What are we all playing this weekend?

Alice isn’t here this week, which means it falls to me to ask: what are you playing this weekend?

Adam: [Adam’s on holiday this week. Maybe less forgiving people would fire him for this, but I’m a kind and benevolent playing-this-weekender.]
Alec: [Alec is also on holiday this week. Fired.]
Alice: [Alice is also on holiday. This is becoming a problem. Alice is spared from the axe since she let us know last week that she’d be playing Bloodborne during her time off.]
Brendan: I’m itching to brawl in Tekken 7. But I’ve been out of the ring for months due to moving house and the subsequent internet drought. Maybe a few bruises won’t hurt. I’ve also been tinkering with Gwent, brushing up my card knowledge without dipping into the online matchmaking. Maybe I’ll finally get stuck in. Either way, this weekend I want to FIGHT.
Graham: I’m going to play in the park with my kid, weather permitting. The games will be “lifting him to the top of the slide over and over”, and “wrestling him back in the pram when it’s time to come home.” He always wins.
John: I would love to spend my weekend playing more Fe, really. I’ve finished it, but I just want to explore every last little corner, getting all the hidden items, and enjoy my time in its ludicrously beautiful world.
Katharine: I’ll be digging deeper into A Case of Distrust this weekend, as I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface of this stylish noir thriller. I’m sure there will also be a fair amount of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 time as well, because man oh man I just can’t quit that game.
Matt: I’ll be meandering around the show floor of the PC Gamer Weekender in London, soaking up various indie delights. I’m most excited to try Mysterious Pursuits, the upcoming multiplayer assassin game from the Ship: Remasted devs.

I’ll also be bringing my copy of ace chess-like board game Hive: Pocket, and challenging random show goers (or maybe just my friends) to cerebral insect-shuffling battles of wits.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Grim Rainbow says:

    Star Wars Galaxies, Awakening server. Grinding my bounty hunter template to a different one. Maybe a little Stellaris or finishing off Among the Sleep which I actually really like. Next week I wanna reply Deus Ex which I played through 1/5 of a couple of years ago and loved it still. Just something about that game. Oh yeah it has the best level design ever along with Zelda Link’s Awakening,

    • Ben Damage says:

      link to tiny.cc… I have been wanting to try the revision update/mod/thing for a while now.

      • Fire_Storm says:

        I installed it a couple of weeks ago on my GoG copy of Deus Ex and had a quick romp around the incredibly familiar Liberty Island. So far I’m really enjoying the subtle differences and looking forward to seeing more, the improved textures really help things along too. I’ll almost certainly fall back into this in a big way for play through number… Ern, maybe 7.

  2. dangermouse76 says:

    I intend to pull the BOS apart from the inside whilst getting myself some decent power armour at the same time. Then I’m off to far Harbour to tank my way through the island.

  3. Daymare says:

    Unable to kill the Soul of Cinder at SR90 for more than a year, I went on a detour through the Painted World. Managed to get a few levels and finish the bosses there, upgraded my Sharp Uchi+10 and … no shield, to a Sharp Washing Pole +10 and a Black Knight Shield. I now know how shields work, having played most stuff with only a 1h weapon before. I’m just not good enough for that, though, so now I turtle a bit.

    That way I finally managed to beat Soul of Cinder, I was very excited!

    Just started wiping on Demon Prince. Afaik the hardest bosses are still to come …

    • Blowfeld81 says:

      Even though the struggle is real in this game, I find it to be such a great experience. Good luck with slaying those last few bosses!

    • Faldrath says:

      Just remember to kill the Demon in Pain first. And yeah, the DLC bosses are something else, but very satisfying when they finally die :) Enjoy!

      • Daymare says:

        I find it safest if I just engage whichever demon comes at me ragin’. Why go for that particular one first?

        • Faldrath says:

          Because in phase 2 the Prince’s abilities depend on which one you kill first, and if you want to avoid that fun meteor shower, kill the Demon in Pain first :)

    • Morat Gurgeh says:

      Stick with it mate. We’re all cheering you on. I know it’s like banging your noggin against a brick wall but every defeat is a lesson. And the victory is basically an orgasm. Endorphins ftw.

      • Daymare says:

        That’s sweet :) And yes, it is. I was shaking like a motherfucker after I’d downed Soul of Cinders. And Friede, for that matter.

