What are we all playing this weekend?

Who has time for video games when the snow is already starting to melt? You, perhaps?

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Adam: [Adam is fired.]
Alec: I’m going to stare at the Steam entry for Slay The Spire. Then I’m going to stare at the Steam entry for Into The Breach. Then I’m going to stare at the Steam entry for Slay The Spire. Then I’m going to stare at the Steam entry for Into The Breach. Then I’m going stare at the Steam entry for Slay The Spire. Then I’m going to stare at the Steam entry for Into The Breach. Then the weekend will be over and my indecision about which bloody fantastic videogame to play will have meant that I will have played neither, and I will be furious with myself.
Alice: I’ll tell you I will be out in the great white but, in truth, I’m old and cold and want to be in bed. I shall compromise by finishing my Bloodborne hammertime. Just a few odds and ends to clear up, a few old gods to smash. I also scored that bonus GTA Online cash and have already spent an hour umming and ahhing over what to buy next, visiting property locations, and generally trying to figure out what I want in my so-called crimelife.
Brendan: I really wanted to play Chrono Trigger, having never approached this sacred JRPG cow for fear of its mooing. But I’ll probably skip the PC port that was just released. I know there are clandestine means of playing the classics but I’d always prefer to wait for a shiny remaster. It looks like another weekend of Gwent, Tekken 7 and Dark Souls III.
Graham: I’ve already played a sizeable amount of Into The Breach and I love it, but I’m going to resist the pull to go back to it in favour of continuing with Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. I’ve barely scratched the surface of it, but now I have one of Matt’s old pawns in tow and I’m ready to go find more giant monsters to clamber about on.
John: I intend to pay one game, and one game alone: playing in the snow.
Katharine: I was meant to be going back home to sort out more wedding bits this weekend, but the ‘Beast from the East’ and its powdery snow drifts have put a swift end to those plans, so I’ll probably be mainlining some more Xenoblade Chronicles 2 instead while I stay nice and warm indoors. I’ve just hit a really good bit the story and am very keen to find out what happens next, but I’ve also got a hankering to give Where the Water Tastes Like Wine a bit more of a go as well, just because it’s so damn weird and strange. Plus, I can pretend like I’m venturing out into the great outdoors without ever leaving the comfort of my nice warm house. It’s a win-win.
Matt: I’m actually headed back into Metal Gear Survive, despite having had a fairly miserable time so far. It’s not a game I’d recommend – look, here’s me doing the opposite of that – but it seems a shame to come so close to unlocking all the best toys and then stop. I want that oil trap, god dammit.

I’ll also be playing Slay The Spire’s new daily challenge mode, and will probably end up writing that in here every week until the end of time.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Avioto says:

    Pit People, Never Stop Sneakin, Into the Breach, Puyo Puyo Tetris… So many games releasing these days. Insanity!

    • caff says:

      Same choices as me, but then I have Kingdom Come to continue with, and Rocket League and PUBG still consume my thoughts a lot.

  2. Jaykera says:

    Battlefield 1.
    For some reason I got back into it and I’m having a blast. It’s fun most of the time and not too frustrating when loosing.
    I basically play it like an atmospheric walking sim where you shoot people.

    • Grizzly says:

      There’s an RPS platoon that lets you carry around a Horace emblem, if you so desire :) – the occasional small groups of people also play it on the RPS discord.

  3. MiniMatt says:

    Snowball fights, mostly snowball fights

    • MiniMatt says:

      Oh, and Stellaris in the evening. As someone who dropped it shortly after its launch the jump from 1.0 to 2.0 has turned it into an excellent game.
      Though I gather opinion from those who played every interim iteration is more varied, I find it’s put the fun back into enslaving the universe.

      • bills6693 says:

        This, all this. And the upcoming patches should keep refining this 2.0 release which, although its not as buggy as might be expected based on history, still has a few bugs and some balance tweaks that are desperately needed.

