Crimsonland devs blast out Tesla Vs Lovecraft

I remain astonished by how often 10tons, the studio behind games including Neon Chrome and Crimsonland, manage to release new twin-stick shooters. Not even four months after Jydge (which our John really enjoyed), they’re back with Tesla vs Lovecraft. As you can probably guess, it pits fiction’s favourite non-fictional inventor against H.P. Lovecraft and his tentacled horrors from below and beyond. The author burned down the inventor’s lab, see, so Nikky is striking back with his own mech and gadgets and… the novelty of ‘Tesla this’ and ‘Lovecraft that’ has worn off for me over recent few years, but: 1) explosions; 2) colours; 3) new 10tons shmup. Here, look:

From the name, I had not expected it would be so fast and colourful. That looks wild. Did you see how many colours it has? How vivid those colours are? How big those gunblasts are? How quickly Tesla’s mech dashes around? I’m always glad when a game reminds me that tired knee-jerk grumbling based on what I imagine a game might be is just tired knee-jerk grumbling.

Me: tired; knee-jerk grumbler. You: colourful video game. Us: meet for coffee and shmup action?

Tesla vs Lovecraft is out on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It costs £9.34/€12.74/$12.74 right now, which includes a 15% launch discount.


  1. keefybabe says:

    You had me at 10 tons shooter. Then I watched the trailer and now I MUST HAVE IT!!!!

  2. Ghostwise says:

    Hey, Tesla and Lovecraft nerd jokes were pretty cool during the 1980s !

  3. Beefenstein says:

    10tons games are always worth it.

  4. AmazingPotato says:

    “Science is not afraid of anything” is a pretty snazzy tagline!

  5. Dachannien says:

    With a trailer with that many fart noises, it’s got to be good!

  6. Captain Narol says:

    Just the trailer is breaking my eyes, this game is definitely not for me !!

  7. Sandepande says:

    It’s really fun.