      • hijuisuis says:

        Oh my god you’re totally right, I never realised this.

  4. Blowfeld81 says:

    Some Rocksmith to continue learning the bass guitar (though Filter’s “Hey Man Nice Shot” might not be the perfect learning song for beginners :D);

    Some Rainbow Six Siege where I have to accept that I will never get out of bronze league solo. Still tons of fun and at least I finally made my way out of copper hell. Hello bronze hell!

    And when my soul is not entirely crushed by slow fingers and reactions then I will continue with learning fighting games with DBFighterZ. Here I feel like a normal person among super beings who just do everything out of my ability to comprehend what is going on. Being only able to play at weekends nowadays surely does not help. At least it is shiny :)

  5. Vacuity729 says:

    It’s the middle of the new-year holiday here, so I have a few more days off. The weather is glorious (up to 30-odd degrees yesterday), so I’m not sure how much gaming I’ll be doing.
    Presuming I play some stuff between now and work starting again in the middle of next week, I’ll probably spend a few more hours with Starward Rogue, and I’m thinking of trying out something from my Pile of Shame. It’s a very large pile, but really, it’ll never get smaller if I keep playing the same games again and again. Perhaps Sunless Sea would make a good choice to play in the dark evenings.

    • Blowfeld81 says:

      Ahhh, the pile of shame a.k.a. “I’ll play this when I am in the right mood and run out of other games”… which never happens :D

      • Vacuity729 says:

        It does happen *sometimes*. Just rather less regularly than I spend money on new games.
        Sometimes I feel like I’m essentially acting more like a patron than as a customer. I buy games that seem good because I feel like I want to support the developers, more than that I genuinely believe I’m going to play their game anytime soon. It also does put a rather interesting spin on the “how much is a game really worth” question when you know full well you’re not likely to play the thing in the foreseeable future.

        • Premium User Badge

          Big Dunc says:

          I’ve just started playing Prison Architect which has been in my pile of shame for about 3 years. But I’ve still got games that are untouched after 4 or more years, and I keep telling myself that I won’t buy any more until I’ve played at least some of them. And then then a steam sale happens…

        • trollomat says:

          Actually you’re acting exactly like a customer – at least if you ask the companies how a customer is supposed to act like. :)

          • Vacuity729 says:

            As an overwhelming majority of the games I purchase are from indie, or at least non-AAA studios, I’m willing to play my part in that transaction, to a point.

  6. kwyjibo says:

    I picked up Prey in the Steam Chinese New Year sale, so I will be playing as a Chinese person, in space. How exotic, I can’t imagine how alien that will feel.

    I did not pick up Kingdom Come: Deliverance because it does not offer a Chinese protagonist option, the racists.

    • napoleonic says:

      Prey is fantastic. If you liked Dishonored, I’m sure you’ll like Prey.

    • hfm says:

      WAT, it’s eastern European history, of course that’s the protagonist. It would be like playing Total War: Three Kingdoms and expecting a Viking protagonist. (I know you’re joking..)

      Also, jealous of anyone that hasn’t played Prey…

      • Unclepauly says:

        Its all jokes n games until someone loses an internet point. Anyway, i dont remember an uproar about sleeping dogs. A game that was in china and only featured chinese people. Cherry picking the racism it seems

        • KingFunk says:

          FWIW I’m pretty sure the protagonist in Sleeping Dogs is American. We’re allowed Asian-American characters (looking at Yu, Morgan), but not so much thoroughbred Asians. Unless it’s a Japanese game, obvs.

          Actually, I just realised that I haven’t played far enough to conclude definitively that the Yu siblings are American, but it’s seeming likely.

          • malkav11 says:

            The protagonist of Sleeping Dogs grew up in Hong Kong and emigrated to America. He has just recently returned at the start of the game. But the whole point of him going undercover is that he knows a bunch of the players from when he was a kid.

  7. Ghostwise says:

    I’m done cleaning up early Dragon Age: Origins material ! But kinda stuck on doing a full campaign of screenshots, for GPU availability reasons.

    I soooo hope that the GeForce 2070 is released this summer at non-stupid prices.

