Playunknown’s Battlegounds sprinkles more buildings, off-road routes and better loot onto Miramar


People are leaving Miramar in droves. A confusingly large number of people apparently prefer the original Erangel map, which is why I’ve seen player counts dwindle as people leave at the start of a desert match, seeking greener pastures. Nowadays, those kids are even editing game files so they automatically leave a round when it loads up Miramar.

Today’s update to the test servers for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds seeks to tempt some of those players back. My guess is if anything’s going to do that, it’ll be the promise of extra buildings and cover across the map. I haven’t tried it myself yet though, so the jury’s still out.

Miramar’s refresh also includes new off-road routes and improved loot spawning for some areas. The update will bring bug fixes too, and Bluehole are again testing the upcoming new anti-cheat measure – though it’s not stable enough for the main game just yet.

The other main change is an update to the replay system which has rendered all previous replays unviewable. That’s fine with me, because both of the replays I’ve tried to watch so far have thrown up error message. Adam tells me it’s one of the best additions to Plunkbat, so I hope the new version works for me.

The update is now live on the test servers and should hit the main game soon. You can find the full patch notes here.

I just read back through my first impressions of the desert, and I did get one thing wrong – there are fewer buildings overall, not more. It’ll be interesting to see just how radically these new additions shake things up. Getting killed from nowhere when there’s nothing you can do to stop it is unequivocally the worst thing about Plunkbat, so I’m hoping being able to stumble towards cover will mean I survive those situations a little more often.

Miramar leaves Alice (ironically) cold, but it’s still my preferred map of the two. It’s hard to see that changing until I’ve played at least as many rounds on it as Erangel, seen as how many of my favourite Plunkbat moments involve stumbling across new locations. This sort of got overshadowed by the way Paul Dean and I were instantly murdered by the first people we saw in every round, but the desert sightseeing Playstyle Royale I did a few weeks back was some of the most fun I’ve had in the game for yonks.

What do you think, gang? Mira-yah, or Mira-nah?


  1. gtdp says:

    I think Mira-why-can’t-we-just-specify-which-map-we-want-to-queue-for-already?

    • Enko says:

      Go into games folder: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Content\Paks\

      Move *desert* maps elsewhere. Play the game normally. It will fail with unrelated message 5 out of 6 times, which is roughly the Miramar/Erangel distribution for me. Its nowhere near 50%/50% these bluehole liars say it is. They are just data-mining the new map to get data out of player behavior. Obviously don’t give a rats ass about their customers and treat them with contempt.

      They removed a topic about it from their forums last night.

  2. CMaster says:

    I don’t really get the “lack of cover” complaints about Deadly Desert at all. I’m much more prone to thinking “oh god, how do I get across there” on Murder Island, where it has pancake-flat fields. In the desert, there are *always* crinkles in the terrain to cross.

    I will say the towns all feel really samey though, despite the wider variety of buildings. And the edge of the map is just “lol, cars dont even spawn here, enjoy dieing to the wall” land.

    • Viral Frog says:

      I agree here. Miramar has plenty of “natural” cover in the way the hills are designed. Erangel has wide open killing fields with absolutely no cover. I guess you could prone and crawl through them, but that’s not exactly the most viable approach at all times.

    • Seyda Neen says:

      In my experience getting randomly killed off in the middle of nowhere is also usually less of a problem on Miramar because more than 50 players die off before the first circle even closes, due to there being fewer viable small locations for people to land. So most of my Miramar games are a lot of action up front and then nothing until the last few circles.

  3. Viral Frog says:

    My only real complaint with Miramar is the lack of decent optics. Seems like the only thing that consistently spawns is the 2x which is arguably the worst optic in the game. Red Dot is much, much better. Usually I finish rounds on Miramar stacked with loot but absolutely no sights on my guns.

    • vahnn says:

      THIS! As much as I love Miramar, you’d think n the be more ranged optics with all those wide open spaces, but NOPE? I prefer iron sights over a damned 2x.