      • Zenicetus says:

        FYI, there is an opt-in beta now (currently 2.02 I think?) with more changes. 100% war exhaustion is no longer a forced peace, but adds various malus items if you continue. Also bug fixes. Look for it under the game’s properties/beta panel in Steam.

        I don’t like the war exhaustion mechanic, or the previous war goals mechanic for that matter. Just not a fan of arbitrary limits in a 4X game. But that’s a small improvement. It’s a “rolling” beta so they’ll be adding to it with more changes before it goes final.

  4. Blastaz says:

    Kingdom Come. The concept of the monastery level is fantastic, but it’s the second place I’ve encountered annoying bugs, and there doesn’t seem to be a right way to complete it…

  5. poliovaccine says:

    Was thinking I’d give Fallout DUST a try, actually. I started it once ages ago, but then saw some folks saying online stuff to the effect of, “don’t play DUST til you’ve beaten New Vegas and all its DLC like, five times,” so I kind of backed off from it. But, uh, now I’ve probably played through that game just about five times, maybe more for just the main campaign alone but at least that much for each of the DLC, and where I most recently left off was revisiting Dead Money and being shocked that I knew the game so well it had become easy for me… sooo maybe now I can actually make it through DUST. But hell, it’s like a DLC for my favorite game that I haven’t played yet. Modders are awesome.

    • Grizzly says:

      Hey, thanks for pointing out that mod’s existence. I haven’t played trough FNV 5 times yet, but it’s definitely something I have to put in my bookmarks.

    • aepervius says:

      I have tried dust and basically it is just a survival crafting mod without story, all npc are gone, and your objective is to exit the mojave that’s it. Kill everything you see. Basically exploit/sneak the AI problem, as usually you meet huge pack of hard monster. I am not a fan of it, but it may be your taste.

      • poliovaccine says:

        Yeah, I do know better than to expect any quests or branching plotlines, or any use for the Speech skill at that, thanks for the heads up btw, though frankly what I’m thinking is, I always enjoy the early, scrap-and-struggle bit of these long “Bethesda RPGs” (I know it’s Obsidian but you know what I mean), and by the time I’m a Vivec-tier living god, half the mods I use are making combat/injury harsher and the environment more dangerous, to keep that early feel. So I’ll get some definite enjoyment purely out of combat being tense and difficult again. Like I say, I realized lately I could get on top of Dead Money with ease, where it used to seem insurmountable – but now I just know the game way better. So I could get some fun out of a totally survival-oriented game. I mean Silent Hill games don’t have much in the way of quests or talking ’round NPCs to weasel out of violence, either. I figure I’ll enjoy it on that level. I want to flinch every time I see another human being on the horizon – from what I gather, DUST is good for that.

        Didn’t get to start however cus we had a bit of weather and a power outage as a result. There was a generator, I could have plugged in my machine there and played, but being snowed in and blacked out like that it just seemed like a better idea to hunker down with the Metro series, haha. I had been needing to re-read Metro 2034 anyway, it’s the one I remember the least.

  6. Faldrath says:

    I’ve become a filthy console peasant. The last console I owned was a Sega Master System. But now I got a PS4. Why? Why, my friends?

    Bloodborne. BLOODBORNE. I. am. playing. Bloodborne.

    (killed the first two bosses. Soooo goooood!)

    • Ben King says:

      probably over half of what I bring up here on WAWAPTWWAPPITYWAP is games on PS4. The RPS community is too nice to just not participate in just because your 5yo $800 pc can’t play the new shiny, but your 2yo $300 console CAN. Looking forward to trying Bloodborne myself soon. Playing the stealth baroque fractal palace simulator ECHO this weekend, finishing Little Nightmares, and also hopefully a bit of Destiny.

      • aepervius says:

        There is nothing a 5 years old PC cannot play frankly, often with nearly all bell and whistle. just switch off some of the very calculation intensive feature (e.g. 8x anti aliasing) and the result is usually good enough to be as impressive as on console.