  8. Faldrath says:

    After finishing Dark Souls 2 and its DLC (and these were an unholy mix of omg-amazing-level-design and omg-these-enemies-are-bullshit-times-ten), I… still haven’t slain the Spire as the Silent. Sheesh.

    I might start Dragon’s Dogma. Or play Okami. Or Norwood Suite. Haven’t decided yet.

    What I *really* want is to get a PS4 to play Bloodborne, but I’m afraid this would lead to divorce :(

    • Edski says:

      Dragon’s Dogma is very excellent. Also, I definitely didn’t buy a PS4 in order to play Bloodborne, and even if that was why it definitely wasn’t totally worth it.

    • anHorse says:

      I was going to buy Dark Souls 2 but for some dumb reason 3’s the only one that’s actually involved in this sale so I’m gonna play that instead.

      • Faldrath says:

        DS3 is much better than 2, in my opinion. Dark Souls 2 is a fine game marred by a handful of questionable design decisions, whereas Dark Souls 3 is an amazing *game*, much better than DS2 or even DS1, although it’s a lesser *experience* compared to Dark Souls 1.

    • hfm says:

      Just come to an agreement to have scheduled time to play a game and stick to it, divorce solved. :)

      I feel like it makes me weak, but I kind of wish I could play Dark Souls II and III in some easier mode so I can just see all the architecture and creatures and stuff without having to GRIND AND GRIND AND MAKE MISTAKES AND GRIND AND FIGHT THE SAME FIGHTS 10 TIMES ETC..

      I think i’m just getting old and impatient and want to see more games not grind the same ones too long..

      • Faldrath says:

        It’s a dirty suggestion, but there are trainers that give you infinite health, for instance. My very first DS1 playthrough was like that since I didn’t think the game was for me, but some time later I played it properly and realized what I was missing.

        If you do use trainers, make sure you play offline.

        (and the divorce is more because it would be like “What do you mean you want to spend money to buy a console to play a game, don’t you have enough PC games already?” PS4s sadly aren’t cheap in Brazil.)

      • Killy_V says:

        I played Demon’s souls and DS1 totally blindly, and that was not a very good idea because the grind, the death…

        Then I spent two weeks trying to find the way to kill Orstein and Smough, and all the bs on forums of the ‘feeling of achievment of killing stuff on DS after dying hundreds of time…’

        Then I found the most efficient way to play Dark souls, was to look at ‘let’s play video’, and create my strategies from this. Had a blast to play through DS2 !

    • kiank37 says:

      Yeah I’m visiting Colombia (from the USA) right now and I’ve noticed that video games are so damn expensive here! Why is that? Switch’s are like 150 more than they are in the US. Anyways, I hope one day the Sony Gods will allow the PS4 to get much cheaper.

  9. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Last night and tonight are for community gatherings to play Lawbreakers, and in between, there is that game where you try to work up the will to bike to work in the rain for the glory of flex time and finishing tasks while no one’s looking. Then that one where you try to figure out what computer game(s) to play Sunday evening but instead end up reading the week’s best games writing…so Devil Daggers and possibly Fe, depending on the level of metaprocrastination.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Sunday ended up seeing me in another hour or two of Lawbreakers matches, plus half an hour and a new personal best of ~383s in Devil Daggers. Weee!

      Eventually I’ll get back to playing new indies and indielikes by the handful, but today wasn’t the day.

  10. Edski says:

    Something I’m not allowed to talk about =(. Also Monster Hunter.

  11. caff says:

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance for me. It’s quite hard initially, which I like – it makes you feel weak and vulnerable. I think that’s an important aspect to story telling so I’m hoping the rest of it lives up to my expectations of it.

    I’ll probably chuck in a bit of Neon Chrome, PUBG and Rocket League because all those things are great.

    • joer says:

      Love this game. Feel like it makes real headway in imagining what it was like to live in the time period. The combat is good, and its pretty much impossible to beat 4 or more enemies at once without some real tactical use of ground etc. If they are heavily armoured, forget it. Great immersion, but with some terrible pop in at times and bugs here and there. Nothing game breaking for me though.

  12. SaintAn says:

    FFXIV leveling crafting and leveling an alt.

    I’m on a bit of a Egyptian thing right now, so Tomb Kings, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and thinking of playing some Attila, or maybe Rome 2 if Egypt is playable in it. Some other Egyptian themed games if I can find more. Might start rewatching the Stargate series too.

