Subterranean ne’er-do-well sim Dungeons 2 free on GOG

Dungeons 2

It’s about time we boarded up the windows here in the RPS treehouse for the weekend, but we leave you with a little gift, although admittedly a second-hand one.

Presumably in an effort to drum up interest in the (quite good) Dungeons 3, Realmforge Studios have been giving away the second game in their Dungeon Keeper-ish series a lot lately. If you missed the chance to pick it up last year in Humble’s giveaway, GOG are offering their DRM-free edition of the game here for the next day or so.

Our resident slapper of imps, Alec, went and reviewed Dungeons 2 back in the day and found it a broadly pleasing experience, albeit not one without its flaws. In particular, the he found the game’s overbearing humor frequently fell flat, relying more on snide references and sarcasm in place for actual wit, and there’s a few pop-culture name-drops that dated the game badly even at launch and feel a little long in the tooth now.

While nobody at RPS Towers (or the castle, or treehouse – we really do need to consolidate our properties) has found the time or inclination to pen a full review of Dungeons 3, the sequel feels like it improves on most issues people brought up with regards to the second, although Dungeon Keeper die-hards will be disappointed to hear that it still divides gameplay up between dungeon management and surface-side RTS combat.

The base Dungeons 2 game is free on GOG for at least the next 24 hours, and they’re selling the DLC (including the pretty beefy A Game of Winter expansion) at 75% off until the end of their lunar new year sale.

For one extra pleasant surprise, GOG have re-opened their GOG Connect service, allowing you to clone a handful more select games from your Steam collection over to your GOG account. Whether intentional or not, I did notice that my copy of AI War got upgraded automatically to the Complete Edition on GOG, despite me not owning every expansion.


  1. satan says:

    Dungeons 2 scratched my Dungeon Keeper itch a little, not bad, not great, knot bread.

  2. NetharSpinos says:

    I’m long past holding out hope for a true successor to Dungeon Keeper, but how does Dungeons 2-and 3, I suppose-compare to Impire? It too struck a somewhat bemused chord between, well, dungeon keeping, and Warcraft 3-esque topside RTS. I mildly enjoyed Impire enough to finish the campaign, despite the poor voice acting and the vaguely-Dungeon-Keeper-but-not-really-aspect.

    • Vacuity729 says:

      Well, it’s free. Why not just try it out and see for yourself? I’m pretty sure that after 10-15 minutes you’ll have a much better idea than you would from anyone telling you how they compare.
      And it’s free, so you’re not losing any money by finding out.
      Seriously, it’s free, why would you spend time asking rather than just finding out?
      Did I remind you it’s free yet?

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        I’m gonna be that guy and say that I don’t want games I won’t enjoy, even if they’re free. I’m not gonna take that gamble. I can’t take back the time I wasted and I can’t remove that free game, so it’ll always be a reminder of not getting free games unless you’ve read up on them and watched a Let’s Play-video.

        With that said, I got it for free on Steam a while ago from Humble, but only after I had done some reading up and Let’s Play watching and figured it was good enough.

        • Vacuity729 says:

          I’m confident you’re not getting back the time you spent reading about it and watching Let’s Play videos either, and so don’t really follow how you saved yourself anything at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure you could get a better idea in a shorter space of time by just trying it than by watching videos of other people playing it.

          • Sargonite says:

            I’ll never figure out what it is with people and Let’s Plays, I find they take forever and rarely accurately reflect the experience I end up having when I play (though I’m sure for some folks they do).

            I agree, just download the thing and try it. You can easily recover the hardware space by deleting it, and you’ll never get back any time you spend researching something you ultimately don’t get either. I’d rather spend my time trying than looking for reasons not to try.

          • TillEulenspiegel says:

            Watching LP videos from an experienced player is, IMO, the best way to learn complex games.

            But a few times I’ve watched an hour or two of video which intrigued me enough to try the game, only to be disappointed. So yeah it’s probably not a great way of determining game quality except in the broadest sense.

          • Darth Gangrel says:

            It sounds like you’re assuming that I’m spending hours watching and reading. I only need Let’s Plays if I haven’t already a clear picture of a game, which I usually have with games in my preferred genres. I only need a few minutes to get a general idea of how the moment-to-moment gameplay is like by watching bits here and there.

            I want to give all of my acquired games a fair chance, which means playing them for a few hours. Just downloading them without prior reserch and playing them takes up much more time than my reading/watching method. Games have to *earn* a place in my backlogged library.

          • Vacuity729 says:

            I’ve used Let’s Plays to help me learn Dominions and Distant Worlds, both of which are head-bangingly complex. I’ve also used them to help with specific problems I’ve had with trying to achieve certain things in a few games, like trying to work out how to access a certain area, that kind of thing. That’s pretty much it.
            If reading is your preferred method of research, with LPs as a secondary source, I withdraw my query; reading’s generally an efficient means to get a lot of information on a topic. Certainly a faster way to be informed of a game’s problems than playing for yourself.

        • crankypants says:

          This. Between the bandwidth to download and the *time* to learn it and discover if it’s good, there is no such thing as a free game.

      • Bull0 says:

        Some people like talking about things with people.

    • Bull0 says:

      Have you tried War for the Overworld? Much closer to Dungeon Keeper than any of those imo

      • NetharSpinos says:

        I have! It’s currently sitting in my library, waiting for me to pick it up again after I got stuck on one of the campaign levels. It makes a decent pass at Dungeon Keeper, but it can feel a bit competitive and speed-obsessed at times.

  3. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Holding out for Fritzl DLC.

    Too soon?

  4. Vacuity729 says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Dominic. I probably wouldn’t have got around to reading the email about the giveaway until after it was over.

  5. funky_mollusk says:

    It was actually pretty decent in spite of the mind-numbingly insipid narration.

    • mcnostril says:

      I am very surprised at how much I am enjoying this.
      I thought the horrendous narration would be enough to put me off, but the game is engaging enough that I don’t care too much though I will groan at about 90% of the things that are said. It’s a bit of a shame, it has the occasional good gag here and there when it’s not trying to be in your face about it .
      The game itself though is scratching that DK itch a lot more than War for the Overworld ever did for me. I guess despite the terrible narration, it has a lot of personality that WftO just doesn’t have as far as I’m concerned.