        • malkav11 says:

          Also, if it weren’t for the ridiculous cost hikes on RAM and GPUs, $300 would do a lot to revitalize a 5 year old PC and save a bunch of money on the games. But then, RAM and GPUs are ridiculously expensive at the moment and $300 that’s already been spent on a console is a sunk cost, so. Whatever gets you gaming.

        • clonex10100 says:

          Agreed. I’m using a $500 pc that I built in 2014, and while It may not be able to run everygame on maximum settings, it can certainly run everything mentioned in this article.

    • Faldrath says:

      Update: I wanted to show the PS4 to my 4-year old daughter and installed Ratchet & Clank that came bundled with it. Now the weekend will be spent with her playing R&C while I play through the difficult parts while Bloodborne lingers on the back of my mind. Ah, parenting!

      • poliovaccine says:

        Maaan I’m getting older, the idea of “installing games onto your *console* is still strange to me, haha.

    • fish99 says:

      To be fair I think the term console peasant is aimed at those who only have consoles. Having PC and consoles is the best of both worlds, and personally I would hate to miss exclusives of the calibre of Bloodborne.

      It’s worth the price of admission on its own IMO.

    • Daymare says:

      Weren’t you worried about some repercussions with your wife re: getting a PS4?


      I’ve got one too (the console, not the marriage). Played BB and Horizon ZD on it.

      Now maybe Last Guardian and SotColossus remake

  7. milligna says:

    I am planning on losing a lot of free time via Into the Breach, of course. Also playing with Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition in VR with VorpX. Had way too much fun tonight playing with a friend, the built in mic, bursts of laughter, and the 3D effect on the scene zoomed out looked made it all seem like a lovely tabletop game. The sound of eating snacks in the headphones also sounded like a slightly less lovely tabletop game.

    Someone should whip up a proper multiplayer VR RPG experience once there’s more than 7 players. Till then,this was a hoot and a good way to dive into 00s nostalgia with old friends on opposite sides of the country.

  8. StAUG says:

    Lords of the Realm II was on Steam for a buck, so I’ve been giving that a hammering. It’s like being 12 again. I never realised how much the game is like a pared down/prototype version of the Total War series. Orwell: Ignorance is Strength was fun, although the episodic release can go to hell.

    • Carra says:

      I had a lot of fun with Lords of the realm 2 twenty years ago. I played their Pharaoh game last year, truly a classic.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Big Dunc says:

    I’m planning on recreating the experience of walking to work this week by playing the Long Dark this weekend.

  10. RaymondQSmuckles says:

    For the first time ever, Civilization got its hooks into me with number 6. But then I took time away from it and the fever subsided dramatically, to be replaced with yet another foray into Dwarf Fortress. I am in constant awe of this precious gift from the Brothers Adams.

  11. Vandelay says:

    My weekend started early yesterday, after my Thursday journey felt like the Beast was repeatable stabbing my toes whilst I was waiting for trains. Sounds like I made the right choice, as many trains ended up being cancelled.

    So, I’ve already played substantial amounts of Dark Souls 3, which I got from Humble. I had already finished it a couple of times on PS4, but it is so much nicer playing it at a smoother framerate (parts also seem a little easier for it). It makes me long even more for a Bloodbourne port. I’m doing a Uchigatana run, which I may mix in some form of spells. I’ve reached Cathedral of the Deep, having already killed the Abyss Watchers. That fight was intense and did take me quite a few attempts. Still think it is one of the best in the series though, feeling like the superb Lady Maria fight in Bloodbourne. No doubt I will continue playing more this weekend.

    Also picked up the Humble Fighter Bundle. Never been massively into fighters, rarely getting much beyond the mashing of the buttons stage. Tried a little bit of Skullgirls tutorials and I actually felt like I was learning something from them! I then went into the single player game and immediately started randomly smashing the buttons. Oh well, was still fun.

    Tried a bit of Blazblue too, which seemed really good, although the tutorial was truly horrific. I gave up after 5 minutes and it was only just telling me how to crouch. Played some of the arcade mode and it had a good feel to it. May look up some YouTube videos to understand it a bit more, rather than try the tutorial again.