    Finishing up Star Trek TNG this weekend too. That show is incredible. So much thought and detail was put into each episode. Season 5 is the best. Shaka When the Walls Fell episode and the one where Picard lives a whole other life are my favorites that will stick with me. I love how they reference older episodes every once in a while too. Like Picard playing that flute from his other life sometimes. Really no other show quite like that.

    • Premium User Badge

      The Almighty Moo says:

      We only have three episodes left and have been dragging them out a lot. There are some greats in there, though it’s not without its utter duds.

      • Vandelay says:

        Last season is a bit of a slog. Ends on a real high though.

  13. zarasque says:

    From the look of it I’ll be playing a bit of monster hunter world and maybe some ESO since some friends got me to give it a chance. I am mostly in waiting for Into the Breach / Path of Exile Bestiary League / Vermintide 2 so I will be neck deep in like three weeks.

  14. Carra says:

    I’ve started Subnautica. Time to build my first submarine!

    • Premium User Badge

      The Almighty Moo says:

      I’m still a third off being able to build the mini sub, which is rather hampering my exploration at the moment. Instead I’m building a lot.

    • Bull0 says:

      Subnautica is SO good. Build lots of bases. I managed to get my submarine eaten by one of the leviathan monsters by the crash site first time I took it out and now I’m too paranoid to use it again.

    • Carra says:

      I had a lot of fun playing it this weekend! Built my first submarine. Lost it. Built another one. Then I decided to create my first base. It has a scanner room, work room and a bedroom that has no use at all but was fun to make.

      Next up: go and explore an island! And try to find a way to get my sub dive deeper than 200 meters, it’s limiting my progress.

      Been a while since I’ve played a game where I look at the watch and go ‘mmm, I’ve been playing for two hours already’?

  15. funky_mollusk says:

    I finally got aroùnd to playing a telltale game. (Walking Dead). It actually reminds me alot of old Sierra games. A bit too much pixel-hunting but the excellent story actually keeps me enthralled.

  16. Agnosticus says:

    Until Nex Machina or Tesla vs. Lovecraft get a deep discount, I’ll be playing Beat Hazard! Dug it out of my pile of shame last week and really having fun with it. More impressive with beat heavy music though!

    • caff says:

      Psst Nex Machina is 60% off on Steam at the moment. I’ve picked it up :)

  17. michelangelo says:

    HEHE, nothing. But if I’d play, it would be Dujanah, ECHO, Vanquish or Kingdom Come Deliverance (but here I feel is very wise to pick it up months after release).

    Anyway, what’s The next thing after Talos Principle and The Witness? Any recommendations? Because puzzle—philosophical appetite is always there, and not fulfilled.

    • mgardner says:

      If you haven’t tried it yet, Gorogoa is an easy recommendation, although it is quite short.

    • Guran says:

      A puzzle game in similar vein that I’ve heard good things about is The Turing Test.

      As for myself I plan to finish Quantum Break this weekend. I actually enjoy the time travel story here and it’s fun to play!

    • SuddenSight says:

      As far as 3-D, spacial reasoning puzzles go I would recommend Q-Beh, though the last couple levels have some annoying timing elements. Tri (a tale of friends) is also interesting, but the controls are just too fiddly to really be considered a good puzzle game, in my opinion.

      For philosophy tied up in puzzling, Stephen’s Sausage Roll has some interesting quips that might start the philosophizer tingling, but the puzzle-to-quip ratio is quite high.

    • hfm says:

      Stanley Parable isn’t bad, but it’s nearly all philosophy/story.

      Also Antechamber is high on puzzle, maybe a little short on philosophy.

      Also Magrunner: The Dark Pulse is a good portalish game, but it’s very Lovecraftian in theme (I’m a sucker for Lovecraftian horror). It’s no where near as good as portal, but it doesn’t suck. I liked it.

    • hijuisuis says:

      Puzzlers with slight philobent:

      Edge, ether one (pretty buggy though), antichamber, the room, the bridge, Kairo (very light puzzling).

      My favourite was antichamber but goddamn it was hard.

    • michelangelo says:

      Well, well, well. What a list—Thanks! Some pieces, I was aware of, and some I am googling for the first time.

