Destiny 2 update roadmap promises Rumble’s return

Destiny 2

Will I go back to Destiny 2? It’s a question I’ve been pondering as I wrote the rest of this post, and I reckon Bunge’s overhaul to the Crucible in March will be enough to tempt me back for a spot of PVP. It’ll take rave reviews of the next expansion for me to sign back up for the shoot n’ loot loop, mind.

Bungie have updated their development roadmap from last month with a few revised dates for when certain changes will land, plus an announcement that a popular free-for-all multiplayer mode from Destiny the first is returning to the Crucible. Get ready to “Rumble”.

If you saw the original roadmap, then the main news is that the overhaul to Exotic items, originally slated for March, now won’t arrive until the big 1.2 update in May. Mod improvements have also been bumped back: those changes won’t arrive until sometime after the 1.2 update.

Rumble mode will come with the March update that’s focused on PvP, but before then February 27th’s slew of changes are focused on improving Nightfall strikes. Those are the tougher versions of regular strikes that currently include a ticking countdown timer of doom, but after the update taking things slowly will only reduce your score rather than fail the mission. Here’s Bungie’s breakdown on exactly how that’ll work.

Except you might still want to wait, because the more significant changes to strikes (for me, at least) aren’t arriving until that update on March 27th. That’s partly because the art for the new fancy Nightfall rewards won’t be ready until then, but I’m actually more pleased to see the addition of “repeat Crucible map/strike protection”. I pretty much stopped doing strikes because I was sick of playing through the same ones back to back, even though there are several strikes that I’ve only seen once or twice. It’s a mystery to me why it’s taken Bungie this long to make such a simple yet significant change.

March will also bring 6v6 to the weekly Iron Banner event, along with a rotating Crucible playlist that’ll feature Rumble and Mayhem modes. I’m glad to see the return of Rumble: teamwork is fun, sure, but ‘every man for himself’ has its own appeal. The 2v2 Doubles mode from Christmas is also set to come back.

There’s plenty I haven’t mentioned, so do check out the updated roadmap for yourself.


  1. Janichsan says:

    I never understood the vocal part of the Destiny “community”‘s fixation with Rumble. It’s just bog-standard deathmatch and one of the least interesting PvP modes Destiny 1 had to offer.

  2. dagnamit says:

    I won’t return until they fix the broken ass loot and progression system until it resembles something more like Borderlands or Diablo. Putting timed lockouts on single-player content is beyond stupid. They listened to the very vocal minority that says “GRIND BAD, NO GRIND,” and artificially created a situation that I only can think has been experienced by super high-end MMO raiding guilds; “I HAVE NOTHING TO DO.”

    I play loot games for the grind, especially when the gameplay itself is of such a high quality like it is in D2. The shooting is sublime, and the loot system forces me to not want to play a game I truly want to play. Such a shame.

    • DatonKallandor says:

      Grind is awful. Destiny 2’s problem isn’t that there’s no grind (what an absurd complaint to make) it’s problem is that the rewards for playing aren’t good or interesting.

      95% of their exotic gear, the things you’re supposed to go “this is awesome” over, are straight up bad. It’s like a Diablo 3 legendary system where almost all the perks are straight up worse than not using them. They know this, and one of the things they’ve got coming up is an overhaul of all the exotics to make them actually useable and interesting.

      It also doesn’t help that more than half the weapon types are crap, especially in the special weapon category, where rocket launchers are good and literally everything else is awful. Shotguns and Fusion Guns in particular are so bad, they’d be barely acceptable in a normal weapon slot (and what kind of FPS design team thinks it’s ok not to have shotguns as fully featured primary weapon type in an FPS). Luckily they know this too and overhauling this is also on the roadmap.

      • Nauallis says:

        Yep, this.

        The most frustrating thing for me is that it is the best “overall feeling and experience” FPS of any of the contemporary shooters… and yet without the compelling loot there’s not a lot of reason to come back and replay the content.