  12. Ejia says:

    Now that Chrono Trigger is officially a PC game I am going to celebrate by playing the DS version.

    I’m also still working on a giant SimCity 4 region which I will never complete in my lifetime, where I’m trying to shoehorn in the various mass transit options into old cities.

  13. LTK says:

    Gonna play some more Gwent arena mode. Every conventional deck I put together achieves a 5% winrate in whatever mode I play, and I’m vastly outclassed by everyone who has the same deck concept as I do but better cards for it. Arena at least puts me on an even playing field, and I do much better for it.

  14. Ghostwise says:

    Prolly nothing because I’m bloody late with work, that I am.

    Though my Grim Dawn lore notes are at least shambling their way online (part #1, part#2).

  15. DashingDorm says:

    Into the Breach. Frankly, it’s so good that I see no reason to ever get out of the Breach. But if I do get out, guess I’ll visit the Pit and its People.

  16. Someoldguy says:

    I had hoped to be putting a lot of time into Stellaris 2.0 but after more than 5 hours, absolutely nothing interesting has happened. Everything you can do at the beginning phase of the game has been slowed right down. It used to be the point where excitement was at its highest. What is out there? Will it eat me? Do I have nice neighbours? Can I beat them to a juicy planet? Now not only can you only explore with leader-crewed science ships but their movement speed has been crippled. Plus these are the ships you need to survey and investigate anomalies and won’t get any experience unless you do that. So after 5 hours I’ve explored about 30 stars, surveyed half of those and have a couple of planets to colonise (one achieved) and a couple of alien life forms to research. Compared to the glorious race to go find out what is out there that it used to be, this is like watching paint dry. I have no objection to playing 100 hour long games, but those hours have to be interesting to make the investment pay off.

    So to change things up I shall buy an adventure pack and go explore some new dungeons in DDO instead.

  17. criskywalker says:

    I finally got NieR:Automata! 50% off on Steam right now! So probably that. Although I’m yet to finish Bayonetta… And Doki Doki Literature Club. Things are finally getting weird. It’s not the cutest game ever anymore. And I want to try out Celeste.

    And Rocket League, of course! Always Rocket League.

  18. Grizzly says:

    The False Moon is out, and the Vermintide (2) comes in! I’ve been playing the pre-orderers beta for a short while already, and the three levels on offer there are all quite beautiful. The game itself is more or less what you’d expect from a sequel to a game that sold beyond expectations: There’s a refined gameplay loop, there’s more enemy variety and more variety in the player classes, and the graphics department has gone to town with their increased budget, but there aren’t any radical departures from the original. Which is fair enough, as Vermintide 1 was an excellent game.

  19. Vacuity729 says:

    I tried out the demo for Order of Battle: World War II earlier in the week, and was so impressed that I picked up a pack of campaigns for it in the dying minutes of Steam’s Slitherine sale (which has now ended). I am planning on working my way through as much of the US Pacific campaign as I can manage before Sunday night.
    I’m currently struggling to meaningfully hold the Japanese advance through the Philippines in War Plan Orange-3. Sooner or later it all goes exceedingly pear-shaped.
    Also enjoying the wonderful high twenties and bright sunshine; perfect late-winter/early-spring weather.

    • DEspresso says:

      The first Philippines mission is a bit deceiving. As soon as your core troops arrive at the frontline you should be able to push back the Japanese towards (ideally) the river from where future attacks are repulsed quite easily.

      Which tends to give an unwarranted sense of security, the front should be stable, you may even be tempted to counterattack on the eastern flank to deny them the village supply point (which would put those raiding units in peril). Meanwhile you need to stay vigilant as the AI tries to sneak single units through the jungle at your flanks.

      Then the horde arrives.

      The First Scenario is not intended as a hold more like a delay action which requires hard choices: when to start retreating, which units to leave behind to slow the advance etc. Unfortunately you won’t have the necessary information to make the better choices the first time in this scenario(Those McArthur guys? May as well start by moving the legged ones south from the start because it’s unlike there will be a front left when they’d arrive north)

      Second scenario is more about force distribution.