      And Antichamber is where I’ll go first. In fact, I did play some kind of its demo a while ago and the way it looks is appealingly very much its own. And steam review saying “The most tenacious, infuriating obstacle you’ll face throughout the game is yourself.”, is no need to say more. SOLD!

  18. Don Reba says:

    It’s a free Overwatch weekend, so I’m going to binge.

  19. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    Agents of Mayhem! This game seemed to get dragged by absolutely everyone, but I’m really enjoying it–it definitely scratches that Borderlands/Diablo itch, which is a little surprising since that definitely isn’t how it was advertised.

    Volition is one of my favorite devs, so it’s only with the greatest affection that I say you can always see their games straining against clearly limited budgets. That’s more true than ever here–they reeeealy could have used another couple tile sets for the procedurally generated lairs that make up much of the game, for instance. But on the other hand a ton of love has clearly been put into the animations (each character gets their own triple jump!), and they really nailed the feel of combat: high mobility combined with super generous hitboxes means the emphasis is on zipping around and tearing through big groups of enemies, and I’m a big fan of that.

    Also there’s a DLC that adds Kinzie from Saints Row as a playable character, so, yeah, perfect game :p In all seriousness, I see where the bad reviews are coming from, but it’s definitely working for me.

    • Blackcompany says:

      If this had had coop, my girl and I would have loved it. Alas, for some strange reason, it does not…

  20. Nauallis says:

    I go home from a weeklong holiday in Mexico today, so maybe I’ll play some games from the endless backlog… Subnautica? Stellaris? DoW3? I dunno. Maybe give dark souls 3 a chance from the humble monthly. And I need to get a better feel for Rise & Fall.

  21. Ben King says:

    The Hundred Rabbits devs Rekka and Devine have ported their iOS game Hiversaires to PC. It’s a textless point and click puzzle adventure in the vein of Myst or Riven set in a black and white world clearly inspired by some of Tsutomu Nihei’s work in BLAME! Be prepared for brain teasing logic puzzles and pencil & paper map drawing. I really enjoyed it over a weekend a few months ago, but have picked up their minimal space ship piloting game Verreciel to tinker with this weekend. A friend also loaned me A Red and Pleasant Land by Zak S, a fantasy RPG setting book about a ruined megacity kingdom ruled over by dueling lewis carrol styled lords with armies of vampires in a surreal land accessed by mirror. It’s absurd and clever and fun to peruse.

  22. edwardoka says:

    I was planning on doing some Mount and Blade: Warband whilst staring wistfully at the Bannerlord steam page, but a CTD bug on the Linux version seems to be putting paid to that. Will try again on WINE.

    Failing that, probably a mix of Oxygen Not Included and cheery stop-hitting-yourself simulator Rimworld.

    [Stop faffing about and get your gaming PC sorted -Ed]

  23. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I briefly started up Okami just to see what it looked like, though I have no intention of starting a replay right now. Definitely at some point, though. Still exceptionally stylish.

    I played a bit of Superflight on your recommendation and it’s rather neat, though I switched off the cash-register scoring sound.

    I finished playing the main story of Sassin Oranges and have spent a bit more time pottering about unexplored regions. Looking forward to the Discovery Mode and will definitely be picking up the story expansions later for the promise of new places to explore. Curious to see how they tackle Egyptian mythology as it’s something that has never really been explored much in games.

    Also might try Armello and Peregrin both of which I picked up in the Lunar sale.

  24. Morcane says:

    Kingdom Come Deliverance. I haven’t been captivated by an RPG like this in a very long time (sorry, I bounced off of Divinity games real hard).

    • hfm says:

      I think I’m almost done with Divinity: OS (the first one) I dropped it and came back twice. I’m liking it a lot but it’s one of those games that are hard to finish in one run. It seems like from the press around D:OS II that it might have fixed a couple of the reasons the first one could be exhausting. Better story, better quests, etc.. Not saying the first one isn’t good.

      I still never completed Divinity II after starting it a few times and getting somewhat far once.

      The first Divine Divinity? I REALLY loved that. It scratched an itch. I don’t think I’d want to replay it though.

