedded in my brain. Eager to dive into Subnautica when it releases, it looks very cool after having sat in my Steam library forever.

    I also can’t seem to stop playing Persona 5, I’ve never put so much effort into taking down a Gym teacher before.

    • KinichAjaw says:

      Ah, The Surge. Still haven’t beaten it – it got a bit too grindy for me after a time. Been meaning to go back and finish it though.

      Persona 5 was a delight – personally, GOTY. Excellent all-round. I played through the whole thing twice- NG+ has some different things (I won’t give anything away) and you carry over your gear/confidant gifts from the end of the game (If you maxed one or more confidants)

      • FizicsMcmanus says:

        I’m glad to know im in for a good ride on Persona, first one of the series ive tried.

  4. Spacewalk says:

    Road Trip Adventure, which is totally a game that should be on PC.

  5. Cyrus says:

    Same as before for the past month, XCOM2 with expack and same goes for Titan Quest. Not anything you finish in a heartbeat.

  6. Ghostwise says:

    I’m having a rousing round of “All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy”. But heh, what’s the worse that could happen eh ?

    • Cyrus says:

      That is a harsh reality for many of us ;)

    • Don Reba says:

      It’s winter now, but there’s no cause for concern unless you have a hedge maze outside your home.

  7. Premium User Badge

    Grizzly says:

    After having gotten the classic version of Kingdom in a giveaway, I saw Kingdom: New Lands on sale, so I promptly bought that. It’s a quite a lot of fun, and quite relaxing to boot.

    Aside from that I’m having a lot of fun playing Assetto Corsa in online races over at Racedepartment, so I’ll be practicing for another round of that.

  8. Monggerel says:

    Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries with the MekTek addon. The combat system with the location damage isn’t quite as good as in MW 3 (no ammo racks poppin off, no dismasted mechs hopelessly flapping their weapon ports on the ground), but everything else is as good as it gets. I especially missed commander Spectre – he’s just the perfect mix of sociopathic whimsy and murderous bonhomie that define the charismatic mercenary boss.
    Also, Dunkin’ Duncan Fisher’s back! He’s ammaaaaaa-zing.

    The game was free online for a time, but ran into legal issues (just like Mechwarrior: Living Legends did) and disappeared from the net. I think it might be available on ModDB right now, but in any case I have the thing saved on two separate hard drives, in case whoever holds the rights right now decides to roll in and shut it down again.

    • Premium User Badge

      Grizzly says:

      So it is on Moddb, cool!

      I remember that at the time that Mektek was allowed to release it for free for a while, they really fucked up on their content delivery sytem. They decided to build a homemade torrenting and launcher system that often refused to work. Later they offered HTTP downloads, but installing patches was still rather convuluted. They really blew that, sadly.

      • Monggerel says:

        Yeah, that Mektek Downloader or whatever they called it was both terribly executed and absurdly unnecessary. Took me several tries to even get a working copy of the game, which then was lacking the MekTek modpack, and updating it with later patches broke the game again.
        Not even sure how I ever got a complete, up-to-date and functioning version, but by god damn I’m never letting go of it.

  9. The Bitcher III says:

    I was rather hoping to put Hexcells Plus and Infinite to bed but my brain is a bit woolly, so probably something from the backlog. Candidates are Grow Home (thanks for the reminder), Doom, Thimbleweed, Hitman, and about a hundred others.

  10. Morcane says:

    I rediscovered Subnautica too, after all the attention on Twitch this game got and the upcoming release.

    They sure did some work on this one, it’s bloody great.

    Besides this, more Path of Exile.

    • FizicsMcmanus says:

      Right? I was surprised at how polished Subnautica become.

  11. Vacuity729 says:

    I’m cursing myself for not making a save with the accidentally-unlocked-early Vaulters in Endless Space 2. Apparently, if you have a save, you’re not blocked from loading it up and continuing, but starting a new game has been blocked off until the official release in a few days. On the other hand, reading comments on Reddit, there are still some bugs with the faction, so I guess it’s better to wait? Except that it unlocks so soon after Tomb Kings unlocks that I’m not sure I’ll be able to tear myself away.
    Anyway, this weekend I guess I’ll play something fun and easy to put down and pick up. There’s only 700+ games in my library I haven’t got around to yet; one of them must meet those criteria.