      It is a bit of an unfortunate start for the campaign to start off things with a kind of ‘forced’ loss in which beginners can loose quite important/expensive units early on. Those are quite hard to replace in those scenarios where the need for reinforcements is quite heavy.

      • Vacuity729 says:

        Thanks for the advice. I think I’m just having issues working out when exactly to start falling back and then actually doing it in good order.
        I’ve played enough wargames to have played a few scenarios where mission success is measured by how much you can prevent a defeat from turning into a complete rout, and realistically, the invasion of the Philippines can’t sensibly be turned a victory without some fairly serious rewriting of history, so I’m not begrudging them that, and of course it comes earlier than the US successes in the theatre chronologically speaking; it’s as good a place as any other to start that particular campaign.
        Unfortunately, I got distracted watching old Babylon 5 episodes and prepping for class on Monday. The prepping had to be done (or I’d look pretty foolish standing there with nothing to teach), but I think I’d have felt better about being outside in the sun than watching old TV shows, however good they are. Didn’t play much either.

  20. aircool says:

    Sea Of Thieves.

    Took one for the team and splashed out an extraordinary sum of money on Sea of Thieves to see if it’s worth my friends buying it. The fundamentals are pretty good, but you need a crew of 4 (3 if on the 2-man sloop (yes, 3)).

    Currently, the game has the potential to be either a great game or the next No Man’s Sky.

    £50 though… fuck, that’s a lot of money. However, everything seems pretty solid, it’s just the full content that’s yet to be revealed.

  21. Morcane says:

    It’s another Path of Exile season, so yeah, it’ll be that. It’s shaping up to be a good one so far, with even more dopamine-triggering elements in it.

  22. Evan_ says:

    Space Tyrant is the surprise hit of the week for me. Thought it will take a joyful afternoon, but I keep putting unnerving nights into it.

    And we assemble on the evenings with my co-op buddies to play Deep Rock Galaxy.

  23. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Will be playing a bit more of the lovely (but surprisingly complex & involved) Block’Hood. Also finishing off Hidden Folks. I seemed to be in a funny mood last Steam sale, bought a load of charming games.

  24. juan_h says:

    Hard West was super-cheap on GOG this week. It proved impossible to resist. I love the combat. (It’s basically XCOM, despite any and all protestations to the contrary.) I love the card system for customizing characters. I love the narrator’s voice. I do not love the art style, the teeny-tiny font in the UI, or the words the narrator actually says. I hate the bugs. But did I mention that I love the combat? Because I love the combat.

    • Premium User Badge

      zinzan says:

      THIS :) All this I agree with.

    • anHorse says:

      I loved the combat but wasn’t sold on the overworld, I picked up the dlc in the steam sale so I’ll give it another try

      • Premium User Badge

        zinzan says:

        I enjoyed the combat and the balancing of your teams abilities via the card selections particularly.

        The story line is interesting and written in a style I find engaging. At least it relates to the missions and lets you roleplay to a certain extent. Kept me interested for longer than I expected.

  25. Mungrul says:

    Ah, Dragon’s Dogma, one of my permanently installed games.
    ’tis a lovely thing with a delightfully odd story.
    Personally, I think the best way to play is with the Strider class, as it’s the best at clambering all over beasties.

  26. Don Reba says:

    No time for games! Got to stop the Vek invasion!

    • Darloth says:

      Eh, just play games for a while and then reset the timeline.

      (How timetravellers get anything done I’ll never know)

  27. Carra says:

    Finished the excellent subnautica this week. Going to give Bayonetta a try. Played an hour today and it’s bat shit crazy do far.

