Have You Played… The Final Station?

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The Final Station is a sidescrolling action game set in a world that’s been overrun by inky zombie-like creatures. Luckily, you’re just the kind of hero the world needs: a train driver.

On each (handcrafted) level, you hunt for weapons, fight different kinds of zombies, and normally find someone to rescue. In between levels, you try to keep the people you’ve rescued alive on your train by giving them the food and medicine you’ve found.

As an action game, it’s just okay. By the mid-game I’d gathered enough resources to never really feel under threat, except when trying to deal with ladders. Ladders are your biggest enemy: it takes a few seconds to get off one when climbing into a new area, and in that time enemies can swarm and kill you while you’re unable to fight back.

I do remember it fondly for its environmental storytelling. I never worked out exactly what caused The Final Station’s world to go to hell, but I enjoyed its scenic hints of aliens, viruses, giant robots, tentacled beasts and more.


  1. Kollega says:

    I haven’t played it, but perhaps I should. The depressing post-apocalypse stuff isn’t really my cup of irradiated vodka… but the idea of showing a train journey in a side-scrolling 2D game is pure genius. If/when my own game development career ever goes anywhere, I will most certainly give the world my own take on this same aesthetic idea.

    Also, lest it be forgotten, the soundtrack for the game is bloody brilliant.

    • Javier says:

      The soundtrack is great, the aesthetics are great, and the game is just beautiful, evocative and haunting.

      I remember not having a lot of fun with it though, and the translation being pretty bad. I have forgotten most of anything else except for the worldbuilding and how imaginative it all was. Only reason I don’t entirely regret playing it.

  2. cpt_freakout says:

    I found the game pretty and interesting but I thought that the train sections, which were what initially hooked me into playing the game, suffered a lot from a split personality. On one hand, the passengers develop conversations that drop hints about what the hell is happening with the world, but on the other, they’re constantly interrupted by your need to balance the train’s functions and/or trying to heal and feed the passengers so they don’t die. It might have been an interesting decision – keep stuff running or learn more about the world, but given that the train is what continues the game, that always gets top priority. Maybe I was just awful at it, though, and others were able to do both things without a problem. All in all, it was an OK game for me – I started the expansion/DLC and thought it was a bit boring, so in the end I just gave the whole thing one playthrough and didn’t really look back. Tons of potential for a sequel, though!

    • Lovely Alexander says:

      I definitely could not do both things at once. It was not just you!

  3. gmx0 says:

    You do know you can attack while you’re on a ladder, right? At least the ones facing towards you.

  4. Raoul Duke says:

    I have played this a bit, but found it annoyingly linear. Does it open up at all as you go on?