  12. Mister eX says:

    Last night I swapped F1 2016 for DiRT 4 on my HDD. And it surprised me how much I’ve got into it already, so I’ll probably do lots of pendulum turning in the weekend. And other stuff commonly associated with rally. :) Also I’ve played about 2/3 of Oxenfree last weekend, so I’ll probably finish it, to break up the uh… trail-braking.

  13. dethtoll says:

    Finally got through my Half-Life playthrough so I’ll just be depressed this weekend.

    I think I might wander into the living room for a while and get away from the memories.

  14. KinichAjaw says:

    So in one of those moments where I really have to keep more up to date with what my Humble account has and what I’ve actually redeemed on Steam, I apparently forgot I bought the Shadowrun series. I’d seen Boston Lockdown on sale last week and purchased it, and when I went to look at my library found that I’d already purchased the entire collection of games as a bundle, in addition to some other games.

    I’m up to Shadowrun: Hong Kong now and it’s just as good as the previous titles. I thoroughly enjoy the world, the lore, it’s brilliant. I imagine this game, like the other two will occupy most of my weekend. And if not, there’s always Boston Lockdown to boot up and start if I have the time.

    Oh, and Dead Rising 4 when I get tired of hacking, decking, shooting and other assorted shadowrunning activities.

    • Vilos Cohaagen says:

      Just FYI Boston Lockdown is made by a different company and is very different to Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall

    • icarussc says:

      SR:HK was so good. It was the best RPG I played that year. Really enjoyed it.

  15. JustAchaP says:

    Started playing Wargame: European Escalation. So I’ll probably continue playing that.

    • Vacuity729 says:

      That’s a fun game with a great campaign. The only problem with the SP campaigns is that the command stars you unlock through the campaigns aren’t really enough to unlock everything you need for some of the campaigns; you have to play MP to get more command stars (custom battles give virtually no command stars), and the game’s so old that anyone you play in MP is almost certainly very, very competent and will slaughter you very efficiently, which has limited entertainment value.

  16. SBLux says:

    Rimworld 0.18. I’m playing on peaceful mode in extreme desert.

  17. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    I’m playing the charming Ylands on my own, exploring islands in the new boat I built.

    I’m also continuing my splitscreen coop game of Divinity Original Sin 2 with my wife and still loving it.

  18. Ben King says:

    I’m house sitting a dog who literally got into EVERYTHING at 3am last night. He woke me up by knocking a baking sheet with a wee bit of delicious smelling grease onto the floor in the small hours and also eating a whole bag of treats, so i let him out to pee while i cleaned that up then i glanced out the back window to discover him tearing open a garbage bag he’d found. I wrapped myself up in a blanket off the couch then chased around the backyard clapping and swearing before returning the bag to the garbage then turned around to see him snacking on a frozen turd half melted from the snow behind my back. More swearing, more clapping then i lead him back inside by the collar while he whimpers about losing his poo snack and then my blanket is falling off and i REALLY DON’T want to be the crazy person in Chicago naked at 3 am in the 20 degree weather cussing out a dog about poop-popsicles because I actually work for the folks right next door taking care of THEIR dogs as well. SO YES ALICE SNOW IS MAGIC right up until it melts and the weeks of neglected dog poops are once again exposed before god and everyone.

    Probably some Deus Ex MD. Also visiting a tentacle themed D&D art show waaaay on the other side of the city.

    • Mirqy says:

      I haven’t commented on RPS in…months? Years? But I logged in just to say this is the best story, thank you.

  19. gabrielonuris says:

    Dead Space 2. Hey look, I’m playing old games again! Just finished Dead Space 1 again to remember the plot, so I could play the second one knowing what’s happening.

    I’m loving it, loving the atmosphere and the gunplay has been improved 999% since the first.