  28. KwisatzHaderach says:

    So relatable! I feel paralysed by the choice to either play BF1 with this group of friends or Plunkbat with that group or maybe with the newly formed CS newbgroup. Or if I should do the sensible thing, spare me the rage and frustration that usually comes with MP games and that I find harder to ignore the older I get and play some SP games? ITB… no, Subnautica! Or maybe Ghost of a Tale? Actually I feel like finishing Dishonored 2, but its not installed… I usually end up with an early night in bed to get some much needed sleep, looking at memes and youtube videos until 3 AM :'(

  29. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    XC skiing, laundry-doing, fountain pen shopping, taco making & eating, and helping out with a Lawbreakers 1v1 tournament. Then doing more miscellaneous gaming and non-gaming things tomorrow.

  30. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    Just finished Sassin Oranges Hidden Ones. The location (the Sinai) is less compelling than the main game, being mostly mountains, desert and a quarry… but it has some good moments. Going to play some other stuff for a bit and then come back and visit remote parts of the main map I haven’t seen yet.

    I find (same as Red Dead Redemption and Witcher 3) this game is a lot more fun when you take the journey as part of the gameplay and rarely if ever use fast travel. It’s waaay more interesting to actually *see* the world and any chance encounters on the way than to just teleport to your destination, check the boxes of whatever mission you’re doing and teleport to the next thing…

    Instead of jumping back and forth on the map, you go: I’m in Krokodilopolis and I want to go to Alexandria, so I can head to Memphis cause I need to do some stuff there anyway, then continue north and also stop by the pyramids on the way… (for maximum roleplaying switch to camel in desert areas and adjust attire as you go, changing occasionally to pretend to remain incognito – would be neat if disguises were an actual mechanic in this series btw)

  31. MajorLag says:

    It seems Into The Breach has knocked Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy out for my “need a break” gaming slot. Which is great, since 150 sends of Mt. Foddy seems like enough.

  32. geldonyetich says:

    I’m in the position of being more concerned I’m not playing Final Fantasy XV because it’s not released for another few days, having already played the demo to death.

    That said, with Humble Monthly dropping I’m considering trying out Aviary Attorney (an Ace Attorney game with gorgeous victorian artwork and animal people), and Holy Potatoes: We’re In Space (a turn-based procedural space battler despite the casual presentation).

  33. Zenicetus says:

    I wanted to spend some time with Stellaris, but it doesn’t look solid enough yet with all the ongoing changes in the big 2.0 version.

    This game is really frustrating for me. It’s the kind of thing I should enjoy, but the devs don’t seem to have a good handle on their own game, or know what they want. They keep throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. They’re also stuck in a Euro-centric historical model for war and diplomacy that just doesn’t feel right in a space game. There is a lot of potential in Stellaris, but right now it’s jammed up in poorly designed systems.

    So I guess it’s more Endless Space 2, and I really should finish AC origins so I can check out the DLC.

  34. Couchfighter says:

    Vermintide 2 and Heroes of Hammerwatch for me

  35. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Brendan – don’t wait for a remaster on Chrono Trigger. I am not a gushing Chrono Trigger fanboy, and I have lots of qualms with JRPGs in general, but the game is formally perfect; there is nothing that could be changed about it to make it better (and in fact, the only bad parts of the game are the terrible ‘bonus content’ added in the DS version and later ports). The only thing the game could use is an instant save function and, hey, emulators give you that.

    It’s also of a pretty reasonable length and doesn’t have the excessive padding of so many JRPGs, so you can make space for it. Really. Emulate the crap out of it, or, I dunno, we’ll see if Square will update the Chrono Trigger release on Steam – but giving that they wouldn’t release even a single patch for Nier: Automata, I’m not holding my breath.

    • malkav11 says:

      It sure seems to me like people are massively exaggerating how bad these ports are. But I haven’t experienced them for myself, having already played Chrono Trigger years ago via emulator and bailed on FFVI because I couldn’t handle the tedium of the random encounters anymore on the Playstation version. (I think it was the Playstation version, anyway).

      That said, people have made mods to address the perceived shortcomings for at least FFV and VI, from Steam reviews, so maybe even if Square doesn’t update the Chrono Trigger port the fan community will.

