New platformer Spinch will contain all seven colours

It’s gone 6pm and we’ve not posted anything wildly colourful? That’s not on. Here, look at Spinch, an upcoming platformer which contains a large number of colours. It’s being made by Queen Bee Games together with comic artist Jesse Jacobs and musician James Kirkpatrick. Canny, teaming up with a comic artist; everyone knows they’ve got loads of crayons, pencils, paints, and all those other places colours live. After watching Spinch’s announcement trailer, I understand it contains both jumping and colours. See for yourself:

I like that spitting hand creature. For those who can’t tell what’s happening there, here’s the official blurb:

“Transcend the material realm and assume your true form as Spinch, a hyper-agile organism consumed by the quest to rescue a litter of its missing offspring. Enter into a world thick with bubbling psychedelia, swelling with an endless population of misshapen and malformed enemies. Disrupt your psychic architecture and be absorbed into this side-scrolling platform game, teeming with multiple pathways, luminous levels, and complex obstacles.”

I believe what they’re trying to say is: there are lots of colours, and you have to jump through the colours.

Spinch is coming to Steam some time this summer.


  1. Meat Circus says:

    There are ten colours in the spectrum you fool: hot red, cold red, orange, yellow, green, blue, other blue, bluey-red, gin and tonic and Benidorm melanoma.

    • Minglefingler says:

      You buffoon, you forgot umbrage orange and splenetic mauve, the two colours that indicate that the universe’s default state is mildly ticked off.

      • khamul says:

        You’re both wrong. The universe contains precisely 3 colours: ‘black’, ‘not-black’, and ‘pleurgh’.

        This game seems to have invested heavily in exploring the many different shades of pleurgh. Which, it is important to note, is fine. Obviously.

        • SBLux says:

          If you add a touch of hnngh to some pleurgh you will end up with a lovely shade of pwah.

    • MajorLag says:

      In videogames there are only two colors: Brown, and Anti-Brown. This is clearly the latter. I for one welcome the use of anti-brown, which has been out of vogue in the medium since the mid 90s.

  2. Pich says:

    that artsyle brings me back to the mid-00s for some reason

  3. April March says:

    I love transcending the material realm!

  4. kalirion says:

    There are actually 8 colors in there, but your silly cones can’t detect octarine.

  5. identiti_crisis says:

    This made me think of Deepak Fights Robots. That uses all the colours, all the time!