Have You Played… My Summer Car?

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My Summer Car has excellent patch notes. Here are some examples:

  • Player can now drown when too drunk
  • Adjusted targeting of piss
  • Sleeping with cigarette can start a fire
  • You can now drink from jail cell WC bowl
  • Added moped (do not try to drive moped inside another vehicle, YOU WILL DIE)

Aside from being an odd game about getting drunk and sitting in a sauna, it’s about building a car from scratch. You have to put together a vehicle while knowing nothing about the bolts and components that make it up. Unless you are a mechanic in reality, you will struggle.

But that’s also the whole point. It’s a game of ineptitude and confusion set in the Finnish countryside. Where Jalopy takes the idea of a comically rubbish car and sends you on a funny journey, My Summer Car doesn’t even get a mile down the road, it is that absurd. You can travel around in an old van and other vehicles, sure. But you’ll never leave this rural land behind. But when Finland is this farcical, why would you leave?


  1. Railway Rifle says:

    I don’t know how building and driving a car leads to these patch notes, but I’m in.

  2. pookie101 says:

    According to my Finnish friends
    *Nods knowingly* Yep that’s home alright

    • Seafoam says:

      Indeed. The game shows the Finnish existence beyond tourist leaflets and national dances.

      Pretty much anyone in Finland can tell a story or two perfectly relating to the game. The countryside is completely authentic, even in 2018 with some slight differences. The mosquitos, schlager music on the radio, 70’s style furniture, thermometer styled as a guys erection, the buses and even the knock off Garfield lamp, theyre all so familiar.

      Mostly what irks me seeing depictions of Finland in foreign media is that everyone speaks with a Swedish accent, all the cities look like Turku, and apparently Sami dress is normal wear.
      But alas, most foreigners visiting Finland only see Lapland ski-resorts for the northern lights, and the main coastal cities. Never the full package.

      I hope this game helps more people get a more real look of Finland, I’m sure it should get commendations from the ministry of culture or something if they had a sense of humor.

  3. mike69 says:

    Literally one of my favourite games. The driving experience is second to none – you’re driving a responsive believable vehicle that needs actual maintenance. Oil filters will run out, a hard crash will dislodge the engine mount. It might look like a comedy game but the driving game that lives within it is the best available. Hurtling along the rally route on a Saturday is just as rewarding as playing Dirt Rally, except you built that car from scratch!

    Although a keen interest in cars and engines will get you far enough, you don’t quite need to be a trained mechanic :) Similar level of fidelity to car mechanic simulator – just less hand holding.

  4. Chillicothe says:

    “Added moped (do not try to drive moped inside another vehicle, YOU WILL DIE)”

    God bless this game.

  5. sabrstryk says:

    I kinda want to see an entire genre of “life in random region” games. It could be an interesting way to try to fix some cross-cultural misunderstandings. Even in my own home state of North Carolina, there are major differences in life between the Research Triangle and Charlotte, much less between those cities and the former furniture and textile towns that are slowly dying in the Piedmont.

    • briangw says:

      I grew up in Jacksonville on the coast and did attend college in Durham so I understand where you are coming from. If you think there are differences there, you should speak to people in the SE part of the state. Other than maybe the Blue Ridge area, you’re not going to find more of a laid back, similar-themed people sharing comparisons with this game. I always thought the Piedmont and Charlotte area were nothing compared to the SE portion.

      But now that I think about it, my wife and I lived in Hillsborough just north of Durham and they may have just been as laid back like the setting of the game. Lol

    • apa says:

      And I thought GTAs were like living in the US except without the traffic jams.

    • scrub tier says:

      Heyo shoutout to my North Cackalacky peeps!

      I would buy “My Summer Camaro” so fkin hard….

  6. Neurotic says:

    Funnily enough, I *just* read a short piece about it over on Gamasutra, in their article on ‘7 immersive sims you must play’. Same screenshot there too. :D

  7. skyturnedred says:

    As a student, the ability to make kilju is what sold the game for me.

  8. jontaro says:

    As finnish i approve this. Also i were teen at 90s and lived in rural area (Sorsakoski, aka ass end of… ass) being a teenager or young adult in there was pretty much what you see and do in this game.

  9. lance_valor says:

    First off this is my first review on any game in the many years of being a hardcore gamer! Second this game takes car mechanics to a whole new level! It’s fun and I would recomend this game to anyone! Even if they are not mechanicly inclined! I know they are still working on it that’s why I don’t even mind some of the buggy parts of the game! It definitely has very great potential!! I would like to see a few features in the game that would provide additional help to beginers and even seasoned mechanics! Like being able to order a user manual that has diagrams of the car and engine “Does’t have to be every single bolt” just for a basic understanding of the mechanics of the car! I think it would also be helpfull to have a portable map Translated to english would be perferred but not to big of an issue!! Would be nice too if when i get almost through building my car it doesn’t fly up in the air into my backyard! I’m not even sure if i lost parts last time or not lol!! I recomend the game it’s very good and i think anyone will like My Summer Car!!! Give it a GO!!