Gods & Glory, Hollow Knight’s final free DLC announced

Hollow Knight

Despite friends repeatedly nudging me into playing it, I’ve still only played the first couple hours of Team Cherry’s excellent Dark Souls-ish metroidvania Hollow Knight. Normally a point to lament, but I’m not feeling so bad about it today.

Riding a wave of inertia from a very successful launch, the third and final free expansion for the game, Gods & Glory, is on its way. With it, we’ve got a teaser trailer and a feature list for those who don’t have quite enough bugs in their lives. Maybe once this comes out, I can begin playing it properly.

The features list (tucked away in the description on the teaser above) for Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory is impressive enough. Starting off with a new NPC added to town – The Godseeker – whose presence will apparently ‘expand your romance options’. She’ll put you on the track to hunt down multiple new bosses within Hallownest.

The new boss fights will be accompanied by some fresh additions to the soundtrack, and working your way through foes will further the Godseeker’s story arc. There will also be a new gameplay mechanic – the ability to ‘Glorify’ certain charms, although what this entails isn’t expounded on, but the name alone should have min-maxing players itching with anticipation.

The biggest new feature is a new playmode, unlocked by completing the entire Gods & Glory story arc. Team Cherry say that this mode is ‘long requested and is a classic for the genre’, heavily implying some kind of New Game+ functionality, or perhaps (more ambitiously, and less likely) some kind of randomizer mode, as has become popular to mod into Metroid-type games in recent years.

The door is still open for paid expansions at a later date, and the format of the game (being slightly more open than most metroidvanias) lends itself well to additional content being bolted on, but for the immediate future, Gods & Glory will be the end of Hollow Knight as we know it, and plenty of reason for me to finally return to the game.

Team Cherry aren’t quite ready to pin down a release date for the Gods & Glory update, but are aiming for ‘early 2018’, so any point within the next couple months.


  1. Viral Frog says:

    Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this announcement. I quit playing HK shortly into it (about 8 or so hours) when I realized more content would be released. I wanted to experience it all from start to finish. I like the “early 2018” release window as well. Means I shouldn’t have much longer to wait!

    • GeoX says:

      Me too. I always think, there are plenty of other games to play; might as well wait until this one is finished. I’ll probably end up playing the Switch version, though.

    • ComplexConf says:

      The DLCs so far has added a few extra bosses, one new area, and perhaps a charm or two, but really the standalone game can easily take you 30+ hours and is thoroughly satisfying and awesome. There is no need to wait for DLC, you can even load up your finished game save file and do the DLC as it comes out, which means waiting for the DLC is even less sensible if thats your reasons.

      On the game itself, it is THE best MetroidVania game ever, heck its more than a metroidvania, its a metroidsoulsvania, which makes it even better. Ive been trying to scratch that HK itch, with cave story+, one dog story, symphony of aria, axiom verge etc. None of them came even close to the awesomeness of HK, sorry to say. On my top five games of all times list, and by far my favourite platformer ever, beating Shovel Knight, and Mario on the gameboy. :)

  2. Chasdiel says:

    It’s hard to remember the last great game that made a worst first impression: If you can push through the first 2-3 hours of aimless backtracking, same-ish grey corridors and frustration at the lack of direction in such a huge game, it does get pretty fantastic.

    • SuddenSight says:

      It definitely depends on what you enjoy in games. I love exploration myself, and I don’t terribly mind backtracking (as long as it isn’t too slow). The first thing I do in most games is explore the map for where the limits are. The first 2-3 hours of HK (heck, all of HK) impressed me because every time I though I had reached “the edge” there was still something more to find. The first 6-10 hours (including the first 2-3) were mostly a blur of “surely this must be the end” followed by “wow, it just keeps going.”

    • geisler says:

      Turns out that to enjoy metroidvania games you have to like exploration and backtracking to unlock progression, who knew?

  3. caff says:

    I watched fragments of this during the recent winter AGDQ and noted the incredibly beautiful soundtrack this game has. I’ve no idea how much fun (or frustration to play) it is, but I’ll give it a go at some point.

    • Crafter says:

      Like all games that are kinda hard but fair, you might die a fair amount of times but it rarely feels like the game is out to get you (except for one optional area).

      Rather dying a couple of times against a hard boss feels like a dialog : ‘here is the tell, he is going to leap at me, how do I answer ? Oh right, a dash left followed by a short jump should do the trick ‘

      It feels incredibly good to finally triumph against an hard boss.

    • Xan says:

      The main story is not that hard to complete.

      However if you want to beat the Dream Bosses, Optional Bosses and True Final Boss… you’re in for a world of pain and frustration until you memorize the boss pattern better than the answer to an exam.

  4. dethtoll says:

    Now that it’s finally “complete” I think I might be giving it a replay soon. It was my #2 for GOTY last year, that’s for sure.

    • Crafter says:

      I am curious : what was your #1 (HK is probably my #1 fav from last year)

    • Fire of Love says:

      I’ve been waiting for the exact same thing, but it’s probably not 100% complete yet. I’m not sure if it’s set in stone, but I think developers have mentioned that they plan to also add some kind of Hornet DLC (with her being a playable character possibly).

      Probably will be paid DLC, which is great, I trust Team Cheri to deliver quality content.

  5. Crafter says:

    I have already spent dozens of hours on this game .. its Switch port with this DLC will probably be a good opportunity to restart it from scratch

  6. Chaoslord AJ says:

    I loved the game. They delivered in fighting, mapping and setting.
    Will definitely replay once all add-ons are on the table.

  7. cheznet says:

    A new mode that’s ‘long requested and is a classic for the genre,’ you say? Well, anyone who knows anything about Castlevania games knows that they often include options to play as alternate characters, and everyone in the HK community has been requesting Hornet as a playable character. Combine that with the fact that in previous updates they outright said ‘the DLC after Grimm Troupe will be the Hornet DLC,’ and it seems like this ‘mystery’ is pretty much solved.