Boo! Both Amnesia games are free right now on Steam

If you have not bought the Amnesia first-person spookers intentionally, inadvertently acquired them in an old bundle you don’t really remember buying, nor grabbed them when they were free in January good news: both Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs are free for keepsies right now on Steam. What’s changed since the last giveaway? I still have not finished either of them, I’ll tell you that much. You go lock yourselves into dungeons with terrible monsters, I’ll be just fine where I am, thanks.

Swing on over to Steam, click that ‘Install Game’ button, and the Amnesia Collection will be yours until Steam turns to dust. It costs £30 at full price so yeah, go on. The giveaway is only “for a limited time” so if you want ’em, grab ’em now before you forget and the offer runs out.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent, to remind you, is the 2010 first-person horror adventure game by Frictional. It is one of our Adam’s favourite horror games. When Frictional went off to make Soma, they let in Dear Esther devs The Chinese Room have a go on Amnesia, resulting in A Machine For Pigs. It’s different but still decent, I’m told. I wouldn’t know. I will play no more. I am a babby. Wah wah goo goo ga ga.


  1. Jue Viole Grace says:

    Smells fishy to me. Why give them away again after just two months? Maybe Frictional is making a new game?

  2. vorador says:

    Babby here. I bought Amnesia and i quit after less than half-an-hour and never came back.

    I could only stomach Soma after the wuss mode was modded in.

    I’m usually fine with horror games if i can fight back. Its the helplessness that gets me.

  3. Jalan says:

    Played and finished both. Still find A Machine for Pigs to be the better of the two in almost every aspect, though I enjoyed each (and am aware of how so far in the minority it is to actually like A Machine for Pigs or as I rapidly saw in the wave of backlash after it released – the “game that shouldn’t have Amnesia tacked on to its title because it isn’t Amnesia, so sayeth all hardcore Amnesia fans”).

    • jusplathemus says:

      Heh.. I’m a hardcore Frictional Games fan, and while I consider the original Amnesia much better than the Pigs version, I think the latter is a victim of unfair comparison. It’s a great game, even though it can’t hold a lantern to Dark Descent. The atmosphere is spot on though, I must admit to that.

    • faircall says:

      I also loved A Machine for Pigs, preferring it over the original. The level design was so cool, I was constantly wondering/dreading what would be next. And that sound design! That music! That poetic script! I found it was perhaps a less scary but far more disturbing and long lasting tale.

  4. Argent says:

    Probably a US or UK only thing. Not free in Australia even though the advertisement as such can be viewed.

  5. genoforprez says:

    Apparently I am one of like four people on earth who actually liked A Machine For Pigs better than regular Amnesia. (I’m kinda of the opinion that helplessness/handicaps can be as cheap-feeling as jump scares, so Frictional’s default approach to horror does not always work for me.)

  6. syllopsium says:

    Sorted. Slightly confusingly I needed to go into Amnesia, and below the purchase link is another ‘get it free’ link, which adds both Amnesia and Pigs to your account.