Burnout Paradise Remastered will finally bring Big Surf Island to PC

Criterion’s fab open-world racer Burnout Paradise is getting fancied up for a re-release later this year, Electronic Arts announced today, ten years after its original launch. Burnout Paradise Remastered, as it’s named, is prettified and whatnot, and will include most of the DLC – including the Big Surf Island expansion that skipped PC the first time. Burnout Paradise is good. This new is good. Sadly our version is coming after the console release, but I am still well up for this. Here, look at this announcement trailer:

Burnout Paradise Remastered “features a range of technical enhancements for greater visual fidelity,” EA said in today’s announcement, “including high resolution textures for players to explore Paradise City in 4K with supporting 60FPS on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.” So that’s surely all in the PC version too.

Looking at EA’s comparison screenshots, I don’t know if I dig how noisy and contrast-y some of fancification is, but so it goes.

The re-release will include most of the game’s DLC, with the eight paid and free updates from the ‘Year of Paradise’ season – minus the pay-to-unlock-everything Time Savers DLC. Hopefully they’ve launched Time Savers into the sun. The most important part is that yes, the big stunt playground area of Big Surf Island will be in Burnout Paradise on PC. Good. Great. Lovely.

Burnout Paradise is good stuff. It throws players into a sandbox city built for racing, with races all over as well as modes like hunting and smashing other players, stunt challenges, capture the flag, and more. I had some great times larking about with my mates and will be glad to revisit. We’ve declared Paradise one of the best PC games and Hannah Dwan recently wrote about the joys of idly cruising around the city, so there’s more reading for you.

While the console launch is on March 16th, ours (through Origin) isn’t until an unspecified time “later this year”. Burnout Paradise Remastered will cost £35 on consoles, and I assume the same on PC.


  1. spacein_vader says:

    Often these remasters are sold at a discount if you own the original. Given this is EA we’re talking about I won’t hold my breath though.

    Also if between upgrading textures they find time to include a setting to turn off DJ Atomica but keep the music that’d be grand.

    • ancipital says:

      Given that a lot of people probably own the original on Steam and EA now have an unhealthy Origin obsession, I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much. Possibly people who pick up old games on Origin (for some reason) will be in with a shout, though.

      • spacein_vader says:

        I got it on Origin as part of their humble bundle so fingers crossed. I don’t mind origin as a client,but I don’t like any game being restricted to one store as monopoly pricing isn’t good for me. The original isn’t but I imagine the remake will be.

      • malkav11 says:

        Most EA games that were sold on Steam can be registered on Origin. That includes Burnout Paradise as far as I can see (certainly, I own it on Origin and would not have rebought it just to have it there).

    • TechnicalBen says:

      I was gonna post “Yeeeeeeeessssssss!!!!!”
      Then I remembered this is EA. Who took down the DLC servers, for even people who purchased the game.
      So I could not give them money for buying DLC I wanted.
      Who never gave the full DLC to PC players.

      So while I got this game and Mirrors edge like 3 times over on different platforms, I am really reluctant to give them a penny.

  2. Banks says:

    I loved this game… 10 years ago. Today, I’m not sure if I would be impressed with the mediocre races, not having a restart button and endlessly repeating the same events and driving in the same 4 roads.

    For the asking price, I would expect a brand new Burnout game. But it’s EA, so reasonable value and good new games are both out of the table.

    • N'Al says:

      Restart was patched in (on consoles, at least).

      Me, I only just recently completed the game – got the golden cars – and enjoyed it immensely, but not interested in a second dip at this point. For people new to the game though, this remaster might be seriously appealing.

      • Premium User Badge

        The Almighty Moo says:

        It’s on pc too, under the menu you can access via the d pad. Took my ages to realise, but it’s definitely there

    • bl4ckrider says:

      I retried it a couple of months ago. In my opinion it doesn’t hold up really well. A new game with the crash mode would be really nice though.

  3. mmandthetat says:

    If anyone has an old game they want remastered, just let me know and I’ll buy the original version. Seems like every time I finally buy an old classic a remaster is announced.

  4. HiroTheProtagonist says:

    Yeah, $50 for a remaster of a decade-old game (that was merely adequate to begin with) is a bit too steep. I’m not the most die-hard fan of Burnout, but I’d imagine that this is quite the slap in the face.

    If it turns out that there’s a discount for owners of the original, I still have my Origin key from the bundle years ago and I’d consider making an account for it, but otherwise no dice.

  5. Cederic says:

    I don’t get the love for this game. If you want an interactive city to drive around then GTA IV (or earlier incarnations) was better and the racing was pretty meh.

    What I’d like to see remastered is TDU2. That didn’t have a well populated city but did have a tremendous variety in locations and the race mechanics completely suited me. And I liked the cars, and collecting them. So give us a remastered version of that, and/or TDU3.

