Mavericks: Proving Grounds is an FPS MMO with a 400 player battle royale mode


Imagine we’re trapped in a lift. If I started to pitch “400 player Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds” to you, would you scream and start clawing ineffectually at the doors – or gesture for me to continue, with a weary yet intrigued expression on your face? FPS MMO Mavericks: Proving Ground was revealed last Saturday, and it promises just that – with some fancy features powered by Improbable’s SpatialOS tech.

I’m intrigued by how the tech supports persistent environmental details: its what allows devs Automaton to implement trails of footprints and disturbed foliage that you can use to hunt other players. The 400 player battle royale mode will be out later this year, while the 1,000 player MMO is due for 2019. I’ve popped a rather stunning looking teaser-trailer below.

Colour me cautiously optimistic. That peek at Maverick’s 12km playing field looks gorgeous, and tracking players using their footprints is something me and my friends have fantasised about doing in Plunkbat.

Still, let’s not get too excited. This interview with Automaton’s James Thompson is big on buzzwords, but light on specific details. They want to encourage people to take risks, and are going to give people objectives to avoid each match feeling “dead in the middle” – though they aren’t saying anything about what those objectives will be just yet. He also talks about “seigable buildings”, which will be destructible thanks to Spatial OS’s tech.

“Their technology is all about structuring your game servers in a completely different way”, says Thompson, so that it doesn’t matter how many people are in the same location and firefights can be higher fidelity – supposedly without causing any latency problems. That tech also supports “dynamic water”, as well as “dynamic wildfires” – those fires sound exciting, though I can also see it being a bit rubbish to end up unavoidably being burned to a crisp half an hour into a match.

The battle royale mode for Mavericks: Proving Grounds will be out later this year, with the MMO to follow at some point in 2019.


  1. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Well that will be a shit-fest of lag and desync.

  2. fish99 says:

    Wow, someone came up with a worse name than Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds :o


    • Imperialist says:

      I…dont know. While “Mavericks” is cheesy, “Proving Grounds” literally makes the most sense for a BR game…that is exactly what they are. PUBG literally includes the head developer’s (totally unoriginal) online alias…and “Battlegrounds” on the end of it.

      This one has a slight edge.

  3. Daymare says:

    “[…] with the MMO to follow at some point in 2019.”


    “Oi’ll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.” as Cpt. O’Hagan said.

    Because how many MMOs have actually been released during the last say, 3-5 years, instead of turning into whale-milking pre-alpha lagfests that either get cancelled or never get released?

  4. Antorus says:

    Something like Planetside would be so much better..

  5. Ghostwise says:

    It’s better than being trapped in an elevator with 400 gamers, I reckon.

  6. Rindan says:

    How on Earth can you possibly be optimistic in any way shape or form? Any one can pitch a cool idea. We are not lacking in cool ideas, we lack the capacity to execute them due to hard technical issues. I’m sure some day, maybe even some day soon, we will be able to have a game like this, but I’ll believe we are there when I see it.

    • arbiter says:

      As it stands about only company with engine remotely possible to do it is Daybreak the makers of h1z1 and Planetside2. As it stands don’t know any other engine that can have more then 100 players and do it remotely decently. I know people will say fortnite does 100 fine, yea it does but bump that right now to 150 see how it goes early game. Idea is good on paper, but lets see how well its implemented.

      • Hedgeson says:

        There was a 256 players game on PS3 called MAG. I don’t know if it really was 256 or somewhat instanced.

      • MrEvilGuy says:

        Am I missing something? Doesn’t rust have 400+ servers?

      • Inkano says:

        To be fair, to commit to such project, first you need to come up with a reason for having big amount of players and Planetside were already sitting in the niche of “lots of players just for the sake of it”. Even for meaningful interaction between players you don’t actually have to put them all on the same map/server, Foxhole for example.
        That said, i really wouldn’t mind Planetside-but-new at this point.

    • Inkano says:

      For as long as they don’t ask for our money first, I see no reason to not be optimistic. It’s not like they pitching this idea on Kickstarter.

  7. MrGuy says:

    okay Rock, Paper, Shotgun…No one, absolutely no one calls PUGB “PlunkBat”…I read an article before where you referred to the game as this and i thought you were joking. seeing it a second time? stop, you sound like a fool. Not only does it sound dumber, it is harder to say/roll off the tongue.

    • Premium User Badge

      SyvoVerhalvto says:

      Nah, Plunkbat is the one true name. But since you insist, I’m OK with adding PugBee as an alias.

      • kushum123 says:

        It’s so annoying that they keep saying Plunkbat on here.. NO ONE calls it that… it’s a stupid name

        PUBG is the name everyone uses… this is literally the only site where you will ever find the name Plunkbat!! STOP SAYING IT WE HATE IT

    • LordMidas says:

      Not sure anyone calls PUBG, PUGB either

    • Ejia says:

      Well, it’s true that nobody calls PUGB Plunkbat.

      They do call Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Plunkbat, which is much more fun to say that either Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, or its acronym PUBG’s “Pub-Jee”.

    • edwardoka says:

      PugBee is an excellent name. I second the motion for it to be an alias for Plunkbat.


      Plunkbat is two syllables, both of which sound like hitting someone. Delightfully woody. Not at all tinny like
      PUBG, Pub-gh-huh, peeyewbeegee, puhbuhguh, pub-gee, PlayerGrounds UnknownBattles. All frightful, tinny names.

      • morse says:

        Since folks get so riled by Plunkbat, I think maybe it best we offer an olive branch with Peeyewbeegee.

    • kushum123 says:

      So true, Plunkbat is the worst name ever. Wish they would stop using it.

      It;s PUBG ffs

  8. roxta says:

    Precious to know more about Mavericks Proving Grounds, they have just announced the portability on PS4 and xbox

  9. hungrycookpot says:

    Sounds cool, will have to see how it actually pans out.