      Last night, though, I had a Mini 14, with an 8x AND a suppressor, AND an extended mag, AND the final circles ended up over the valley between the two mountains in the SW area of the map, even further SW than Chumacera, which in 100 hours on Miramar is the first time I’ve ever been to that quadrant of the map.

      We won!

  4. Enko says:

    Half assed, unfinished ill-designed map with no real driving terrain short of roads. You’d think you’d be able to drive in the desert right?

    Worst of all they force feed this abortion down everyones throats, with 5 out of 6 games being on Miramar instead of Erangel.

    If you hate this turd of a map, go to c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Content\Paks\ and remove the *desert* maps. It wont be able to launch Miramar games anymore, move them back when you want to play on them again.

    Ugly solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist.

    • modzero says:

      “You’d think you’d be able to drive in the desert right?”

      TBH when I think “desert” I think “a normal car will probably quickly bury itself in a Dune and start making worm sounds.” Maybe reality’s different, the sand is more dense than I imagine, or a car’s weight distribution is better than I imagine, but that’s what I‘d think, for example.

      • Viral Frog says:

        Might not necessarily bury yourself in a dune (you’ll probably be stuck before you get to one :P) but driving a standard car in the desert is a really silly idea. If you’re not on a dirt bike or in a 4WD vehicle that sits higher up off the ground, you’re going to have a bad time.

        As for complaints about driving on this map: the motorcycle and dune buggy always give me great results when I take them off-road. I never drive the van. I tend to only grab the truck if I don’t need to go off-road.

    • plugmonkey says:

      Worst of all they force feed this abortion down everyones throats, with 5 out of 6 games being on Miramar instead of Erangel.

      Isn’t that caused by your ‘solution’? Filling a Miramar game must be like filling a sieve.

  5. panfriedmarmot says:

    People complaining about Miramar are just whiny babies who can’t handle change and want to play the same map over and over. Its a weird thing I have seen since I played Starsiege: Tribes in middle school. The community picks ONE map and that’s all anyone wants to play for the life of the game. Dust, 2fort, etc. BORING. PUBG isn’t Counterstrike where you memorize the optimal procedure for a few maps and try to execute flawlessly, which is how a lot of people seem to view PUBG. Same for idiots who complain about camping- its a down and dirty race to live, if I am alive and you are dead I beat you. I think people really don’t get what this game is supposed to be.

    • Joeberg says:

      With some caveats, I completely agree with Marmot.

    • cosmitz says:

      I’m a fresh player and i honestly prefer the desert map to the forrest one. The forrested is more cleanly arranged and detailed, and the desert’s cities suck, but it’s just more great fun with the elevation dips and heights and open areas are a lot more dangerous. It’s danger you can pick, rather than just getting sniped from some prone dude in the middle of a field that you often enough can do nothing about past just being the prone dude in the middle of the field.

  6. Pizzzahut says:

    I find Miramar to be a considerably better map. Both from a technical perspective, the way the cities are better designed to accommodate the game engine and the natural flow of game-play resulting from a better designed map.

    Plus, the exclusive weapons and vehicles are better than in the original map.

    And though subjective, I find the desert map a much nicer thing to look at compared to the grey/greens of the original.

  7. plugmonkey says:

    I didn’t like it. So I started dropping into suicidal drop zones to get it out the way, and now I love it.

    Parachute into a great big fight, and then make your way directly to the next clearly signposted fight. I always have a fight on Miramar. On Erangel I’ve parachuted into school, seen no-one, and then participated in little more than a cross country run.

    I still like the slower pace of Erangel too, but I find Miramar a lot of fun now I get into the spirit of it.

  8. vahnn says:

    Things I actually want to see in pubg: shooting through plywood; fixed first-time reloads for shotguns (working the action shouldn’t eject an empty shell, giving away your position)–I’m willing to overlook the rest of the incorrect reload mechanics in the game; pressing crouch to duck down for cover in cars; deploying bipods on windows, car hoods, and other suitable terrain\objects; holding Interact key to open doors inward; inventory stashes in vehicles.