  25. poliovaccine says:

    Was itching for a vampire RPG, but Vampire The Subtitle Bloodlines is still too fresh in my mind (finally forced myself to play awhile as something *other* than a Malkavian or a Nosferatu, cus I was curious what most peoples’ first playthrough was like – so took a Gangerel up thru the end of the first area, which to me is pretty much the whole game as I wish to remember it) soooo it’s been back to a modded-up Skyrim with vampirism. So far it works about as well as it always does, which is to say, well enough actually, with a note of pleasant surprise as you say it.

    Incidentally, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears. I can’t imagine there’s been a vampire RPG to rival Bloodlines I somehow haven’t heard about, so I’m not holding my breath there, but at least some nice mod ideas for turning Skyrim into a vampire game. So far the main one doing most of the pulling is a mod called “Sacrosanct.”

    • malkav11 says:

      Vampyr, from the Life is Strange folks, will be interesting to check out once that comes out, but it hasn’t yet.

    • Evan_ says:

      Well, there is always Vampire The Subtitle: Redemption. It didn’t age that well as Bloodlines, but I preferred it’s story arc and protagonist. Must have for Subtitle fans who can stand those graphics at this decade.

    • hfm says:

      Yeah there is somewhat of a lack there…

      The only things I can fathom steer away from the true RPG model and delve into just that type of monsterish theme on a slightly different game like Victor Vran or Castlevania series.

      Go back to something like the Blood Omen series? Legacy of Kains? Those aren’t RPG either… shrug..

      I guess Vampyr is our next best hope..

  26. kiank37 says:

    I’m on holiday in Colombia but I luckily brought along my switch! I will definitely be playing Fire Emblem Warriors and Stardew Valley!

  27. hfm says:

    I think I’m almost finished with Divinity: Original Sin (the first one).. going to power through that and put it in the hidden steam category. \o/

    Still eyeing whats on sale in Steam to pick up next. I like the AC lore and games. I have played about 2 hrs of AC:Unity, have not bought AC:Syndicate.. But Origins looks sweeeeet. I’d really rather continue to play them in order.. shrug.. Trying to figure out if I should just watch a 30 min YouTube AC:Unity recap and start AC:Syndicate instead..

  28. Synesthesia says:

    Hopefully finishing the evil within, also, got the signal from tolva. Enjoying. What a nice little spin on map icon hunting.

    • poliovaccine says:

      Oh nice, glad to see that solid little game getting some attention – Tolva I mean. I had entirely different ideas about it going in than what it actually offers, but in spite of having my expectations dashed I wound up liking it anyway.

      And I agree, I found I was plenty happy to icon-gather, since all those icons indicated bits of *story.*

  29. geldonyetich says:

    Deep Sixed won me over through a combination of space wanderlust, 90s game nostalgia, and novel gameplay. It’s a bit like the caring and maintaining a vehicle in a golden age Sierra point and click adventure, complete with the constant looming peril.

    I have spoiled an awful lot of Kingdom Come: Deliverance by watching others play it. It is probable I can’t hold out for much-needed patches or sale prices.

  30. Freud says:

    That image is misrepresenting reality. Everyone knows nuns prefer to use knives when settling scores.

  31. parsley says:

    I’m playing Speed Dating for Ghosts! So far I messed up a ghostly bank robbery, and I want to see what else I can do. I’m also still playing Dandara, and I’m in love with its map. And I want to try Fe.

  32. Gomer_Pyle says:

    I’m going to keep on attempting to fend off the Ottomans long enough to control Greece and hopefully survive a war from Genoa and / or Venice as Byzantium in EUIV. Yes, I enjoy pain.

  33. FordTruck says:

    KENSHI all day every day and the new update is going to be amazing, there is no other RPG like it i can see why it keeps getting compared to Mount and blade and rimworld

    • poliovaccine says:

      I’ve just been getting into Kenshi in fits and spurts, but not cus it’s only sporadically appealing – rather, it’s for the same reason I kept GTAV at arm’s length for a long time: I can tell I’m going to be totally fucking addicted.

      I can see the M&B and Rimworld comparisons, but for my money it reminds most strongly of Morrowind. I don’t think I’ve been so interested in an original game world since then. It reminds me of Morrowind, but it’s totally doing its own thing, too.

