EGX Rezzed 2018 unveils Leftfield Collection lineup

The best part of EGX Rezzed, the London-based games event in April run by our corporate siblings, is always the Leftfield Collection. I don’t know if The Man will allow me to say that, but it is. Come at me, The Man. Meet me in the car park and bring HR to referee. Leftfield is the showcase of smaller and stranger games curated by Feral Vector head honcho David Hayward, and it always has a pleasingly wide range of games. The Man today announced this year’s Leftfield lineup and yup, it’s a goodun. The fact that I don’t recognise half the games myself is exciting. Go, see, play, find out.

I know some of these. Yorkshire Gubbins is a funny adventure game about robots, slugpeople clones, and pies; it’s already out so you can play at home. Wobble Garden I’ve seen at another event, it’s a hypnotising platter of light-up wobbly things, made by the Line Wobbler fella. Regular Human Basketball is a local multiplayer b-baller played by teams inside giant robots. Double Kick Heroes is a post-apocalyptic heavy metal roadtrip, and seemed pretty fun when I played an early version way back. We’ve posted about Like Roots in the Soil before. Beyond that, I do not know. Sloppy Forgeries looks a right lark though.

EGX Rezzed 2018 runs April 13-15 at Tobacco Dock in some place called London. RPS will be doing some stuff at Rezzed, as per usual. I could not tell you what; I’m not allowed back into England anymore because I always complain about the train journey.

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  1. wewaejip says:

    I skimmed over all of these and I’m sure they’re all interesting in their own right, but I was blown away by In Other Waters. It tickles that itch I’ve felt since playing Reigns: Her Majesty, which surprised me in the way it made the world feel so huge and full of possibilities because my window on it and ability to influence it felt so limited. Then again, beyond playing a friend’s copy of the original Deus Ex I haven’t played any immersive sims, open worlds or large RPGs at all myself, and reading about them/watching them isn’t giving them justice.

    If/when Sloppy Forgeries comes out I’m definitely giving it a try. I swear I saw someone detail the concept behind Lingotopia a few years ago and I’m glad the developer is making it a reality :)