The Banner Saga 3 due in summer, earlier than expected

We’ve not peeked at The Banner Saga 3 since Stoic’s Norse fantasy strategy RPG soared through Kickstarter in 2017, but now here’s a new trailer and oh! word that the game will launch earlier than expected. The Kickstarter tentatively said December 2018, and I’d even speculated that adding stretch goals features might push it back further, but publishers Versus Evil have now announced it’ll launch this summer. Whether it’s through coy planning or extra-speedy work, hey, once the sun comes out (all three days of summer) we’ll get to cool ourselves by tromping through the ice and snow murdering mythmen.

‘Summer’ is as specific as Versus Evil get. I do not know whether they’re right and just and use astronomical seasons, which would mean some time from June 21st to September 23rd, or if they’re heretics who hate fun and use meteorological seasons, which would be June 1st to the end of August. With a name like Versus Evil, you’d expect them to fight the meteorological with every gram of their strength.

This here video is kicking off a series looking at characters from the Saga. The description warns of spoilers so, iunno, spoilers?

Steven Messner really liked the last one, writing in his Banner Saga 2 review:

“There are moments where, as I watch the drama unfold in the dialogue and cutscenes, I almost forget I’m playing a game that came out in this decade. There’s an evocative sense of timelessness about the story and world that few RPGs create. And now that the combat has become a strength and not a weakness, immersing myself in the richness of The Banner Saga’s dying world is almost as enchanting as cracking open the weathered pages of my favorite fantasy novels.”

These are solid foundations to build upon for the end of a trilogy. One of the best strategy games too, our Adam will tell you. And crumbs, it is a pretty one.


  1. unacom says:


  2. Taerdin says:

    I love the Banner Saga, some of the most engaging and tense battles I’ve played in a tactics game. Sadly there are a few people who complain that the battles are ‘broken’, because they can’t think outside the battle systems they are used to (in games where you never really have to think, and just stomp everything with overleveled characters).

    • Beefenstein says:

      “Sadly there are a few people who complain that the battles are ‘broken’, because they can’t think outside the battle systems they are used to (in games where you never really have to think, and just stomp everything with overleveled characters).”

      Sadly some people prioritise their own voice to the expense of listening to others.

      • Taerdin says:

        Very true. It’s pretty narrow minded to call something “broken” when it simply isn’t to your liking. There is a big difference between the two, because pointing out a game is broken should be reserved for games that actually have real issues and should to be avoided.

        • geisler says:

          The complaint isn’t that the combat system is broken (i actually think it’s a very decent system), it’s that it is banalshitboring because (especially in the first game) the encounter design is terrible. There is is almost no map variation, no unit variation and that means almost no real ‘tactics’ come in to play once you know how the system (and the terribly predictable AI) works. You could build the best combat system in the world, if you implement it onto samey encounters, it’s basically redundant.

          Next time you want to blatantly pat yourself on the back and tell the world how you like ‘complicated tactics games’, you might not want to do it with a game where the ‘tactical’ aspect is little more than a gimmick lol.

          • Taerdin says:

            Actually I talked to many people on the Banner Saga Steam forums who call the combat “broken”, and told them just because they didn’t like it didn’t mean that it was broken. They were pretty entrenched in their belief and that thread stayed to the top of the forum for quite some time (for all I know it’s still there in the BS2 forum, I’m not checking).

            So how about I decide what argument I’m addressing, instead of you. If you want to win an argument by mad libs-ing your point of view into the opposing slot of anyone’s viewpoint then I’d appreciate it if you did it to someone else. Cheers.

          • geisler says:

            So it’s about winning is it? Because you’re not doing yourself any favors by claiming you’re actually trying to address a different community by posting on a completely different site and community. Talking about switching arguments lmao.

            I’d hoped it would have been clear that the main ‘problem’ people are having with your comments here was the obvious self-appreciation and the wording used in your comments. This was the main point i was making with my argument. You claimed this game required you to think, and that somehow by beating it you were more skillful compared to other players. My point was you’re really not, and i explained above why.

            Anyhoo, you ‘win’! Now kindly enjoy a block so i don’t have to endure your egocentric drivel again.

    • twiggles64 says:

      I do generally like how the games forces me to place a trpg differently than I would normally, but the camp challenges are straight-up bullshit on anything other than easy. That’s where it stops being a game and becomes a tedious puzzle instead.

  3. Laurentius says:

    TBS battle system is my favorite turn base combat in recent years. Both capmagin are great my favorite part of TBS2 was Survival mode of chain of 40 battles with selected heros and it is gonna return in TBS3. Can’t wait.

  4. Viral Frog says:

    Oh man, I need to get on finishing the second one. Which means I need to replay the first one. There was too big a gap between my play through of the first to the start of the second and I’d forgotten everything that happened. This is exciting! The Banner Saga is one of my favorite series out there.

    • Werthead says:

      The first game is about 10 hours long, the second maybe 7 hours, so they’re not the longest games in the world. Very good though.

  5. Vasily R says:

    Oh no, I still haven’t played the second one :(