  20. welverin says:

    AssCreed Oranges primarily, with a bit of Destiny 2 and possibly Mass Effect Andromeda MP and Street Fighter 5 mixed in.

  21. EgoMaster says:

    Let’s see. I have finished Tachyon: The Fringe along with Shadow of the Comet and Prisoner of Ice of the Cthulhu mythos. Then I found myself a new ancient game: Magic Carpet. I’m playing it for the first time and I can’t believe how innovative it still feels. It’s basically a 6DOF shooter with RTS elements, and it’s still unique after 23 years.

  22. lflambeau says:

    A spire is a terrible monster in the RPG realm, a kind of ziggurat.

  23. fish99 says:

    I’ve been playing Subnautica for the first time this week. The game has a bunch of problems in VR, not least performance but also UI and controls, and no touch support, but none of that stops it being hugely immersive, fun, and awe inspiring in VR. It’s also just a really solid survival game.

    If you have a dodgy ticker you might want to skip playing it in VR though :o Note to nasty sea monsters: Seamoths do not taste nice.

    Also looking forward to trying Project Cars 2 (if my cold improves), which again I bought for VR. Seems to have a ton of content, and some old tracks any Grand Prix Legends player would appreciate.

  24. Don Reba says:

    I passed the temporarily free Crimsonland in one 10-hour sitting and I’m not proud of it.

    • DEspresso says:

      That is impressive, I tend to take a break once I hit Hardcore 4-1 (or is it 5-1?) which is superdependent on dropping a decent gun in the first few monsters.

  25. Lars Westergren says:

    Life is strange probably. Despite my huge backlog, I really want to get Assassins Creed Origins, I’ve only played 30 minutes of the AC2 I think it was. Didn’t like it at all. But now I want to explore those sumptiously rendered Egyptian environments.

    I feel a dangerous urge to start up XCom 2 or Darkest Dungeon too, so clearly I’m in a mildly masochistic mood.

  26. batraz says:

    Nier Automata
    Nier Automata
    Nier Automata
    Nier Automata

  27. SaintAn says:

    Can’t decide. Want to play Warhammer 2 but TK are out in a few days so I don’t know.

    Am playing Dragon Quest 2 before bed a few hours every day. Really really good game and a great followup to DQ1 which I finished last week. The whole continent that DQ1 took place on is in DQ2 and is small compared to the rest of the world the game takes place in. I absolutely love that. This game would have blew my mind if I had played it on Nes/Snes/GBC when I was a kid.

  28. Imbecile says:

    Nioh. Its like a trashier version of dark souls, yet strangely enjoyable. And the bosses are also bloody difficult.

  29. Seyda Neen says:

    I started a playthrough of the classic game Riven last night, so maybe that. I probably won’t finish it since Iconoclasts and Celeste are coming out real soon, but we’ll see. Or I might faff about in Fallout 4 VR a bit. What a wealth of things to play. I’m not from the UK but I just realized I picked up “faff about” from reading this website.

    Also nice story, Alice.

  30. Marblehead says:

    Half-life 2 Update

  31. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    Sassins, chasing crocodiles… In the run up to the launch of this game I was kinda wondering how they were to going to dance around the name “Isis” (the Egyptian goddess: link to en.wikipedia.org) and the unrelated baggage now attached to that, given that Cleopatra was very much associated with said deity (believing herself to be a reincarnation of the goddess), but it turns out they cleverly dodged that by just calling her by her Egyptian name “Iset” rather than the Greek name.

  32. lglethal says:

    I want to be finishing of my Shadowrun Dragonfall playthrough or leveling up my Path of Exile character in preparation for next week’s groups session with my mates (since i missed last week). Or playing The Division, or finishing my Lizardmen TW2 playthrough.

    However, since I’ve just become a Daddy, and we’ve just brought our little boy home from the hospital, I imagine the next few weeks of my life will revolve around changing nappies, entertaining baby, preparing meals, and catching up on sleep at every available opportunity. Hopefully I can get an hour or two of gaming in here and there… ;)

    • juan_h says:

      When my daughter was an infant I did most of my gaming on a Nintendo DS while she napped. PC gaming was largely out of the question because she had a tendency to wake up cranky every half-hour or so. Games designed to be played in bite-sized chunks were ideal.

