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Once more into the deals breach, my friends. Once more, we gather here today to take a look at the very best PC gaming deals of the week, or of the past few days at least. Since it’s the end of the month and most likely payday for you, this will either prove truly convenient for you or ultimately destructive – only time shall tell! Let’s have a look at what’s been around in the last week.

UK & US Deals

humble paradox bundle

Over at Humble this week, you can put down up to $12 / £9 to get yourself a series of games from the Magicka, Europa and Majesty series, as well as Pillars of Eternity, with the top tier reward being a copy of space politics and strategy sim, Stellaris.

Here is the full list of what’s up for grabs:

Pay $1 (72p) or more
Cities In Motion 2
Magicka 2
Majesty 2 Collection

Pay more than the average
Crusader Kings 2
Crusader Kings 2 Old Gods DLC
Pillars of Eternity
Hearts of Iron 3 Collection
Europa Universalis 3 Complete Edition

Pay $12 (£8.60) or more

Pay what you want for the Humble Paradox Bundle 2018


This month’s Humble Monthly instant access titles were previously announced as Civilization 6 with two DLC packs but the folks at Humble weren’t done there. As a nice little extra, Humble has added an extra early unlock title in the form of Owlboy. You’ll get all that and a stack of other games after the month ends, for $12 / £10.

Civilization 6 with DLC and Owlboy for $12 / £10 with Humble Monthly

theme hospital

If all the news about the upcoming spiritual successor to Theme Hospital has got you itching to get right back into that management sim world, GOG’s got you covered. Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Tropico, Railroad Tycoon and more all feature in GOG’s weekly sale range with up to 85% off.

Up to 85% off Theme Hospital, Sim City, Tropico and more in GOG Weekly Sale

fanatical nemesis bundle 5

Fanatical’s latest Nemesis Bundle – the fifth one to be exact – is live now, featuring up to £181 worth of games for up to £8.59. Here’s what your money can get you.

Tier 1 – Pay 89p
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!
Infectonator: Survivors
Still Not Dead

Tier 2 – Pay £4.29
Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide
The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians
Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!
The Way
Space Hulk Ascension
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Tier 3 – Pay £8.59
Lords of the Fallen Digital Deluxe
Gloria Victis

Nemesis Bundle 5 from 89p from Fanatical

just cause 3 xl edition

Using the code PAYDAY during checkout will knock an extra 20% off the price of a range of Green Man Gaming’s already-discounted titles, including Just Cause 3 XL Edition for £6, Rise of the Tomb Raider for £10.56, Life is Strange’s Complete first season for £3.20, Injustice 2 for £27.99 and a whole bunch more.

Playday Deals sale from Green Man Gaming

128GB SanDisk SDXC

Whatever you may possibly use a Micro SD card for these days, on whatever device you feel like, I’m not going to ask any questions. What I am going to do is point out that you can pick up a SanDisk MicroSDXC 128GB card for £29.99 / $37.99 from PicStop right now.

SanDisk 128GB Micro SDXC for £29.99 / $37.99 from PicStop

Tesco Vouchers

Tesco Direct occasionally offers up a batch of money-off vouchers on all sorts of gaming and tech related products. They’re doing it again, conveniently enough, and you can save £5 on a £35 spend by entering the code TDX-PWFG, £10 off a £75 spend by entering TDX-GWRJ and £20 off a £150 spend by entering TDX-WFGR. There’s everything from TVs to monitors to laptops on the site, so feel free to have a browse while you can.

Money off vouchers on gaming and tech from Tesco Direct


Last but certainly not least, if you head to Humble right now you can grab a free copy of the Amnesia Collection, featuring both the original game and its follow-up, A Machine For Pigs. Get your spook on, as the cool kids would presumably say.

Amnesia Collection for free from Humble Store

Okay, we’re done for another week. Keep in mind that deals, prices and availability can change at the drop of a hat, so apologies if you miss out on something you wanted. I’ll be over at Jelly Deals, scouring the world wide web for more deals. Feel free to visit, or follow us on Twitter and give us a like on Facebook.

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  1. InfiniteSubset says:

    The formatting of these posts confuses me every time. The link at the bottom of each deal looks like the title of the deal, and seems more closely associated with the image immediately below it than the text (and image) above.

    • spacedyemeerkat says:


    • Premium User Badge

      zapatapon says:

      I also consistently click on the wrong links every time.

      • Shiloh says:

        I agree.

        Also, please note that the Green Man Gaming PAYDAY additional 20% off has a MASSIVE list of excluded games. They’ve just lost a sale here after I tried to apply it 5 times without success, before I managed to find the “exclusions”.

        • Darth Gangrel says:

          Yeah, the fact that you can’t beforehand see which games that are excluded is a bit of a bummer. I’ve been looking to get the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for a while and despite Brexit and everything, it’s cheaper on Greenmangaming than it will ever be on Steam. It’s also one of the exclusions (and has been excluded on other occasions as well), but then again, it’s already 85 % discounted.

          I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see that the 20 % extra discount applied to Bioshock: The Collection, with all the games and DLC in one package, just the way I like it. Costs 10,56 GBP, which is great, even despite me already having the first Bioshock.

    • bill says:

      Yes, me too.
      Since the format doesn’t seem to be changing, could we just get an HR under the final link for each section?

    • punkass says:

      Normally I hate it when meanies are mean about RPS, but this formatting catches me out every week.



      It makes me sad that I cannot adapt.

  2. Rainshine says:

    I want to buy that Paradox bundle, and I’m pretty sure I already own everything in it already