Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds introducing ping-based matchmaking, new map to follow

The problem of high-ping players disrupting Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds matches with their jerky movement and wonky hit detection hopefully won’t continue for much longer, as developers PUBG Corp have announced plans to start testing a solution this week. Having previously considered the approach of a maximum ping limit, they now say they’re going to divide matchmaking pools by ping, putting low-ping players together and placing HPBs in a screeching dialup pen. The devs don’t know when this will properly launch in the main game for everyone, but they plan to start testing in some regions sometime this week.

They’re also starting to mutter about future plans for the game, including a new map.

“The team is expecting to improve the overall play experience by splitting the matching pool rather than restricting connection depending on ping,” today’s dev blog post says. They hope the ping pens “will get even better results” than their mooted ping cap.

“Preparations are underway to test this method in some regions, with first trials planned to start this week,” they say. “Specific dates will be shared when ready.”

Ping variance is a mushy problem. It’s obvious when someone is rubberbanding wildly, and I’ve suffered a few deaths to jerky people I simply couldn’t hit, but the subtler manifestations are hard to quantify. I can never know for certain if shots I miss and hits I suffer are being bent by ping problems (I am willing to accept I can miss), which creates a broad dissatisfaction and suspicion when I feel I’m hard-done-by. I don’t enjoy that sort of grumbling, and dislike playing games which cause it to rise in me.

What else is brewing? Well, this week’s upcoming patch is now on the test servers, bringing yet more minor changes intended to improve client and server performance. Going by patches so far, part of Plunkbat’s performance problem is zillions of small problems adding up. One such minor change this week is replacing some destructible fences on the Miramar map with indestructible fences or walls. Look carefully when you’re driving these next few days, yeah?

A far bigger change is closing the drop plane’s door, so we don’t see everyone sitting inside during that initial flyover. “This is to improve the early game client and server performance,” the devs say. So we can still tell how many players are left in the plane, it has a new UI doodad in the bottom-left corner tracking empty seats. It looks like this:

I will miss peering through the door at other players, just like I was already missing how Plunkbat used to let me see everyone in the plane from a first-person view. And like dividing lobbies into multiple zones, I wouldn’t think about or expect this if it hadn’t been in the game at all, but I will miss the absence. Still, if it helps performance, so go on. The game is less charming for it but maybe less wonky, and less wonky is good.

Barring surprise problems, I’d expect the update to hit the main servers in a day or two.

Looking deeper into the future, PUBG Corp say that in March they will lay out their plans for the rest of the first half of 2018. “We do have a lot of exciting things that we want to share with you, including new content to provide more extensive battle royale experiences as well as improvements and modifications to create a deeper and more realistic gameplay,” they say. All they’ll firmly state for now is that plans include a new map. What setting would you like to see, gang?


  1. Massenstein says:

    I’m just still waiting for the map selection tool. Trying to find Erangel game means lots of quitting back to lobby. Also I miss the fog. :(

    • Massenstein says:

      Tool… why did I say tool. And where is my edit button… I’ve been awake too long, my mind is slipping…

    • BellyButtonHole says:

      Man every time i think about fog, i tear up. Fog map was such an amazing addition to the game. I want it back so bad.

  2. Crusoe says:

    Rain and fog were fun variations, I play less since they were taken out.

    If I wanted to play the exact same map over and over I’d be playing Dust in CS.

    I don’t care how they go about putting them back in the game, but they need to come back. They removed content for the 1.0 launch, that and the sometimes endless seeming technical issues have caused me to stop playing entirely.

    • Premium User Badge

      Drib says:

      Wait, they took rain and fog out? Why? Those were great!

      • Crusoe says:

        Lots of people would leave rain and fog games, meaning that they would usually start without the full 100 players, often with as little as 60. The usually poorly explained reasons I saw were along the lines of “you can’t see or snipe very well in fog” and “I can’t hear footsteps in rain”. The entire point was the provide players with variety, but some people – the loudest and angriest – don’t want that.

        Bluehole did not and have not implemented any way to choose the map, and so there was also no way to choose rain or fog maps, either. As a solution, they removed them entirely, with no talk about when they will return. It’s been two months and we still know nothing about when they will return.

        The community and the developers of this game really do deserve each other.

    • gtdp says:

      I completely agree with it being a shame that rainy and foggy versions aren’t in the lineup anymore. It seems like Bluehole are extremely concerned about breaking the playerbase down so much that it affects matchmaking, the high speed of which is one of the key things keeping PUBG so popular – players are already split into 30 distinct groupings (5 regions, 3 game types and 2 camera angle modes) and adding map selection restrictions on location and weather could easily turn that into 120 groups or more. But it’s a shame to remove these variants entirely, and I honestly would be OK with queueing for a while if it allows me to tailor my experience like that. MOBA queue times can often run to multiple minutes and I’d be fine with that to guarantee a foggy Erangel with 99 like-minded opponents who won’t quit in a huff because they can’t snipe.

