Psychedelic episodic adventure Baobab’s Mausoleum continues this month in ‘1313 Barnabas Dead End Drive’

Baobab's Mausoleum

I’m not quite sure how I missed the original release of Baobab’s Mausoleum (Ovnifagos Don’t Eat Flamingoes, as covered on RPS here), but just about everything I’m seeing of this strange genre-blending adventure tickles my fancy, from the overt Space Funeral inspiration to the Twin Peaks/Deadly Premonition compound weirdness right up to the Russian surf-music soundtrack.

I’ll absolutely have to go back to catch up on the first episode now, as a release date and trailer have just rolled out for the second chapter, ‘1313 Barnabas Dead End Drive’, due this February 22nd.

Continuing the saga of vampire eggplant and FBI agent Watracio Walpurgis, the second chapter will have you delve deeper into the mysteries of Flamingo’s Creek, a ghostly and nonsensical town in a seemingly equally weird world. It feels like any attempt to write about this game automatically sounds like word salad, which feels oddly appropriate given it’s aubergine protagonist.

Among the features promised in this second trip around Flamingo’s Creek is a full day/night cycle. Interrogate the locals by day, avoid getting eaten by Ovnifagos by night. As in the original game, it looks like it’ll be switching between perspectives and even genres on a whim. I’ve got a certain strange admiration for the kind of developer that so fully commits to pursuing incomprehensibility. If nothing else, these episodes have damn good trailers.

Developer Celery Emblem and publishers Zerouno Games hope to bring you a fresh shot of damn good coffee and no shortage of strangeness soon. You can wishlist the second episode on Steam here, and it should be rolling out on February 22nd, assuming nothing too strange happens to it along the way.


  1. Raoul Duke says:

    This looks great! And sounds great!

  2. Nixitur says:

    I played through the first episode and was extremely disappointed. The characters are severely uninteresting, especially our main guy. It’s weird, yes, but in a really boring way. It’s not like it leaves enough unclear to be open to different interpretations. OFF did that, and it’s brilliant. This game doesn’t provide enough to even encourage a single one.

    But by far the worst parts are the deaths. There are two or three sections in the game where you can die, and each time, you are set back a significant portion and have to redo the same, mind-numbing tasks again. The worst was probably the 3D platforming section. One fall in the water, and you’re dead. Or rather, one fall in the water, the death screen fades in over several seconds, stays on that screen for about ten seconds, slowly fades out, then the game rewinds (actually rewinds, as in, it takes time) to the starting point in that section, and you have to slowly trek over to even get another shot at the platforming.
    Then, there’s the section where you have to wait for very slowly moving platforms to get through the screen, and they’re on a global cycle, so you may just have missed your chance, and have to wait ages before even getting another shot.

    It’s dull, there isn’t even an attempt at a story, and it feels like the designer’s screaming at me “Hey, look how weird and random this is, isn’t it cool?”, but then doesn’t really do anything cohesive or interesting with those weird elements.

    The soundtrack was pretty good, though.

    • LessThanNothing says:

      Agreed, some of the sections are a nightmare because you have to redo the entire thing. Chapter 8 with the moving platforms just to get to the end boss and die again made me uninstall.

      Also – there is a code you need to enter in game that references a website. That site no longer exists… so you have to go to steam discussions and find the post about the code or you literally cannot complete the game. I’m surprised the devs are making a follow-up if they can’t even keep their own website running

    • April March says:

      What’s OFF?

      • Nixitur says:

        It’s a very good, free RPG Maker game, found here. You play as a baseball player with the goal to purify the world.
        It’s very surreal, quite unsettling, and I wholly recommend it. It’s in a similar vein as Space Funeral.

    • mimaz says:

      Hey there! I am part of Zerouno Games and we produce Baobabs Mausoelum. We are aware of the flaws of the first Episode of the game thats why we’ve done our best to improve and update this second episiode.
      As someone who has played the game i can agree with you in many ways, eventhough i really enjoyed it, it is true that deaths were annoying but the great news is that we change it compleatly on this new one.
      Thanks for your honesty, it really helps and glad you liked the music ;)

  3. TheBetterStory says:

    It’s out now! Hope we’ll be seeing a Wot I Think soon.