New Kentucky Route Zero ‘interlude’ out now, includes sinister half-hour TV show


Hopefully this is a sign that the long-awaited fifth and final episode of the incomparable, theatrical road trip adventure Kentucky Route Zero is not far away. Devs Cardboard Computer last week snuck out another of their brief, experimental ‘interludes’, free game-ettes which also act as as previews and alternate perspectives on scenes and themes in forthcoming episodes. Previously they’ve done VR theatre, mystery phone calls and installation art, and now ‘Un Pueblo De Nada‘ adds live-action TV into the beautifully unpredictable mix.

I should say that I’ve not had the chance to play/watch all of this interlude just yet, as I made the terrible/blissful mistake of firing up Slay The Spire for the first time over the weekend, and now there is only Slay The Spire. But as soon as that obsession has burnt itself out, Un Pueblo De Nada (‘people of nothing’) is the first thing on my list.

The game element of the interlude puts you behind the scenes at a local TV station, introducing new characters who may or may not show up in episode 5. Within the interlude, you can see these guys recording a TV show; you can then watch a real-life, half-hour ‘broadcast’ of that show here, including flesh and blood incarnations of some of the characters. And including a fair few strange and sinister things, because this is, after all, Kentucky Route Zero.

Go, mine it for clues, mutated Americana, existential dread and the ghosts of the past.


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    subdog says:


  2. Grizzly says:

    Oof. I just went trough the accompanying game. A lot of the nuance will be lost if you haven’t played Kentucky Route Zero, but it’s appropriately spooky nonetheless.

  3. caff says:

    As a whole package, this is going to be amazing – I can tell. I’ll go back into the whole thing (including all their interludes) once it’s done.

    • Grizzly says:

      I’ve been keeping up with it since I got into it, which must have been around when the third episode was released. It’s, imo, a good way to enjoy it. There’s a lot to process each time.

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        subdog says:

        Yeah I pretty much do a full playthrough, interludes included, with each new episode.

        So, like once every other year or so.

        • caff says:

          I think I could have done this, but I didn’t want to miss anything on a repeat playthrough, or (worse for me) over-play the whole experience to the point I felt it too familiar getting through to the final episode. Plus I have a memory like a fish, so attempting to continue where I left off given the gaps would be a struggle.

          My favourite analogy of KRZ is that it’s like a fine red wine, created with huge care and careful barrelling for years. I genuinely think this is a game that people will look at in future, much as today we look at B&W films, as an artistic piece.

          I need to link this excellent article that many people have posted before on RPS – it’s a fascinating read, and should be read after Act I and before playing Act II:

          link to

  4. Seafoam says:

    Well that was the most wonderfully weird experience I’ve had in ages!

    Really happy I downloaded this on my hard drive, it has been enriched
    I haven’t played Kentucky Route Zero but this might just have sparked my interest in it. Also slow Moe crow is the best character 2018.

  5. Grizzly says:

    I missed some of the older broadcasts (Which can be found if you click the ‘Copy-it-Right’ link at the bottom). Some of the PSAs in particular shed a light on the Out-of-Towner that is mentioned in the episode.

    I highly recommend you go and watch those for further context. There are some other really interesting things in there too.

    • Person of Interest says:

      Speaking of PSA’s for further context, I will remind fans of KRZ to read the excellent analysis of Acts 1-3 in the article series Kentucky Fried Zero, which connects many of KRZ’s themes and scenes to their historic influences and real-life parallels.

      (I should cross-post to if/when this news blurb gets translated, since the articles are also available in German).

      • caff says:

        Oops you posted it too, sorry you were first! But I hope we can both agree it deserves to be linked twice, as it is an excellent article.

        I hope one day that Cardboard Computer will somehow embed the videos into the game itself, so that somehow the player can experience everything in an order that makes some (if not total) sense to a new player.

  6. Booker says:

    Got this game once in a humble bundle, never played it of course. Curious if Ep 5 is included. My guess is yes, since they only sell it as a season pass?

  7. ben_reck says:

    I think “pueblo” means town and “gente” would mean people?

    So maybe “A Nothing Town” would be a translation.

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      I’m fairly certain that “pueblo” is Spanish for “yellow”, and “nada” is short for “pinata”. It’s about a six-year-old’s birthday party.

      Source: I took a year of Spanish in ninth grade.

  8. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    I am waiting for the last episode before playing my copy as i rarely go back to a game once i leave it

  9. indigozeal says:

    I see a lot of folks have enjoyed the…extended release schedule, but it’s killed whatever hold the game had on me. I finished Act III back when that was the last episode available, and I haven’t even bothered with IV yet. Granted, I wasn’t fond of how the non-choice that culminates Act III was handled, so that’s another damper, but…well, it feels like it’s all so far back in the past, y’know? I don’t feel impelled to drag myself back into the damn thing and pick the story up yet again.

    • Harlander says:

      I’ve completely forgotten any kind of detail about what went on in the previous chapters, so it’s looking like I might as well hold out for the whole thing and replay it in one go.

  10. dethtoll says:

    oh god oh god oh god oh god i refuse to play this right now because it’s just gonna make the wait for episode 5 hurt even more but oh god oh god oh god