Guild Wars 2’s next Living World episode features a heist, and a spooky magi-technological lab

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 fans, it’s time to mark up your calendar again. As has become the standard format for the successful MMORPG, a second episode of Living World content – this one titled A Bug In The System – is on its way, bringing new sights to see, new monsters to bop and new loot to hoard.

It’s been three months since the release of Daybreak, the first episodic update bridging Guild Wars 2’s Path of Fire expansion to whatever new release awaits next, and while we’re still a bit short on hard details (other than the launch date, March 6th), from the looks at the trailer within they’re doing something a little different this time.

While the trailer may open with tongue firmly in cheek, setting things up for wacky heist action with your regular party of NPC followers, it seems that the lab you’re about to delve into isn’t the happiest of places. In fact, it looks like it may have gone a little bit System Shock in there. Spooky, but a pleasant change from wandering the desert, kicking over bands of┬ámeandering undead and angry, fiery war-constructs.

As with the previous episode, A Bug In The System should feature a complete new zone to explore; this time it looks like we’re venturing into Asura territory, and probably deep underground. As with the previous episode, a new raid seems likely as well, giving the more hardcore-focused guilds something fresh to chew on.

As a broad aside, it’s interesting to see more MMOs settling into this kind of episodic structure, with major expansions bringing new core features and high-budget encounters, but it’s the episodic releases in-between that really build on the foundation set down by those major content launches.

A Bug In The System hits Guild Wars 2 on March 6th, and anyone logging in between then and whenever episode 3 launches will find it permanently added to their account, free. You’ll of course need Path of Fire, the game’s latest expansion to access it. Guild Wars 2 itself, however, remains free to play.


  1. Dewal says:

    Just took note that the creepy song starting around 1:08 in the trailer is a very distorted version of “Fear not this night”, which is one of the main scores of Guild Wars 2.

  2. Merus says:

    It’s nice to see an actual good trailer for a Guild Wars 2 update. It’s quietly fixed a lot of its problems from launch and the dodgy first expansion, and settled into a nice rhythm, but man have they not been able to sell the game.

    • Merus says:

      Also also, the expansions are currently on sale; the code GW2FRIENDSHIPS gets you 25% off either or both expansions via ArenaNet. Each expansion is standalone, you don’t need to buy them in order, and the new expansion is miles better than the previous one, so if you only want one expansion, get the new one.

  3. mightyflub says:

    I like to dip in and out of Guild Wars 2 as the mood takes me. The horizontal progression is good for that. There’s never a huge amount to catch up on before you can get stuck in. I’m currently in deep.

    I played for a while at launch (got one character to 80) before burning out. I never managed to complete the first expansion when it came out. I found the difficulty spike and mazelike nature of the maps frustrating. I still play on and off. I came back and played living world season 3 and before the new expansion launched I made sure I had all my characters available with the first elite profession (By this point I have one of each at 80).

    I played and loved the new expansion. The mounts are an utter quality of life game changer but somehow they managed to make them more than gloried speed boosts. I’m currently noodling around doing map completion on some of my characters. My Scourge warlock is my go to character for new episodes since the class is essentially easy mode for story content but I’ve found a new love for the Thief Daredevil elite profession to the point that I’m tempted to switch “mains”

    In the last few days I even finished the HoT story on a couple of my characters. With the mounts there to take the sting out of getting from point a to b it was actually a pleasure to play if very, very short (And with a surprisingly abrupt ending).

    I’m really looking forward to the new episode and I hope Arenanet release a full version of the Fear Not This Night cover.

    The base game is F2P and is well worth a try if you’re even slightly interested.