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Kingdom Come Deliverance: side quests

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Robber Baron

This quest can only be started after you have completed Next to Godliness, and its resulting follow-up, Clothes Make the Man. In fact, Robber Baron will begin immediately after that side-quest, with Sir Hanush telling you and Capon to deal with a cousin of Captain Bernard’s, who has taken to highway robbery.

If you want, you can go and chat to Bernard about this, and follow him and his men to try and locate the man’s cousin, but it’s completely optional. He waits in the castle courtyard, by the horses, if you’re interested. If you waste too much time after the quest begins, and they set off with you, it hardly matters as it’s easy enough to make your way to the location. Leave Rattay through the upper gate, stay on the path to Neuhof and follow your nose/the quest marker from then on, which will lead you to the camp you previously stayed at with Capon during the main quest The Prey.

Caution: you may encounter a bug at this location if you interact with Capon in the camp. The game thinks the quest is just starting, and makes you relieve the scene with Hanush in Rattay, so if you’re worried, or you haven’t saved in a while, perhaps leave Capon be for now.

Chat with Bernard, who will share with you a few stories about his roguish cousin Wolflin, before asking you to check out the nearby robbed farms. One is up the hill near Neuhof, while the other lies north of the camp. At both locations you’ll have the opportunity to gain more information about Wolflin’s hidden camp.

Head to the northern farm

Follow the forest path from the camp and you’ll come directly to the farm. If you ask about, both the farmer and the mistress of the farm will say that they know nothing about any robbery – which is a bit suspicious. With high speech values (better than 10/9/7), the woman will eventually open up, revealing that, yes, the bandits came to the farm. One had an injured leg and asked her to take care of it. Furthermore, she knows where their camp is, and will take you to a spot where you can view it for yourself. The game will take you there automatically.

Take a few steps forward to get a good view of the camp, and you’ll be able to report the location to Bernard.

Head to the farm to the south

You can also head for the southeast farm before reporting back to Bernard, by following the red quest marker to the small plot. Talk to the villager at the cottage, who will tell you that a man named Lumir chased the bandits away, who then fled into the nearby forest. Her husband, too, ran after the bandits, catching one of them with his sickle along the way – the blood trail should offer a tangible clue. That the bandits mentioned someone named Wolflin is a fact that should make your ears prick up. Before you leave to follow the blood trail, you can give the woman three bandages for Lumir’s wounds, and she’ll reward you with 70 Groschen. Either accept or honorably decline this money, it’s up to you.

Follow the bloody footprints

Follow them north into the forest, keeping to the small path. They’ll take you into the undergrowth, and to an overturned tree trunk, before the path twists to the northeast. In front of a tree, you’ll find a blood-soaked garment, where Henry will comment that he is getting closer to the bandits.

Follow the blood trail further to the northeast. At another tree trunk you’ll discover one more bloody garment; from there continue northwest, then north again, until you reach a creek. There you’ll discover Wolfin’s camp.

Negotiate with Wolflin

Report back to Bernad. He believes that Wolflin should be hanged for his crimes, but if your speech skills are up to scratch (better than 12/13/16), you can attempt to convince him otherwise. If you don’t have the skills, put on Capon’s outfit from the previous quest – if you’re not wearing it already – as it offers a nice charisma boost. If you’re successful, Bernard will give you a tabard with Bernard’s coat-of-arms on it, which will allow you to enter the camp and parlay with the outlaw.

Stick the tabard on, unequip your weapons, and make for Wolflin’s camp, where you can begin to grill him about his actions, and arrive at a solution. These solutions include letting him disappear while leaving his loot behind as compensation – and even paying you additional money, if your persuasion skills are high enough. One of the resulting dialogue options (the crowned heart symbol) will appeal to Radzig, and seems to work even if you possess a lower value, as Wolflin doesn’t want to face off against an old friend.

This solution offers a decent compromise, as neither Bernard or Hanush will lose face, and they’ll still get what they want. For your efforts, Sir Hanush will reward you with a sturdy cuirass.

If you offer more concessions to Wolflin and promise safe conduct for the robber, you’ll finish the quest but annoy Hanush and Bernard. Still, a man-on-man duel between you and Wolflin will remedy the situation somewhat.

Lead Bernard to Wolflin’s Camp

If no peaceful solution is found, Henry will have to agree to lead Bernard’s men to Wolflin’s camp, and to end the robber’s life. This happens automatically after the dialogue option is chosen, and if you’d rather not get involved with the battle, remember that you can always hang back and let the others do most or all of the work.

Caution: you may encounter a bug where Wolflin is not considered dead at the end of battle. His body remains marked with a quest symbol, while you’ll still have the objective to kill the man. If this happens, you won’t be able to talk to Hans Capon or Bernard, or even move elsewhere in the world, so it might be best to save before storming the camp, if that’s your intended solution.

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