Crafty farming life sim RPG My Time At Portia enters early access

Post-apocalyptic life usually seems stressful but it actually looks quite cheery in My Time At Portia, a new Stardew Valley-ish craft-o-explore-a-life sim RPG which hit early access today. Sure, the skyline is dotted with overgrown skyscrapers and the dungeons beneath the town house biomechanical monsters, but aside from that it looks pleasant enough as we farm, craft, make friends, and all that. The full version is due later this year–and I’d rather wait for that myself, as I tend to with singleplayer games–but if you want to visit Portia now you can. It does also have an old-ish demo to try first.

The end of the world as we know it came and went, and everyone feels fine. My Time At Portia has us visiting our father’s old workshop to take over and build it back up, like some other farming game you might now. We’ll craft, farm, mine, fish, befriend, fall in love, fight, attend festivals, and engage in other Stardew/Harvest Moon-y activities.

According to developers Pathea Games, My Time At Portia is expected to launch properly in about nine months. They estimate it present has “up to 25 hours of content, with lots to craft, a huge amount of story, commissions to fulfil, and areas to explore.” Over the course of early access, they plan to add new areas, commissions, side-quests, storybits, and minigames, as well as the ability to raise and ride animals. Frankly, I’m not interested until I can ride a cow.

If you want in now, My Time At Portia is £16/€20/$20 on Steam Early Access. It’s published by Team17, the Worms folks. An old alpha version is still available to try on Steam and Itch.


  1. aepervius says:

    Has anybody problem with this steam game page ? I am trying to load it and put it on wishlist/follow but once I get to the page… it stays stuck. I have tried many other game thinking maybe the problem was on my side, but they all worked. Just “my time at portia” fails to properly load…

  2. DeZako says:

    Checked the demo back when it first surfaced, and found it a pleasant 3d alternative to yer Harvest Moons and Stardew Valleys, and the shift from farmer to handyman is a fresh twist.

    It was fairly rough around the edges, but that’s to be expected from an alpha/demo. Would recommend if you like this sort of games.

    • Someoldguy says:

      I played the demo a while ago too. Fun for what it was, but it needed more content. Hopefully it’s evolved since then.

  3. RedViv says:

    These are some sickeningly cute colours.
    I love it.

  4. Jord68 says:

    Careful with these Devs, last game they released out of Early Access they didn’t finish (Planetary Explorers). I hope this is not the case here, as this looks interesting but I wouldn’t take the chance.

    Wait until it’s finished and read the good and bad Steam reviews to get an accurate picture.

    • mindokan says:

      That’s correct, but the publisher is Team17. They published Worms and many others (The Escapists, Yooka-Laylee, Alien Breed). While your warning is appreciated, let’s consider other facts too.

      • LexW1 says:

        Generally the record of the developers matters more to whether a game will actually be finished etc. than that of the publisher, so Pathea’s record is a little more important than Team17’s.

        That said, it doesn’t appear Pathea have abandoned Planetary Explorers. They’re still doing updates – the last one was about a week ago. Before the most recent two was August last year, so perhaps that’s why Jord thinks they abandoned it – the claim there will be more regular updates from now on.

        • Jord68 says:

          My problem was they promised an awful lot with Planetary Explorers with the Kickstarter success and all the Early Access money and didn’t deliver (still haven’t in my opinion).

          I Just want potential customers to be careful and be aware that something similar might happen here. It was their first game so perhaps they will do better on their second outing especially with Team 17 backing them. I hope they deliver on this game, it looks very interesting, but you never know.

    • Guy Montag says:

      I kickstarted Planet Explorers. What can I say, it was still early days for Kickstarter, and I thought everyone could reach every moon, just like everyone else kickstarting at the time.

      And yeah, they were wildly optimistic about what they could accomplish with the game, and no amount of rolling back with that game would’ve gotten it to a fun playthrough while still being remotely like the promised product. But, gosh, they are still plugging away at that thing. It’s gotta be a money hole, I would completely understand them finally ending bugfixing on it to focus on new products. It’s not great, but it is finished, it is a complete game, and as close to the game they promised that we’ll get.

      Meanwhile, everything I’ve seen about this game seems to be fully capable of realization, and most of it seems to be building directly on what they learned from Planet Explorers. So yeah, I’m excited for it (more because I just like the look and what I’ve seen of gameplay than any… affection(?) for Planet Explorers), and I hope it’s a good second game for them.

  5. TotallyUseless says:

    Let’s hope Portia would have a more solid story and focus to farming and building in-game relationship than Yonder. Yonder was good, relaxing and scenic, but it feels oddly like Skyrim than Harvest Moon.