Botanicula dev’s Chuchel bouncing out in March

Chuchel, the next adorable adventure game from Samorost and Botanicula folks Amanita Design, is almost here. The eponymous tetchy fuzzball Chuchel will arrive on March 7, Amanita announced today, with a mission to simply get a cherry. He seems a wrong’un to me but I can’t help smiling every time I see his defeated little face. Bless. Here, point your peepers and lugholes at this new trailer:

Music is again from DVA, the fella who did Botanicula’s soundtrack. Good music.

I like that Chuchel’s goal is so small and so close. The prized cherry seems to be right there on every screen but just beyond his reach. At times he can even touch the cherry, but he ends up zapped with a zapgun, punched by robots, knocking obstacles over in an Angry Birds way, bouncing up and down in a springheeled Space Invaders riff, shoved, flipped, and generally foiled. And here’s me, laughing at him all the way. Bless.

Chuchel will launch for Windows and Mac on March 7 through Steam GOG, the Humble Store, and Itch. Pocket telephone versions are coming but not until later in the year.


  1. cpt_freakout says:

    Amanita games are some of my favorite things in life, and the Botanicula soundtrack one of my favorite soundtracks in life. I’m so hyped for this! /fandom

  2. haldolium says:

    This is great. Amanita Design is such a lovely developer, I’m very excited to play Chuchel :-)

  3. andregurov says:

    Amanita games are such delights to play: color, music, cheerfully deranged designs. They remind me of Nintendo, only without any restraints or shareholders to account for. Yes, that’s a bit simplistic and overstated, but their games are just fun.

  4. Phasma Felis says:

    “Music is again from DVA, the fella who did Botanicula’s soundtrack”

    I bet that guy is even more annoyed about D.Va from Overwatch than I was about Captain Phasma from Star Wars.

  5. unraveler says:

    Phew, I’m glad they weren’t going for the American calendar!