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How small game makers found their community with Bitsy

A tiny tool for making tiny games

Featured post Realm of the Dread Sorceress

Realm of the Dread Sorceress by Ben Bruce

Ben Bruce is one of the most prolific Bitsy authors. He’s made games that are personal reflections on marriage and dating, about getting your cats to go to sleep, as well as writing guides for the community.

Realm of the Dread Sorceress is the sort of game Bitsy was created to make, letting you explore towns reminiscent of old 2D RPGs. There is a lot of cleverness here. Every community you explore is fascinating from vikings cursed to be forever drunk to a town of cats worshipping a strange idol.

Little Onion Detective

Lil Onion Detective by Tanya Zvezdina

There’s been a murder and you, the lil onion detective, are going to solve it. It’s incredibly charming, with bright colours and cute characters. Interrogate suspects, find clues and work out who done it.

The Exile on the Long Shore

The Exile on the Long Shore by Natalie Clayton

A fragment of a journey. Orange tones paint an abandoned landscape where the only life grows through the cracks. The game’s reluctance to over-explain helps create an alluring world filled with mystery. Part one, made with flickgame, is also available here.

Tutorial by Claire Morley

A love letter to Bitsy and the form. An autobiographical piece that explores how she discovered Bitsy, the challenges of making her first game using it and her fascination with the form.

Also check out her vignette Limbo Train. Put some music on, load up the game and watch the world go by.

Flotsam by Mark Wonnacott

A cursed tower watches over the crashing waves. Around it strange companions make their homes – a poet, an astrologer, a revolutionary. There is treasure here – junk and miscellania that will help you brave the tower.

Little Treasures by Michelle

Welcome to cat town. Search a cute, pastel-coloured town looking for treasures to take home. The room design is incredible, with intricate backgrounds that interlink in interesting ways.

Silverybield Foss

Silverybield Foss by Ed Key

Proteus creator Ed Key conjures up the moods and feelings of hiking up a mountain. The landscape is often sparse, bleak and intimidating. Plain language narrates our journey as our purpose is slowly unveiled.


Snowcrash by Breogán Hackett

Your plane crashes into the wilderness as you’re travelling home for Christmas. The key to your survival are the items you can find amongst the wreckage. It has a choice system, forcing you to consider the lengths you’d go to survive.

Day in the Life by Night Driver

You are a moth in the nighttime. Follow the lights.

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