      I think the comparison to Dust is a bit much though; Dust isn’t a 6km x 6km free-form island with randomly placed loot and a randomly-shrinking play area. Every time I’ve entered the final 10 in Plunkbat, the closest equivalent to a game of CS, I’ve found myself in a terrain of unfamiliar layout that offers a much wider range of possibilities and uncertainties than Dust ever could.

  3. Person of Interest says:

    PUBG Corp should make a new map just for dialup players. They could call it… Lag City!

    🚫 LPBs 🚫

  4. sasha_dem says:

    I’d like to see a map like that,
    link to
    but less rocky, with some snow(not fully snowed) and greens. with ruins, mansions and town with medieval style

  5. Nauallis says:

    This is a weird situation to place people in, but probably the optimal solution for most players. It’s going to really suck for a minority of players that are physically distant from both most other players and their local servers. And also players with good ping in a region with few local players and no local servers, unless they’re on fiber.

  6. Viral Frog says:

    We’ll see if this actually does anything. Last major patch completely destroyed the game’s performance for me. “Wonky hit detection” is quite possibly the understatement of the century. More like “no hit detection at all”. I have various videos of myself shooting people and getting visual feedback (bloodsprays) that end up resulting in 0 damage done on the replays with 0 hit points.

    I never had these issues before this recent patch, but it was enough to finally drive me away after 120 hours of play. If they can fix this, I’ll gladly come back. I’m also sick of landing, trying to loot, and having my character repeatedly play the loot animation while not actually picking anything up. So many deaths last night because my character just wouldn’t actually pick anything up.

    Until they work that out, I’ll be sticking to Fortnite. It responds to my exact input immediately, every time, and without fail. I know the two games are pretty different from one another besides the fact that they’re both BR’s, but I am finally seeing why people are flocking to Fortnite. It’s just so polished. It doesn’t even feel like Early Access. Whereas Plunkbat still feels like it needs another six months in alpha, a stint in Early Access, and then perhaps a release some time after a year or two of that.

  7. SoLo-_ says:

    Why is no one addressing the cheats? Devs, Bluehole, whoever?? Its gone on long enough!

    Minor updates that make minimal difference. The game is unplayable due to CHEATS not seeing people in a aeroplane???

    When they going to fix the cheat problem?

    Effectively bought a game just to get killed?

    Utter bullsh*t

    • Viral Frog says:

      In 120 hours of play, I have only ever encountered a handful of instances of people who were actually cheating. I think the problem is less people cheating and more the game performs so terribly that it SEEMS like more people are cheating. But yeah, cheating should be dealt with as it is an issue. But performance is the biggest issue the game has. Especially after the last patch.

      • eXShankz says:

        Viral Frog I have over 850 hours and the amount of hackers in the game now is ludicrous, where there used to be next to none since 1.0 has jumped over 999%. Every game has at least one blatant hacker in it most matches with multiple..

        • SoLo-_ says:

          EXACTLY, whats that guy on about?

          EVERY squad game has cheats!!! Jesus

          I run the game at 120fps…. The game preforms lovely, the cheats are ruining it and it wont be long before EVERYONE boycotts it…

          And now we have another update, a way for BLUEBALLS to make more money without effectively resolving the current issue..

          They will make money from the hackers spent BP thou, so its ok… Absolute bo11ocks!!!

          P.S. I have over 900 gaming hours, so I know what Im talking about….

  8. Mecha_Rocky says:

    I’d say a night map would be cool, with flashlights and such… but now that I think about it everyone would quit that one too. Snow map then!

  9. jonytest says:

    um mapa que dê pra correr de caro sem se matar sem muito relevo mais com negativas td mais é importante mais nesses mapas não da pra usar veículos moto então mds são uns relevos mt nd a ver vc bate com o carro em um morrinho q era pra passar de boas deveria resolver isso nos mapas e não lançar novos e esse gas de mid game mds ta mt forte ao meu ver atrapalha a glr ter a oportunidade de trocar tiros nao tem como correr ou vc passa o jogo correndo ou para pra trocar e morre tenso !!!

  10. hungrycookpot says:

    The real problem with map selection is people quitting whenever they get a variant they don’t like. Play the fucking game and stop being a baby. I think you should lose BP when you quit a match from the lobby, that’s the reason we can’t have rain and fog matches anymore.