Classic IF horror Anchorhead revised and illustrated

You might think you’re made of stern stuff after beating Cuphead, but have you the bottle for Anchorhead? The Lovecraftian interactive fiction from 1998 “has been pretty consistently considered one of the greats of the noncommercial IF canon ever since”, Emily Short told us, and now it’s fancier than ever. Creator Michael Gentry has launched an ‘Illustrated Edition’ which, obviously, includes a whole load of illustrations to go along with the text parser action. This seems a fine time to visit a Massachusetts coastal town and get caught up in something terrible.

Anchorhead’s Illustrated Edition is rebuilt in the IF language Inform 7, also now packing 50-odd illustrations by Carlos Cara Àlvarez. Gentry has reworked the textual guts of Anchorhead too, adding extra puzzles, scenes, and background information and generally polishing up the text with the benefit of all the doing-good-words-well-from-your-brain-with-good-words-and-stuff skills he’s honed over the past 20 years.

You can buy Anchorhead’s Illustrated Edition now for £7.19/€9.99/$9.99 through Steam and Itch. It’s on Windows, Mac, and Linux, though the Linux version isn’t on Steam just yet. For those who like feelies with their adventure games, Gentry also sells a physical pendant and map through his own site for $10.

You can still play ye olde Anchorhead in your browser, and the Interactive Fiction Database has a downloadable version if you’d rather use your own interpreter software.


  1. mr.jones says:

    Ah, too bad, I just played this last year and don’t want to try again now. It’s great, though, even without the illustrations!

  2. caff says:

    Ooh. Interested. This is one of those games that I kept reading about on train journeys then forgetting to download on my arrival.

  3. jj2112 says:

    Great! I have it installed but never got the time to play it.