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Kingdom Come Deliverance: side quests

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Miracles While You Wait

In the southern part of Sasau, you’ll find a charlatan near the trader stalls, offering all sorts of strange items, including a unicorn horn and (actually useful for you) a treasure map. It looks like he needs supplies, and Henry is naturally the man to deliver them. These items are, of course, a little unusual: he wants one of Procopius’ teeth, a cat’s paw, a burial shroud, and a branch from the festival tree. Handily, everything he needs is located in Sasau, so you won’t have to travel too far to find them.

Get the cat’s paw

You won’t have to take this from a disgruntled cat, thankfully, but you will have to win it from a dice player in the local tavern, who keeps the paw on his person as a lucky charm. You’ll have to raise 100 Groschen in the ensuing bet, but don’t be too alarmed as you’ll only lose five coins if you suffer a defeat, and you can retry as many times as you like.

Alternatively, you can offer the man 150 Groschen for the charm, or threaten him with violence if you have more than 9 points in the discipline. Whichever way you go about it, you are now the proud owner of a cat’s paw. Well done, I guess.

Get Procopius’ tooth

Go to the northern part of the city and cross the river that separates the city. On the right, you’ll come to an area with many small fields and flower beds, where this Procopius often works during the day.

You can just ask him about his tooth, now, which as it turns out as causing the man some pain. If you have First Aid II, you can use this in dialogue to convince him that you’re a doctor, and to follow you to the, er, blacksmith’s to have it taken out. You can also just attack him to have the tooth fall out that way, but try to do it when he’s not looking.

Get the branch

For this you’ll have to go all the way to the north of the village, to Sasau’s monastery. There’s construction work going on, and so a handy scaffold has been erected on the side of the building. Climb the scaffolding to the top and you’ll see a tree hanging over the monastery’s outer facade. You won’t be able to reach it directly, so take out your bow and shoot the hanging branch with an arrow, after which it will tumble to the ground.

Get the shroud

The burial shroud must be from someone who led a righteous life, according to the charlatan. That description applies to someone named Loukota, who died recently. His body has been laid out in a small church to the south of the city.

The church itself is open, but the game regards it as a private area, except for a small vestibule. If you wait until night, the fathers will be gone, so you should should be able to sneak in and grab the garment without too much trouble.

Return to the charlatan with your items, where you will be rewarded with a few, more useful, objects. He doesn’t want to exchange the shroud out on the street, however, and so invites you to meet him at house. Follow him there, to the western edge of Sasau. You’ll be greeted by an angry mob of villagers, who aren’t too happy with the charlatan’s shenanigans. He promises Henry a reward, from his chest, if he can stop the crowd, before he scarpers with the ominous words “See you in Ledetchko.”

Stop the crowd

Face the people, in particular the lout leading the charge. His language skills aren’t too impressive (0/0/12), so you should be able to convince him to leave easily. The quest ends here, but before you go, be sure to clear out the charlatan’s house, and maybe to eat there and take a kip, if you need a rest. In the chest you’ll find a variety of items, including a book entitled The Dream of the Alchemist, some outerwear, and 11 bandages. There’s another ‘light’ chest that can be picked open as well.

Until Ledetchko, where we’ll meet the charlatan again.

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