Total War: Arena rumbles into open beta

Total War’s free-to-play fighty spin-off Total War: Arena has returned to open beta testing, inviting all and sundry to 10v10 historical throwdowns. After this, the game will roll into a full launch without any wipes. Arena is a curious one, turning Total War into a faster multiplayer game with a different focus. Each of the twenty players only control three ‘units’ but, this being Total War, each individual unit actually contains loads of little men. Players are still trying to control pull clever manoeuvres in that Total War way, only there are twenty of you and you only have a few things to focus on. Curious!

Total War: Arena is a simplified and multiplayericated version of Total War. Each of the three playable factions has a range of leaders which grant different abilities as well as units in five classes: melee infantry, ranged infantry, cavalry, artillery, and wardogs. So you pick your leader, pick which three units you want, and off you go to scrap with nineteen other warheads.

This being a free-to-play game, you betcha there’s stuff to unlock and all sorts of paid boosters and bundles and bits.

Arena has been a long, long time coming. Our Adam played it back in 2014 and oh my god how is that four years ago already?

You can download the Total War: Arena open beta over here. That includes the Game Center client, which it runs through. Creative Assembly have teamed up with Wargaming, who make World of Tanks/Warships/Warplanes, for this one because they know a lot more about free-to-play historyfights.


  1. Imperialist says:

    Having played through every single version of alpha and beta, i have seen TWA come a long way. While the MP battles of the standalone TW games are great, i always had an itch for some smaller scale stuff with less cheese and more balance. TWA is a solid game, and there isnt really anything QUITE like it, especially in its focus on teamwork and maneuvering. Im excited to see where launch takes us.

  2. BockoPower says:

    Weird. Installed the Game Center app but it just doesn’t start. Clicked 5 times on it already and nothing happens. Maybe needs a PC restart. Or should I install it only in the default folder?

    • Evan_ says:

      Had the same, restart helped. If it doesn’t help you, check if the firewall and av lets the game trough.

  3. Evan_ says:

    I was hoping the comment section will be full of recommendations by this time. I kinda’ have a mistrust towards Wargaming titles – I remember them for having the worst business model possible without being called p2w. I know it isn’t – it only takes a few hundred hours of grinding at a disadvantage to get on par with those who don’t mind paying a lot.

    But the game looks unique and cool, so jumping in to see if monetization got better… at worse it’ll trick me into buying premium stuff. :]

    • Imperialist says:

      So far, there are no P2W options, and its a little less grindy than typical Wargaming fare. CA still develops the game, and WG only publishes, so it is still in their control.

      I would say theres still quite a grind, but all you need to do is unlock more commanders and rack up your daily wins with them and the stuff flows freely. If anything its easier to advance through T1-T5 pretty quickly, so dont get the idea youll be stuck with garbage militia units for 50 hours. I would recommend it highly, especially since its free.

      • Evan_ says:

        Playing since open beta. The game is good, the WG business model is still egregious. The deeper I get into the game, the more I like it. The deeper I get into the grind the more I hate it.

        I really hope CA will find a proper publisher for TW:A 2. Don’t think I’m gonna stick to this iteration for too long.