      Nice to see its following slowly but steadily growing as well. I’ve started seeing a little more interest on YouTube lately and it makes me glad for these guys.

      But yeah, I knew it was all over when my very first playthrough began with apprehending the stealth mechanic and then grinding it up and looting shops to fence off their goods. If an open world game makes looting and selling fun, then oh fuck, I will be mainlining this stuff for the next six years or so…

  34. Stone_Crow says:

    Since it’s £9.99 on Steam, time to start banging my head against Dark Souls 3, in addition to some saturday night Heroquest (cos all the cool kids play heroquest right?)

    • SableKeech says:

      Dude get it in the Humble monthly deal – you get a DLC too (iirc) and a bunch of other games for £12.

  35. fish99 says:

    Finished the Destiny 2 story and side quests this week. Despite the negative press I enjoyed it and got my moneys worth. I’ll come back when the DLCs are all out and cheap.

    Playing Death of the Outsider now, on the third level. Good stuff so far, although I wish it didn’t assume you played Dishonored 2 as Emily. I hope they rework the stealth system for future games though because it doesn’t always make sense.

  36. Amphetamine says:

    Plodding on with AC Origins, while my abilities in Descenders seems to be going downhill rapidly….. Aside from that I’m playing on the Switch a lot at the moment playing Crypt of the Necrodancer, Rayman Heroes and Steamworld Dig 2.

  37. Darth Gangrel says:

    Five: Guardians of David is good, but a little too simplistic and messy with its real time combat, controlling five persons fighting against numerous enemies. It’s a bit too long for its own good.

    Just started Sleeping Dogs and Saint’s Row 2 to get away from the restricted movement in Five, but they’re both restricted in other annoying ways and I don’t feel like waiting for them to get good or learning how to get good at them myself.

    I’m gonna watch some movies I’ve recorded and read a book.

  38. Imbecile says:

    Finishing off nioh, and then I’m not absolutely sure. Bounced off stardew valley, despite the accolades, but maybe it’s just not my kinda game. I have thief 4 to play. Worth playing?

  39. kud13 says:

    Plugging away at “Of Orcs and Men”.

    Depending on how I lie that (if I finish it), I’ll either try the original Cyanide/Spiders joint venture, ” Faerie: Legend of Avalon”, or move on to “Remember Me” .

    Either way, 2018 is the year of reducing backlogs, so it’s gonna be some sort of action-adventure or eurojank RPGs for the next few months, :)

    • hfm says:

      Eurojank genre is the best..

    • hijuisuis says:

      I thought Remember Me had pretty flawed combat and story, but I still dream about the incredible ambience of the environments. I liked just spending time in the world, exploring the corners and taking screenshots.

      Was Orcs and Men worth the time?

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        I really liked Of Orcs and Men, mostly because the combat reminded me of KotOR where you can line up 4 attacks in advance. It’s cool that both characters have defensive and offensive skills, but are quite different. The small goblin Styx has ranged moves and debuffs/DPS attacks and the big ork Arkail has good stun moves and crowd control/heavy damage attacks.

        The environments, voice acting and music (especially the main menu theme) are really good as well. Didn’t find much to complain about, but if you read my post slightly above this one, you’ll see I later started games that I don’t feel like continuing just now. Never felt that way with Of Orcs and Men.

    • hijuisuis says:

      Also, Mars War Logs was really fun, but lots of problems too. I struggle to recommend it since it’s janky but I have great memories of that and just bought Technomancer because even though I got frustrated, the first one had a crazy charm.

    • Blastaz says:

      I really like nearly all of the cyanide/spider games.

      Fairy has some really cool world building that convey how bloody small you are really well, both the city on the back of a beatle and going round the sunken ship. It’s very simplistic and will only take about four hours to play through.

      The Game of Thrones RPG tells a pretty strong story in that world. Technomancer is the most recent and probably has the best mechanics.

      Personally I have been playing Kingdom Come, busily assembling myself a suit of full plate. Which I have just managed so I can crush my way through the story. And finally unlocking the two allied races in wow, having just picked my paladin back up two weeks ago.

      • hijuisuis says:

        I loved the game of thrones RPG, really compelling and only a couple of very slight frustrations.

