Podcast: Remakes, reboots and remasters


Welcome to the freshly relaunched RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show! You might think this is episode 31, but actually it’s episode 1 again. We’re rebooting it, even though we just did that last year. We’ve started by making it more accessible. Instead of three of us chatting about videogames between snippets of jaunty music, there’s just a sad man saying “Sonic the Hedgehog” over and over. We’re confident you’ll like it.

OK, not really. But we are talking about remasters, remakes, reimaginings and recurrent nightmares. Katharine wouldn’t mind a spruced up Deus Ex, so long as the characters were given necks. Brendan thinks a rejigged Assassin’s Creed could work well (what a perverse thought). Meanwhile, Adam doesn’t want any of his childhood loves remade, lest they pollute his fond memories. Although maybe Pathologic 2 will be good. However, the real question is what games from today will be remade in the distant future?

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  1. LovelyWeather says:

    FFXII absolutely needed the remaster, because they made a lot of useful changes in the updated PS2 version, but didn’t release it outside of Japan.

    • aepervius says:

      Yeah this is great and the HD texture make it look even greater. I have plugged in my still-working ps2 and compared. Despite what IMO is utter madness like some people saying they preferred the low res texture (I refer to link to blog.radiator.debacle.us he think it look worse…) the revamp is incredibly better looking. I am having a blast, even a better one than with the other 7- to X/X2 remakes…

  2. Seyda Neen says:

    I like how there’s an ad playing for a Mars survival game on your front page, RPS. :P

  3. kud13 says:

    If they put all the cut features back into Soul Reaver, then there would be absolutely no continuity with Soul Reaver 2 and the rest of the series. Because teh cut content would basically have Raziel kill Kain and destroy the world.

    I will only accept a Blood Omen remake if they put the original up for sale on PC (finally). Because the original Blood Omen was a 2-d game, and a remake would have to be 3D, like the rest of the series, so it’ll become a completely different game.

    • IamDeath says:

      They could do it in 3D while maintaining the isometric view and I would gladly throw more money at them for a remake or remaster of Blood Omen. Also the PC version sucks because they removed all of the video scenes, so unless they put them back I’d just continue to emulate it on ePSXe.

  4. michelangelo says:

    I always appreciate old games, unplayable or tricky to make them run on the current systems, being actually made possible to be played.

    But generally, I don’t like touching old games aesthetic wise, changing and twisting them. Original authors being uninvolved for a majority of remaster examples. I see it as a violation of original work and almost as a violation of historical value of the piece. Old games speak for their period, they are games of their time and pretending that retexture, remodel, relight do them any kind of favor I see as an insane since there is a promile of examples when it was actually done all right (Monkey Island). Making industry reputation based on parasitizing on others work is something that will never get a penny of support from me (hello, Shadow of the Colossus). We have personal projects of modders for this, you know. Creative chaos of pure passion with no store shelves involved.

    Plastic surgery for petty reasons sucks.

    Remakes, on the other hand, are better justifiable since built from a scratch and with new team intentions that differ from original, otherwise, there’d be no reason to make them at all.

    PS—Dear RPS, wouldn’t you consider making an article with a list of remasters done over time? Perhaps there are more good examples then only Monkey Island and I am just not aware of them, overwhelmed by those bad ones.

  5. Henke says:

    Dream remakes? I don’t wanna see old classics getting pointless remakes, I’d much rather see a flawed gem get a second chance to be done right, so I’m gonna nominate DRIV3R. I actually liked the driving in it, and the narrative wasn’t bad. But the terrible performance, ugly graphics and awful on-foot sections dragged it down. I’d love a remake that prettied the whole thing up and either cut out or improved the on-foot parts.

  6. G-Lord says:

    With people asking for an Ultima Underworld remake: I recently found out that there is a fully playable Unity port, which imports the original files – link to github.com

  7. Kroem says:

    I’d love to see a Jet Force Gemini remake as the controls are just insane by modern standards! Great game otherwise.