        There’s also the weird lack of ability to choose the replay of specific missions and adventures.

    • Moraven says:

      Timed lockouts are the same as they were in D1. That is not the issue.

      D1 people had gunsmith bounties to do. Turning in stuff for rewards from a faction and hoping for the ‘god roll’ of a certain weapon. Strike specific loot to grind for. Repeat Story missions anytime you wanted for fun. 6v6 fun Crucible. Large maps with vehicles. Old system where you could use a shotgun and sniper at the same time. More interesting exotic armor perks. More customization subclass settings.

      It took them 12-18 months to get D1 at a good place. Then they decided instead of slowly evolving aspects people had complaints about, they wanted to reinvent core aspects with no beta test to get good feedback.

      • Janichsan says:

        Old system where you could use a shotgun and sniper at the same time.

        Nope. Since shotguns and sniper rifles both were special weapons, you could always only use one of them.

        • ellneko says:

          Technically (the best kind of correct) you could, if you were using Universal Remote or No Land Beyond in your primary slot.

  3. Voldenuit says:

    I loved Crimson Duos and can’t wait for 2v2 to come back. Sadly, Shaxx probably won’t be quoting Shakespeare this time…

  4. malkav11 says:

    I would love a reason to return to Destiny 2 (endlessly repeating the same content for slightly higher numbers not being such a reason). But I certainly will never be going back to Crucible. I’m not a fan of PvP games or modes in general, but Crucible was uniquely awful when I foolishly tried it due to a recommendation from someone I was doing PvE content with who claimed to be similarly PvP-averse and enjoyed it. No accounting for taste, I suppose.

    • Voldenuit says:

      I used to hate Crucible, but these days I love it. I love the pace (which is much faster than Overwatch) and the core gameplay loop.
      I think what turned it around for me was understanding the metas (plural). Unlike OW, which communicates fairly well the goals of each map and game mode, D2 is fairly opaque to the user. Obvious goals like setting charges or collecting crests are obvious, but mechanics-based strategies like team-shooting, using cover, flanking, regeneration, protecting heavy spawns etc. are placed behind a veil that is hard to pierce. It’s easy to get sick of losing and quitting the game before it ‘clicks’. I lost a *lot* of games before I started to turn my KDE and win rate around.
      The P2P connections and rampant cheating still sucks, though.

      • malkav11 says:

        I don’t think any of that would have helped the simple fact of getting annihilated any time an enemy came anywhere near me and virtually never being able to land enough damage for a kill myself. I was actively praying for us to lose faster because it was such a torturous experience and I didn’t want to be an asshole and quit early.

  5. UKPartisan says:

    I bought Destiny 1 on release, it was the first game I bought for my new PS4, I enjoyed what little there was and I played it through all it’s expansions. What started as a threadbare experience (albeit an enjoyable one) Gradually became a fantastic game.

    So D2 was released, bought it for the PS4, was utterly underwhelmed, stopped playing once I reached the level cap. My thought was “how do you release a sequel, with less content than the original?” surely sequels are meant to build upon their foundations?…Not so it would seem. So like a little video game drone consumer, I bought D2 for PC, while the the initial wow factor of playing D2 at 60fps+ was splendid, I was left with exactly the same feelings as I had playing the PS4 iteration. It’s a ginormous pisstake, at the expense of the consumer…myself included.

    • fish99 says:

      I found the base games about the same size. Just doing the main story, side quests and some of the open world stuff in D2 I definitely got my moneys worth, 25-30 hours, which is decent for the £30 I paid.

    • doglikesparky says:

      I played the trial, where you get to play for free but are capped to level 8 and can only do about a third of the campaign. I enjoyed it, and definitely got my money’s worth too ;) but I’m not tempted to shell out the asking price for more. I’ll probably just replay the original Destiny campaign on my clunky old PS3. Again.