  36. kud13 says:

    I finished up Remember Me last night. (Well, almost. Need to replay the last 2 levels to kill find the last 2 pesky Scaramechs), so I’m ready to move on with my backlog-clearing project.

    So it’ll probably be The Stanley Parable, followed by “Bastion”

    • Don Reba says:

      What do you think of the combat? I got really into it by the end. At some point, it clicks and stops feeling clunky.

      • kud13 says:

        Combat is fun, esp when it comes to bosses, where you need to ration your attacks, and use combos to reduce ability cooldowns.

        It does take a while to adjust, b/c although it’s billed like “Arkham-style” combat, the lack of blocks, as well as much slower auto-target shift means it’s much more about dodging.

        Once I had enough pressens, I reconfigured my default 3-punch combo to be only for cooldowns, while for the next 2 combos I put a healing pressen first, so that either combo of punch/kick would automatically give me some health back, even if I was overwhelmed with enemy numbers (and so more prone to button-mash). I’m not sure how much more skill the Hard difficulty would take (I’ll probably try the hard mode in a few months), but on Normal, these basics were enough so that I’d generally have a hard time losing a fight.

        In this sense, limiting myself to try to get combat-related achievements was a fun challenge.

        Overall, the game is very competently put together, (few texture bugs aside); it just made a mistake of suggesting it’d be so much more than it turned out to be.

        • Don Reba says:

          I had a similar experience with the gameplay.

          I draw for a hobby and follow a number of concept artists. One of them is Alksi Briclot — DONTNOD’s art director. I became just enamoured with Remember Me for its incredible art and design. When playing it, I often stopped to look around and soak in the surroundings. Even though the story is nothing to write home about, it’s still one of my favourite games for its art.

  37. SaintAn says:

    Now that it’s about spring I’m going to start playing games set in spring.
    Trying to decide between Horizon Zero Dawn, Okami PC, or Way of the Samurai 4.
    Also hunting the DLC costume treasure chests in Zelda Breath of the Wild while in bed. Searching everywhere in Hyrule Field for Tingle’s pants and the Phantom top.

    And I’m setting up my garden.

    Started Deep Space Nine too. I’m at the end of the first episode and like the characters a lot already.

    • Vandelay says:

      Ah, first time watching Deep Space Nine. I watched it back when it originally aired as pre-teen/teenager with poor taste that always liked TNG and Voyager more. I watched DS9 again a few years ago and was really blown away by how smart it was and a willingness to take Star Trek to some dark areas. Yet, it never lost its morals and whenever characters did bad things it was always with doubt and inner conflict.

      Discovery could definitely learn a few things from it.

      Season 1 can be a bit rough and there are the odd episode or two that pop up every season that can be tough to get through (pretty much any Ferengi centric one), but it is well worth the watch.

      • SaintAn says:

        I’m only two episodes in but so far it feels a bit like a family friendly Deadwood set in space, which is a really cool idea.

      • fish99 says:

        Maybe I should give DS9 another chance.

  38. malkav11 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if I spent a bunch of time in Tabletop Simulator. I’m using it to do state-tracking for a Kemet play-by-forum game I’m moderating, and teaching an online friend Eldritch Horror (using all expansions but mostly easy Mythos cards and the most vanilla Ancient One – i.e., Azathoth), which despite being pretty new to boardgaming she is picking up reasonably well and professes to be enjoying. It’s not a quick process, though – a game which has typically taken 4 hours tops on my table is already at at least that in TTS and we haven’t even quite finished the first of three mysteries. (We’re almost there, though – we have the required artifact and someone with nearly enough clues to dispose of it, just got to get them together and one more clue.)

    On my own time I have no idea really. In the last couple weeks I’ve picked up RUINER, Vagante, All Walls Must Fall, Into the Breach, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, Antihero, Slay the Spire…

    Any of these could pass a pleasant chunk of weekend, but which to choose! (probably a medley of some or all but equally likely I will abandon the entire idea and watch Netflix or VRV.)

