Don your ancient armor – Dynasty Warriors 9 is out now


Fans of wholly unrealistic representations of ancient Chinese combat rejoice! Dynasty Warriors 9 is out now on Steam. The journeyman hack-and-slash series, which began life as a straight-up tournament fighter on the original PlayStation, had its previous PC installment land on Steam back in 2015 in the form of Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires.

For the uninitiated, Dynasty Warriors is a game in which you take on hundreds of enemies at once, while a story unfolds against the backdrop of China’s Three Kingdoms Period. It’s the era where Total War is planning to flex its strategic muscles. This new installment promises to take you on a tour of ancient China via a newly introduced open-world map. It also sports a new combo system and 90 playable characters.


For me, Dynasty Warriors is reminiscent of a simpler time in gaming, when the infantile fun of juggling multiple peasants on the end of a pike for hours on end was all one’s heart desired. It’ll be interesting to see just how the open-world mechanic affects the arcade-fun of the Dynasty Warriors formula.

You can grab Dynasty Warriors 9 right now on Steam, where it currently has 10% knocked off the price tag. I’d recommend having a controller of some sort ready for this one though, it’s gonna be a total nightmare to try and wrangle a mouse and keyboard around those controls.


  1. Gothnak says:

    Am I allowed to comment that there are no black characters (Or western for that matter) in this game?

    link to

    • Sandepande says:


    • int says:

      A lot of the characters look half-white to me. Wang Yi looks like Elizabeth from Bioshock.

      • satsui says:

        This is a psychological effect known as own-race bias. Depending on the color of your skin, these people will likely look like your own race.

        It’s very common in media.

        • KDR_11k says:

          Compare the unique characters to the fodder enemies though, the latter look way more Chinese while the former seem more like a generic CG style.

    • Rince says:

      But there’s plenty of girls! Which is more important!

    • Danarchist says:

      Historically relevant however, during this era in Chinese history they were highly xenophobic and it would be unlikely they would have foreign soldiers in their armies.

  2. abrokenchinadoll says:

    Man this game got such bad reviews on steam. MOSTLY negative. It looked promising everyone kept saying it was an early access. :/

    • Avioto says:

      Crazy high price, chinese dub got removed for some reason, bad English voice acting, doesn’t run well on high end PC’s, the right analog stick (camera) doesn’t work on some controllers and the game just seems outright bad compared to previous entries.

  3. HiroTheProtagonist says:

    Hooray, another DW game, only this time with OPEN WORLD! This is exactly the kind of exciting innovation we’ve come to expect from Koei Tecmo.

  4. PoundCoin says:

    …This game…It’s not very good. at all.

    It’s a huge step back from others in the series. There’s so much wrong with it. Go have a look at Jim Sterling’s video on it.

    • falcon2001 says:

      Which is amusing considering that Dynasty Warriors has been the worst Musou game for years now, even compared to the spinoffs.

    • Baines says:

      It honestly looked kind of bad from their very first trailer. Even more non-existent enemy AI than ever, a new combo system that seemed to repeat the same mistakes they made with the Renbu system, an “open world” for a game that covered a few key battles that spanned around a century… (An open world would make sense for Empires, but regular Dynasty?)

  5. Rince says:

    Bad reviews or not, I still want this game. But I’m gonna wait for a sale. (Koei being Koei will be a long wait).

    • Baines says:

      Please watch Jim Sterling’s review first. It truly appears to be much worse than anyone probably imagined.

      It arguably isn’t even a Dynasty Warriors game anymore. It is a hollow clone of open world game, with nothing to fill its oversized maps. There are no epic battles. There are just bland “mission points” that you travel through empty terrain to reach, where you just run past a handful of enemy troops that just stand around watching you, to cut down an enemy officer that completes that mission.

      It sounds like the combat system managed to be worse than DW6’s Renbu system, not that stuff fights back anyway.

      And then there are the attempts at map filler, the hunting missions. Where you just walk up and find a stationary animal and shoot it repeatedly with your bow from outside the range where it notices you.

  6. Kamestos says:

    No one mentioned the eye-watering pricetag of 70 € on Steam.