Sega are likely teasing a Puyo Puyo Tetris port for PC

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Sega have developed a bit of a thing for teasing upcoming releases in unusual ways. Remember when they snuck a few Vanquish avatar icons into a Bayonetta update?¬†Well, they’re back up to their antics again, and we should all be pretty happy about this one

Across the Steam news pages for a whole mess of Sega titles (including Vanquish, Bayonetta and even Alpha Protocol), someone has been posting large ASCII-art pictures of Tetris blocks and what look like smiling jelly-beans. As far as I’m concerned, that can only mean one thing, and it’s good news for us all.

So, we’re almost certainly looking at a PC port of the excellent Puyo Puyo Tetris, the crossover puzzler that made a bit of a splash across consoles recently, and finding its footing strongest on the Switch. As the title may tip you off, it’s a mash-up of two classic puzzle franchises; combo-heavy match-4 puzzler Puyo Puyo and Tetris, which needs no introduction. Beyond the two core game styles, it plays around with almost every imaginable permutation of the two rule-sets either in solitaire or cooperative form, and even in exciting hybrid styles, requiring real mental agility to keep up with.

There’s even an extensive story mode that against all odds is surprisingly good, so long as you can stomach the ridiculous (and occasionally amusing) Saturday Morning Cartoon That Never Was dialogue. The story mode acts as an extended tutorial, and guides you through all the game types, almost every possible match-up of characters, and a broad spread of difficulties, teaching you everything there is to know about either game type by the time you’re finished.

It’s good stuff for anyone who has ever enjoyed a block-puzzle game, and it’ll be great if it is coming to PC. There’s no release date or firm details on Puyo Puyo Tetris on PC at this time; this is just a tease, after all, though if their Vanquish and Bayonetta teases were any indication, I’d expect a release to happen surprisingly soon.


  1. NuclearSword says:

    Freakin’ rad. Love me some Puyo Puyos, or Puyo Pops, or Dr. Robotnik Mean Beans, or whatever they’re being called at the time. And while I own gaming consoles, this is inexplicably unavailable for download on the Playstation Network, so…. it’s been something I’ve actually avoided. I mean, c’mon: who wants a puzzle game on disc? This is one genre that’s so suited to pick-up-and-play that being installed on your game-playing machine of choice should be mandatory!

    Needless to say, I’ll definitely be picking this up on Steam. Hopefully soon – these teases Sega does usually portend releases coming up very soon

  2. KFee says:

    OMFG, don’t tell me this is true :)
    I wanted to buy a Switch only for that game. That would actually save me a few bucks that way :)

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      Well, it’s pretty hard to deny the sudden presence of Puyos and Tetris blocks all over a dozen Sega games’ pages, so yeah, it seems very, very likely.

      I just picked up a Switch a couple weeks back, now I’m spoilt for choice on what platform to get it for.

      • BooleanBob says:

        You can’t take your PC to the pub!

        Never felt so much like I was living in a Switch lifestyle-brand advert as when I was playing this game with some friends at the local.

  3. caff says:

    Love Tetris. A brilliant game sadly monopolised by the IP owners, I wish there were more choices out there.

    Will this game let me just play pure, boring classic Tetris in multiplayer without the other fluff?

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      Yep, you can play Tetris in a whole bunch of variants, solo, competitive, puzzle, etc.

      The game really shines when all the elements start colliding with each other. It doesn’t really get unmanageable until it starts introducing other block types, which are seldom used but very demanding.

    • KDR_11k says:

      Yes, you can play a regular versus where every player can choose between Tetris and Puyo and if everybody picks the same then it’s like you picked up that respective title.

      Of course the game uses modern Tetris rules since the Tetris license requires that. So you get infinite spinning but I suppose that doesn’t matter as much in MP where your opponent will keep playing while you spin. Also the garbage rule seems heavily built around T-spins and combos (placing several tetrominoes after each other that each complete at least one line) so it’s not just about making Tetrises all the time.

  4. Chillicothe says:

    PC needed some Dr. Dog (The Dog Doctor).

  5. CJtheTiger says:

    This is great news! I hope it really is coming!
    I’m spending quite a lot of time with Nullpomino. I can’t imagine this game keeping up with 4 blocks/s (which is my current average), but the Poyo Poyo mix sounds like a ton of fun, also with friends. They just can’t mess this port up! Wishing for modding support may be a bit much, but I can always hope. :)