    • EgoMaster says:

      If you don’t mind turn based combat and lack of voice acting, Faerie is a pretty enjoyable game. It’s a shame that the cliffhanger at the end of the game is never resolved. I also enjoyed Mars: War Logs, or as I call it, Poor Man’s: Mass Effect. Nowhere near as good or as polished as the game it’s inspired by, it’s still a decent enough effort that kept me interested until the end. But that love scene– Yuck.

      • kud13 says:

        I finished “Of Orcs and Men”. There were a few interesting twists, which was a tad surprising for such a linear game.

        Then I started Fairy, and after about 7.5 hours (I’m really a slow explorer-type), I finished 2 of the 3 mirror worlds. The game has a few interesting ideas regarding its RPG systems (upgrades as ” mutations” in particular). I love the movement system, and the whole thing is best described as “charming and lovely” . And the music is great. I hope Spiders kept the same composer for all of their games.

        I think it’s the kind of game John would like.

  40. Viral Frog says:

    I just picked up the Grim Dawn expansion and have started a new character. Reaper class (Necromancer/Nightblade). Making a badass beefy melee character.

    I’ll also be playing Path of Exile. I’m making great progress with an Essence Drain + Contagion Shadow.

    It’s great how these two games provide the same sort of gaming satisfaction but they’re still drastically different experiences overall.

    Will also be trying out Slay the Spire. It’ll be my first venture into a deck building roguelike. I’ve heard great things, so I’m pretty excited to be able to boot it up.

    Then, between all that, I’m going to keep trying to get into Death Road to Canada. But I’m worried I’ll probably just not be able to get on with the game.

  41. hijuisuis says:

    After 3 years and 3 attempts Hexcells Plus is DONE. So mellow, so hard, I just wish he would release the soundtrack. One of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played.

    Now, it’s on to Opposing Force and maybe finishing Unity Of Command which I got part way through and remember enjoying years ago.

  42. SBLux says:

    I’m re-playing Ultima VII and loving it. It’s actually amazing how well it still compares to what has come since it was made.

  43. Biggus_Dikkus says:

    Kingdom Come Deliverance

  44. Shinard says:

    MGR: Revengeance. Armstrong will fall by my blade! Especially now that I know I can just Ninja Run under those bastard rocks. Also Superflight’s incredible, thanks for the HYP!

  45. EgoMaster says:

    I finished POD: Planet of Death over the weekend. It seems I have a bit of first person adventure and Magic Carpet fatigue. I have been meaning to start Dark Fall series and finish Magic Carpet 2 but I couldn’t bring myself to do the former and Magic Carpet 2 playthrough stalled at Level 6. I will eventually do them both, but in the meantime I’m looking for something different.

    And POD was just that. A weird racing game from 1997 by UbiSoft, it takes place on Jupiter’s Io of all places. As the story goes, the whole planet is infested by a fungus, everyone evacuated and there’s only one ship left. And whoever wins the tournament will have a right to that ship. It’s weird. So are the PODs (the vehicles you’re racing) and the environments, but it’s this weirdness that hooks you up. And the fact that game mechanics still allow you to play after 21 years of course. It totally slipped under my radar when it came out, but thanks to GOG I was able to play this classic in HD glory.

    • fish99 says:

      POD was so good back in the day, and Ubi did a ton of free cars and tracks for it (most of which are in the GOG version). First racing game I played online and the first 3D accelerated game I played. I’d love to see it revived.

  46. J.C. says:

    So what’s the story of the old looking picture with two Nuns having a pistol duel?

  47. Vasily R says:

    I’ve been playing Kingdom Come Deliverance all weekend. I’m liking the game more and more. But damn the save system is terrible. Thanks to RPS though, I now know of a mod that fixes it :D

  48. syllopsium says:

    It’s been a Steamworld week/weekend. Got to the last mission on Heist (much harder difficulty than all the prior missions, unimpressed..). Started and finished Dig again, still a superb game. Can’t remember if I found the dynamite last time I played. Ready for Steamworld Dig 2 coming out on 3DS on the 22nd.

  49. Crusoe says:

    The last four days have seen me playing 35 hours of Hollow Knight, and I’m feeling like I’m still far from done.

    I’ve been playing video-games for 30 years, and there’s nothing quite like it. It’s Top 5 of All Time Material already.

    Heading back to Hallownest now. Goodbye.