Break Arts 2: Build the anime mecha of your dreams

Break Arts 2

Giant robots are cool, I think we can all agree on that. Giant racing robots that are entirely hand-built, right down to the running lights, spinny greebles and animated widgets? The only question I have is ‘Where do I sign up?’

Upcoming robo-racer Break Arts 2 may technically be an expanded port of a relatively lightweight mobile mecha-racing game, but small Japanese team MercuryStudio have been pouring a shocking amount of love into the new version. It’s defined by one of the most powerful-looking customisation systems I’ve seen in a mech game, as you can see in the trailer after the jump.

Oh, what I’d give for an Armored Core game that let me customise and tune that much! Want a fancy sniper cannon with a barrel so long it needs to be deployed from a folded position in order to shoot? So long as you can find the right hinge components and animate the deployment sequence yourself, you can build that weapon from scratch, save it, and attach it to whatever robots you want at a later date. Likewise, you can create custom animations and poses for most common actions you might take during a race, including boosting, braking and so on.

While the actual meat and potatoes racing gameplay won’t be available until the game launches next month, you can tinker around with the mecha construction system in this demo here, with the option to export your finished racing robot into the full game, if you pick it up. No doubt some scurrilous and filthy-minded sorts will construct all manner of extendable robotic dicks, but that’s half the fun. Plus, at least they’ll be cool anime-looking robo-dicks.

During races, your robot can be picked apart piece by piece, forcing you to slow down to regenerate components, hence why you’ll be trying to hit a good balance of offensive, defensive and high-speed components. The tracks themselves are relatively simple – throwbacks to the game’s mobile origins – but movement reminds me of F-Zero’s later, blindingly fast iterations.

Break Arts 2 will launch on February 9th on Steam, and while it seems unlikely to be free-to-play in the vein of the original mobile version, a final price has yet to be announced. You can read a little more about the game on its official site here.


  1. KDR_11k says:

    The customization looks interesting but I’m not much of a racing game player… On the other hand I can’t really tell how much racing gameplay that really involves, at times it looked like the mech was moving on autopilot and focusing on shooting instead.

  2. Don Reba says:

    I want this in an MMO. A good one.

    • FordTruck says:

      Trust me you don’t ever part would be a Microtransaction

      • Don Reba says:

        It might work the way Warframe does it — if it’s not too hard to get good new parts, but getting the “specific” parts you want costs money.

  3. ThTa says:

    I read the headline and expected something akin to Custom Robo, now I’m somewhat let down by it being a racer.

  4. Scobie says:

    Downloaded the demo, somewhat disappointed by the lack of alternate body plans. Humanoid or nada.

  5. Harlander says:

    This sounds like it’ll end up as a Black Desert Online situation – a spectacular creation tool attached to a game I’m not interested in.

    Now staple it to the front of something like Silver Knights

  6. robertlepervers says:

    The price will be 14.99$. It says so here.

  7. Solidstate89 says:

    This just made me realize what a tragedy it is there is no AAA game using the IGPX property. Why is that? It’d be perfect. I doubt the IP would even be that expensive since it hasn’t been on air in years.

  8. Urthman says:

    Like the idea of this and the robot customization, but the racing environments look simultaneously really boring and too busy to see what’s going on. Are there other racers in any of those scenes? I couldn’t tell for sure.