Sequels for the sequel throne! Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 bringing more WH40K spaceship RTS action

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Cadian Sector, here comes Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 bursting forth with more Warhammer 40,000 real-time-strategy spaceship combat. Publishers Focus Home today announced a sequel to Tindalos Interactive’s 2016 game, saying it will launch some time later this year. Armada 2 boasts many more playable factions, I’m told, with “the Imperial Navy, Space Marines, Adeptus Mechanicus, Necrons, Chaos, Aeldari Corsairs, Aeldari Craftworld, Drukhari, the T’au Merchant and Protector Fleets, Orks, and finally, the Tyranids.” Here, meet some of those in the cinematic announcement trailer:

The first game launched with only a handful of factions and added some of those as paid DLC for the first game, so this is a decent lineup. I am certainly interested in Tyranid spacesquids devouring spaceships.

Reading around, it seems some players are discontent with how the first game’s balance ended up, which might make me a little concerned about how Tindalos will balance so many more factions in the sequel. What say you, fleet commanders?

Today’s announcement says that Armada 2 will include several “extensive and dynamic” campaigns built around the 40K story of the Gathering Storm and the 13th Black Crusade. Other features include “bigger battles, refined gameplay, improved multiplayer modes and features for a better and more balanced online experience, improvements across the board and even more customisation options for fleets and ships.”

Yep, all I know is what the announcement tells me – for now. Focus will show the game to press at an event in early February, and our Adam will be there so he should have something more concrete and useful soon.

What’s the first game like anyway? Daniel Starkey liked it in his Battlefleet Gothic: Armada review:

“Whether you’re drawn in by the setting or have to cut through the silliness and jargon, you might be in for a treat. This is one of the best real-time tactical games I’ve played in quite some time.”

Doesn’t let you eat ships as a spacesquid though, does it?


  1. NetharSpinos says:

    I am both surprised and genuinely pleased at this news. I feared that BFG: Armada had gone dark after nothing more emerged since the release of the Tau DLC.

    I’m not fond of the 8th ed fluff personally, but if this ends up being at least half as enjoyable as the first then I will gladly throw my time and money away for it.

  2. Risingson says:

    Just saw the image and suddenly I felt like I want a sci fi game that looks like the covers of sci fi books in the 70s and in the 80s, like those crazy BDs, like B.A.T and Albion, and not with the f-ing orange and blue colours everywhere. That’s it.

    • Zanchito says:

      You’re not going to like it, but… No Man’s Sky. :D
      Complaints and internet rage aside, its colours are delightfully 70’s retro. I’ve learnt to not expect it to be the game it promised to be and take it as a 20-minute relaxing pick-me-up, and it works well for that.

      • 111uminate says:

        Yep, when I read his post NMS jumped right into my mind. They’ve even stated 70s-80s sci-fi was there specific inspiration, and despite the game’s pratfalls, they’ve pulled it off well. The game is gorgeous.

    • TychoCelchuuu says:

      You could try House of the Dying Sun.

    • Werthead says:

      Homeworld is the obvious rec. It’s based very much on the artwork of Peter Elson and Chris Foss.

  3. Ur-Quan says:

    Not sure how I feel about this.

    I had a lot of fun with Battlefleet Gothic for a while but the balance was kinda terrible and got worse with the added factions.

    Not sure how they plan to ever get this halfway balanced in the sequel.

  4. Guvornatwo says:

    The Co-op campaign sounds fun. Multiplayer was such a pain in the arse last time I’m glad they’re trying make it a smoother experience.

  5. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    Here’s hoping they have:

    A) More than one faction available for the campaign
    B) A campaign that can be completed in far less time (unless they are also going to make the missions far more varied).

  6. kud13 says:

    This reminds me: I need to wishlist the original game…

  7. Maxheadroom says:

    Would dearly love to see something similar to The Mandate (kickstarter scam / failed project) which married Homeworld style ship combat with x-com style crew management & boarding operations

    • hundtand says:

      Oh sweet lord, yes.

    • Gwalchmay says:

      Why did you remind me of that game? I pledged 40$ on this one (my biggest pledge on a kickstarter). The lore was great, the artworks beautiful. I’m just not sure the team behind the project knew how to make a game. The worst thing is they never said the game was dead. Oh, what could have been…

      • GernauMorat says:

        So did the Mandate turn out to be a scam? If so, what a pity. They had a few Kipling based trailers which got me hyped.

        • SanguineAngel says:

          There’s a pretty notable difference between a scam and a failure. This, as far as I am aware (as a fellow backer) was simply the latter.

        • Maxheadroom says:

          inclined to agree that it was a failure, but posting that video above (sorry @Gwalchmay) brought up old memories for me too (as a fellow backer) and id still like to know the story behind how it all went so wrong.

          So I emailed that Daniel Ibbertson guy who does those in depth KickScammer videos on youtube. He seemed interested and said he’d do some digging into it for inclusion in a future video.

          So keep an eye out for that

  8. Eightball says:

    I just want a campaign without that damned Eldar alliance mission.

  9. WhiteHawke says:

    The first game was a lot of fun, my only complaint was that there was no real way to host custom games with custom armies… you know… to just play BF:G like you could with the board game. Hopefully this sequel fixes that. The 2p coop was a lot of fun the first time around.

  10. RedViv says:

    Finally, some good bloody feeding.

  11. Werthead says:

    I couldn’t really get into the first game. The 2D plane grated and I found the game didn’t really scratch the itch of Homeworld. Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock, which actually changed up the formula (by having 3D movement and a sort-of turn-based dynamic), I thought was much stronger. Hoping that gets a sequel as well.

  12. TotallyUseless says:

    Tau was seriously overpowered. I’m not even trying and I kept on winning. They were so powerful to play as it’s not even fun anymore. Their shields are ridiculous, their firepower was overwhelming, and OMG their capital ships! Heck even their cruisers can destroy battleships and battle barges with ease! Damned Tau ruined the game.