Dying Light celebrates three years of zombie parkour fun

Dying Light

The enduring success of Dying Light is a pleasant surprise. Nobody really expected too much of Techland’s Dead Island spinoff, but the studio weathered a rough launch and continued to support the game through patches, free content updates and (eventually) a truly excellent expansion.

Most other studios would be done with a game after the inevitable Definitive Goaty Edition, but late last year Techland renewed their vow to support Dying Light well into 2018. We’re now three years past the original release, and they’re celebrating the event with discounts for newcomers and free in-game goodies for all spread across February.

Leading the march during the festivities is a free DLC release soon, the third of ten small planned pieces due out by this October. There’s no word on what it’ll include, but the first pack included a handful of new craftable weapons, and the second pack added pistol silencers to the game and subsonic ammunition, meaning that you can pop the occasional zombie head without angering the swarm. There was also a ‘number zero’ content drop including a new faction of human enemies and a new heavy zombie variant, although they don’t seem to be counting that as part of the ten.

While they’ve not spilled the beans on what it’ll entail, sometime this month the game will be blessed with a Valentines-themed community event named ‘Undying Love’. Putting the ‘romance’ in ‘necromancer’, I’m sure.

Perhaps a little shamelessly, Techland are using the anniversary event to draw people to their own storefront, Gemly, with a 67% discount on Dying Light and its expansion there. Existing players might also want to get on board thanks to a variety of free bonus item and weapon unlocks to be used in-game. If you’ve not picked up the game or its expansion, I must say that £13.29 for the full package is a pretty good deal, and the game is significantly better now than its wonky launch reviews would suggest.

As for the future, Dying Light’s upcoming competitive spinoff, Bad Blood, is also seeking players for its upcoming global playtest event, if you feel like signing up on Techland’s site here. Three years on, are you still playing Dying Light? Any particular user-made levels you want to recommend? Sound off in the comments, as always.


  1. BockoPower says:

    This Bad Blood expansion sounds really bland – 5 players who should play together just to play against each other later will only turn into some crippled Battle Royale clone with parkour. Dying Light’s multiplayer has a perfect opportunity to be something between PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and Left 4 Dead but probably the engine can’t support more than 5 people online…

  2. LewdPenguin says:

    Still come back to Dying Light every so often, even though there are times you misstep and feel it was the games fault, overall the parkour action feels like what AssCreed should have become, whilst there are clear lines designed into the environment things work far better when you veer away from them and go your own way than they ever did in AssCreed.

    Overall it’s both an awesome game, and amazing how long it’s being supported for, largely at no additional cost for the player to boot.

  3. suibhne says:

    This game has incredibly dumb narratives and characters, and some of the gameplay systems are mind-numbingly repetitive…yet I absolutely love it.

  4. Massenstein says:

    I need to continue this… I’ve played it through couple times with different people and have one run unfinished with a friend and I just haven’t gotten enough yet. Merely getting around is so fun I could forgive everything else being crap. But everything else works too, sometimes just barely, most of the time extremely well.

    The world and the characters are as silly as only zombie fiction can be, but they avoid the pitfalls most works of this genre step into; the grim glumness or the “har har nothing matters” attitude, instead finding good balance between silly and serious elements. That is no mean feat.

  5. Premium User Badge

    keithzg says:

    Yeah, I should definitely fire this up again, particularly considering the dev’s support (from day 1, if I remember correctly) of Linux means I can be lazy and don’t need to reboot to play it, hah.

  6. Matys says:

    Really a solid game, would love VR support for another playthrough one day, some climbing parts would be absolutely nerve racking.

  7. Stevostin says:

    “Perhaps a little shamelessly” IMO it’s a shame to write this. They have every right to do so and and a world where you’re not forced to pay for shop when they’re not absolutely needed is also a better world for customers.

    (spoiler) That being said, I played the big expansion, clearly understood I was dead at the end, and see no point in playing an immersive game where I can’t get immersed because I am supposed to be dead, so why am I still on the map with icons everywhere? If they planned to support it after that point I don’t get why this end. I would have happily pay and play for more story.

  8. epeternally says:

    Dying Light was such a wonderful game at launch, but balance changes that shipped alongside the enhanced edition ruined a lot of the fun. Increasing the difficulty such that you’re forced into specific tactics to be effective made combat tedious, which has far reaching effects on gameplay flow. I wanted to get more powerful than my max level character with the new upgrade system but instead I got nerfed such that it would take hours of grinding to be similarly effective in combat.

    Maybe the changes are fine on normal and that’s why so few people have complained, but for me doing a second playthrough on hard that update just broke the experience. So much so that I’ve not even tried the DLC despite initially being excited for it.