    • salgado18 says:

      Burnout is unlike GTA, in that it’s a chaotic racing game, while GTA is a lot of things (but not a racer).

      How can people like TDU2? It was very arcade-y, with sloppy physics (nothing against arcade, but that was just bad). TDU is way, way superior, although there’s not much to do in the island. But the sheer fun of driving around had an authentic feeling that no other car game ever had. I’d call for a TDU remaster, or a TDU1-inspired TDU3 (maybe with the variety of TDU2).

    • agentghost says:

      well, yes they do have a sequel for what you wish for and it is called the Crew by Ubisoft

  6. Thomas Foolery says:

    This game was fun, but Need For Speed: Most Wanted – which is basically Burnout Paradise with real cars – is better.

    • Premium User Badge

      james.hancox says:

      Most Wanted never hit the same spot for me. It never had the same joy to it, and the police kept ruining my fun.

    • salgado18 says:

      I’d call MW “if Burnout Paradise was a serious game”

      But both are amazing, each in its own way

    • Ragnar says:

      Most Wanted didn’t have the same feeling of joy and pure pleasure for me.

      Forza Horizon 3, on the other hand, captures that and more. It has that pure joy and pleasure of driving, combined with ridiculous arcade hijinks and more realistic racing.

    • shimeril says:

      Oh yeah, Most Wanted by miles. I got BP quite a while after it came out and the solo game seemed sterile to me. But MW is completely bonkers and fills my “drive like a lunatic” gaming notch perfectly.

  7. _Nocturnal says:

    They only need to make one improvement in order to guarantee a purchase from me: make the crash cams skippable. It’s a critical thing to address, as they’re super obnoxious.

    Then, for bonus points, they could do the same for the cutscenes at the start of each race.

    Somehow I doubt they’d touch either, though. The word “remaster” very rarely gets used in the sense of “an improved version of the game”, as opposed to “the same game, but with slightly more graphics”.

    • foszae says:

      The crash cams were ultimately what drove me away from the game, i agree. But in a close second, and which needs to be addressed, is losing the opening theme song by whatever that nineties hair band was. If i have to sit through that song again, i might not be patient enough to let the game actually start

    • Siimon says:

      I’d never pay the insane $50 for the remaster, but I would pay $5-10 for a “shitty forced crash cut-scene remover”…
      Never ever has it been a good thing to take control away from the player in a racing game, and god only knows why other games like NFS copied Burnout Paradise.

      I think their teeny tiny comparison screenshots look pretty bad with saturation and contrast cranked up, but the higher resolution textures are at least a good thing although that alone does not qualify the game to hold a “remaster” title.

      I also can’t fathom why they thought “4k” justified decreasing the player count?

      Finally, EA, I’m still miffed that you guys didn’t release all the DLC (Cops & Robbers – the best one!) on PC.

      This just looks like a lame cashgrab.

  8. Ragnar says:

    I would have loved this years ago. But since discovering Forza Horizon 3, I have no desire to return to Burnout Paradise.

    Horizon 3 has a beautiful and varied location, tons of real cars, and can be as realistic or arcade feeling as I want. It has replaced Burnout Paradise as my go to fun driving game.

  9. Dinger says:

    What about DJ Atomica? I still have separation anxiety from the moment he suddenly went quiet. Will the remaster fill the atomica-sized void in my heart?

    P.s. Kill the GnR on the lsunch.

  10. peterako1989 says:

    Shame that I have blacklisted EA

  11. FizicsMcmanus says:

    I liked the one before Paradise, “Burnout:Revenge” I think it was. It had that mayhem crash one that was really fun, see how much money in damages you could rack up, target car, etc.

  12. Crimsoneer says:

    Ooooh this is so exciting. I *loved* the original on 360 – the ability to just drop into multiplayer and drive like a king was beautiful. Looking forward to jumping back into my pocket rocket.

  13. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    I enjoyed the original and played it enough but I generally have no interest in remasters as i moved onto other games and i only revisit a select few (thief and system shock 2 for instance).

  14. HotSoapyBeard says:

    “Jungle, welcome to the jungle..”
    *barrel into mouth*
    “bring you to your nanananananana kneeee…”

  15. TheSplund says:

    I’ll get it for the Big Surf expansion but only once the price has nose-dived (as it will) and turns up in a sale.
    Re-installing Most Wanted based on some of the comments here but TBH if I recall I haven’t really rated a NFS game since ‘Porsche’. Burnout Paradise was always a fun change to ‘simming’ and didn’t need setting up a wheel to enjoy it.

  16. criskywalker says:

    Welcome to the Jungle, we’ve got DRM games
    If you got the money, honey, we got your DLC!