    • Lars Westergren says:


      • lglethal says:

        Cheers guys! Turn based single player games are the only thing I’m expecting to play anytime soon. ;) And so far, my little man is being relatively good, so I’m hopeful once we have our routine established, there might be a little daddy freetime in there somewhere… :P

  33. poliovaccine says:

    “Seeing as,” not “seen as” – !

    /uptight about language

    Fell asleep with my arm over the back of my chair, picked up a textbook case of “wrist drop”/”Saturday Night Palsy” – bssically I flattened my radial nerve and it’ll be a few months most likely before it plumps back up again… sooo I’m not sure what I’ll be playing, but DUSK might have to take a hiatus, as well as anything requiring me to WASD with any finesse – may just be up for a big old run of RTSes and CRPGs…

    Incidentally, suggestions for games I can play one-handed are welcome (and no I do not mean dating sims).

  34. Gomer_Pyle says:

    Like Katherine, I will be going about collecting crystals on that lovely little island, though I am just starting my journey. (I bought the bundle in the Winter Sale, but only just got around to playing them.) I’ll also continue on in the trenches of France in Verdun, with its new graphical update.

  35. darrrrkvengeance says:

    picked up a used copy of FF15 for the PS4 this evening. i’m skeptical after the awfulness of FF13, but it only set me back five dollars in US scrip. otherwise, prolly passing out in bed and reading through chapters 3 and 4 of the Higurashi When They Cry vn.

  36. Plunkbat Oranges says:

    Spent the better half of Saturday completing the hunting missions in Yakuza 5 and punching giant bears in the face…in between oiling-up my Plunkbat, of course.

  37. bill says:

    Just what is going on in that illustration??! I’m not sure that’s safe for work! *faints*

    I’m trying Neon Struct… which has a dull first level but seems to be picking up now.

    • celticdr says:

      Lol, I thought that man in the picture was doing something NSFW, but it turns out he’s simply holding a hat :)

  38. pookie101 says:

    Mostly laying on the floor dying from the heat.

    Otherwise a combination of Fallout 4 and Fields of glory 2

  39. EvilMonkeyPL says:

    Goal for the weekend was to start a new Stellaris game whith crappy aliens that have robots do all the heavy lifting for them and later on spawn determined exterminators from said robots and than proceed to cleanse the galaxy of all sentient life. Got the first warning of an impending ai uprising last night before I went to bed so fingers crossed I will land on the civics I want later tonight.

  40. MajorLag says:

    Someone gave me a copy of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, so I’ll be playing the game of knowing when to walk away before my frustration manifests into a hulk-like rage monster.

  41. Darth Gangrel says:

    Still playing Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue, which is quite relaxing because it’s a lot like the first Deathspank game, but also infuriating as sometimes the combat turns into a clusterfuck and some quests make you search the world (with respawning enemies) far and wide. Very enjoyable mostly, though.

  42. csbear says:

    Juggling between-
    PC: Divinity Original Sin 2, Endless Space 2
    PS4: Persona 5
    Switch: Breath of the Wild

    Needless to say, I’ve got hundreds of game hours ahead of me, but I’m really enjoying each of them. The type of game Persona 5 is is something very different for me. However, it is shaping up to be one of my favorite games these last few years. Goes to show you that trying something out of one’s comfort zone can yield magnificent results.

    I’m also debating on starting up Shadowrun: Dragonfall as I know I’m going to enjoy that as well. But I’m already swamped…

    As someone who has been firmly entrenched among the PC master race, at this point, my favorite game of the (last) year is neck and neck with BotW and Persona 5. Both games exude such soulful goodness..

  43. syllopsium says:

    Space Invaders Extreme DS. After the report seeing it was coming to PC I got hold of the DS versions, charged up my 3DS and had a go. It’s brill and naturally uses both screens.