Blanka lights up Street Fighter V next week


It’s the big mon himself. Blanka, the beast-like brawler who first appeared in Street Fighter II, is coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition next week, on February 20. He’s still got them electrics, he’s still likes to roll around and savage his opponents with his claws, and he’s still upset at the world for accidentally leaving him in the Amazon jungle for most of his formative years. But maybe that’s all about to change in his upcoming story mode. “One day,” says a post from Capcom, “a suspicious salesman approaches him and offers a way to make Blanka famous by mass producing a doll made in Blanka’s likeness.” Wanna see Blanka dressed up as that doll? I have a picture right here.


Wonderful. But if you’re a Blanka-bopper, you probably care more about his moveset, abilities and V-triggers. All of that is detailed on the Capcom blog post (his Coward Crouch, which lets him duck under fireballs, looks somewhat useful) but here’s a video that slaps it all together. I like Blanka, he’s hairy.

Street Fighter V recently morphed into its Arcade Edition, shoving all the bonus characters from the game’s first two seasons into a single easy-to-buy package, like one of those handy debt consolidation firms. We never gave it a renewed review, because we’re quirky like that. But Wes at Eurogamer says it is finally the game it was meant to be at launch.

By himself, Blanka will cost $5.99 of real money (or 100,000 Fight Money – the game’s virtual currency), while the Season 3 character pass is still sold separately and costs £24.99/$29.99. It’ll get you the already-released baby-wanter Sakura, and put you in line for the upcoming Falke, Cody, G and Sagat. I only recognise one of those biffers, because I’m a Tekken boy, but they all sound like wholesome individuals.

But not as wholesome as this guy.



  1. Apologised says:

    You remember Cody. He’s that guy from Final Fight. No, not Guy, that was the red ninja in sneakers from Final Fight, the other guy, the one in the haggard looking shirt. But not Haggar, he’s the guy who also got into MvCi, which is looking like the Final Fighting game in Capcoms Marvel crossover franchise since the EVO announcement effectively killed it.

    See? Perfectly easy to understand.

  2. TheAngriestHobo says:

    “Fight Money”, eh?

    …I guess there’s something to be said for not even attempting to make microtransactions appealing.

  3. thenevernow says:

    So Blanka wasn’t in SFV until now??