Confirmed: Puyo Puyo Tetris comes to PC this month

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Well, that wasn’t much of a tease. Yesterday, Sega flooded the Steam news pages for a dozen or so games with ASCII pictures of Tetris blocks and Puyo-slimes. It wasn’t much of a leap to assume that Sega’s excellent Puyo Puyo Tetris was PC-bound.

What is a pleasant surprise is that Sega have fully announced the game less than a day later, and it’s only a few weeks away, at budget price, and is offering discounts and bonus goodies for those willing to jump on this puzzle-train early.

The announcement came alongside a fresh trailer, which should give you some idea as to what the game encompasses. In short: Every imaginable variant of Tetris, Puyo Puyo, or the two combined that you could come up with, both in solo and competitive variants. There’s even an extensive story mode that gradually ramps up the complexity for those wanting to start on the ground floor, although there’s nothing stopping puzzle beasts from cranking up the difficulty and jumping into any mode from the start.

The PC version looks to come with everything from the console release of the game (which is fine, as it’s one of the most full-featured puzzle games I can think of), plus one extra perk: For those who like their anime dial turned all the way to 11, you can swap out the amusing enough English dub track for the original Japanese audio. Beyond that? It looks like we’re getting the same package as everyone else.

The game will be launching for a pleasantly cheap n’ cheerful £15, down to £13.49 if you preorder. You can buy or wishlist it over on Steam or Humble right now, and is due out on February 27th.


  1. caff says:

    Yep. Want Tetris on PC. Gimme. Now.

  2. disconnect says:

    I’m sorry but Puyo Puyo will always be Super Foul Egg to me.


  3. virtual.light says:

    What is this manure? Am I actually reading RPS right now? What happened noooooo

    • virtual.light says:

      also love the “pleasantly cheap n’ cheerful £15”, not sure if the writer is trying to be ironic/sarcastic here

      • Dominic Tarason says:

        Given that the physical console versions cost around £35-45 normally, £15 (or less) for the PC version seems very reasonable.

        • virtual.light says:

          Thank you for the information, still why anybody would pay that much for mobile gameplay and aesthetics is beyond me…

          • Dominic Tarason says:

            I’m really not sure what to say, other than maybe it’s not for you? It was a very well received game on consoles, and people seemed quite excited for it in the other comments thread.

          • Gertjan says:

            The game does have fun multiplayer, so there’s that.

          • KFee says:

            I’d rather spend 100 bucks on it, than a single penny on a game like e.g. Call of Duty, does that mean COD is bad? I guess not, just not my game.

          • virtual.light says:

            Since modern warfare Call of Duty is indeed bad I agree with you. My point (quite badly put late at night I admit) is that people spend that money on these types of games and then complain that fantastic indie titles like Firewatch or Proteus are too expensive at the same price bracket.