  39. hijuisuis says:

    Opposing Force, which is fun but not as good as I remember it. It lacks the coherency of Half Life.

    Happy weekend everyone!

  40. Shinard says:

    Mount and Blade: Warband. This game is far too addictive. I always just want to quickly beat a tournament, then I’ll just get that bandit lair to complete a quest, then I’ll just upgrade my last few soldiers, then I’ll just beat another tournament and now oh look we’re at war and if I play things right I can snag a castle before peace is declared, better play a little longer and then I can just… damn thing eats time.

    That aside, hosting an Oscars night tomorrow so I’ll be stocking up for that and making sure my flat’s not horrendous. Mostly I’m fine with whatever wins, though I’ll be disappointed if Lady Bird doesn’t get anything and if Baby Driver doesn’t win Best Editing I may punch something. Regardless, should be a fun night.

  41. Premium User Badge

    zinzan says:

    Combat Mission 2 PBeM games as always :) _ tutorial scenario of Flashpoint Campaigns:Red Storm been played, manual read. will put many hours into this.

  42. kiank37 says:

    I will be playing Doki Doki Literature Club, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, and possibly Splatoon 2 if I have the time, but alas, time is limited.

  43. Viral Frog says:

    Well, thanks to the coverage here on RPS and the weekend sale, I went and bought every single player Final Fantasy game that I didn’t have on Steam besides XII and XV (XV is still a preorder right? Even if not, no sale means no buy. And if it is a preorder, that’s also a valid reason to not buy).

    So that means I now own VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and X-2. And I’m not sure which I want to start with. I’ve already completed VII and VIII. Been pretty deep into VI and IX as well.

    I should start with X and then X-2 since they’re the only one I’ve never played. But I will probably just go through my favorite (VIII), then move on to X.

    Also sprinkling in bits of Fortnite, Slay the Spire, and Into the Breach.

  44. Gomer_Pyle says:

    The rest of the (February?) monthly games dropped yesterday, so I’ll be giving some of those a go, mainly Overgrowth. Besides that there’ll be the usual War Thunder and Verdun, and I might try to get some Europa Universalis in tomorrow.

  45. pookie101 says:

    I’m going to teach those dastardly Hun what for in bomber crew!

  46. fish99 says:

    Not feeling games at the moment so I’m binge-watching Star Trek Voyager this weekend. Trying to plow through the fairly dull first three seasons and get to the stuff I haven’t seen before.

  47. Premium User Badge

    The Almighty Moo says:

    Subnautica, but being honest I have a planned six hours on a train that will turn into eight due to the weather so finally, finally I’m playing Breath of the Wild and it will be glorious.

  48. Premium User Badge

    wellpapp says:

    I finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s Criminal Past dlc in one sitting last night. Enjoyed it, felt nice to go back to it after finishing the main game a year or so ago. Lot sizable and more complex map to explore (atleast more so then the previous dlcs), no more extra super-power-augs that just simplified everything. Story was fine.
    Having now thoughts on seeking out other expansions.. maybe Far Harbor or Death of the Outsider.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      Death of the outsider is excellent, and no pesky clean hands/ghost achievements to push you into a certain playstyle. More fast paced and combat orientated, made a nice change for a person like me who played the main game with zero kills.

      • fish99 says:

        Personally I played DotO the same stealthy way I played everything else in the series. I guess I just prefer that style of gameplay.

        I agree it’s excellent though, and it feels more substantial than the DLCs for Dishonored.

  49. panda says:

    I played some Aerofly FS2 and Chronos. Good times! Aerofly recently added support for tracked controllers in VR, so I can push the buttons in the plane with my very own hand. It’s surprisingly entertaining, now I wish more of the buttons were functional.

  50. Imbecile says:

    Monster hunter world on the PS4. If I’m honest it’s been a slow burner, with the combat seeming clunky and repetitive, and the systems confusingly explained. That said I find it increasingly hard to stop playing!