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Kingdom Come Deliverance: side quests

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: In God’s Hands

Johanka is an old acquaintance of Henry’s from Skalitz. Like you, she fled the town during the events of the main quest Unexpected Visit, and has made it safely to Sasau. Go to the monastery in the north of the city, and you’ll find a makeshift hospital operating out of the grounds. Johanka is here, caring after the wounded – unfortunately, she is swamped by the amount of work required.

The monks tolerate the hospital’s presence rather than actively supporting it, so you should ask Johanka if you can help her out. If you possess the First Aid II skill, you can make use of it to treat some of the patients directly, but you can also assist by collecting various items for the hospital.

Help care for the sick and wounded in the monastery

Your first task is to acquire some meat, which is easy enough. You need ten units in total, and any meat will do, from dried beef jerky to meat fresh from the hunt. It makes no difference, but the quickest and easiest method is to buy some from the tavern, or from the dealer at the market in south Sasau. Deliver the meat to Johanka when you’re done.

A man named Brother Nicodemus is also employed at the infirmary. Let’s have a chat with him, and ask why the monastery refuses to give the infirmary additional funding. This ends the current goal and opens up a new one:

Find out how to get better conditions for the sick

Sebastian von Berg usually stays in his house, which is left of the infirmary, through the northern gate, and over the yard. There’s a man outside who will offer you yet another side quest, Saintly Remains, but let’s not get sidetracked with that. Enter the house and look for the custodian. Most of the time, he lies asleep upstairs, and if you’re desperate for a kip yourself, no one will mind if you use one of the beds here. Talk to him about the infirmary situation, although you’ll need high speech skills (better than 15/17/8) to be able to convince the man to help. If that fails, you can always bribe him with 150 Groschen.

Treat the sick

There are five people in the infirmary you must help: Phillip, who needs a potion, a villager with a broken leg, Hans (who needs his dressings changed), Semek (who needs some healing herbs), and last but not least an insomniac, who’s rather keen to get to sleep.

Johnaka has some tips on how to help them. If you possess the First Aid II skill, you can try to fix the broken leg yourself, while Phillip is apparently poisoned, due to him hiding among the corpses during the attack on Skalitz. She directs you to Father Simon in Rovna, who will be able to help with that.

You can change Hans’ bandages yourself if you have the First Aid II skill, otherwise you’ll need to ask Nicodemus. As for Semek, he’s a construction worker and not as important as the others, apparently, but you’ll need to help him all the same. Use the alchemy station in the next room, read the book there, and leaf through the pages until you learn of the necessary herb, which helpfully you can buy directly from Nicodemus.

He’s the one to talk to about the insomniac, too, recommending a sleeping draught named Lullaby Potion, which requires a poppy, strawberries, and a thistle, all of which can be bought from the man you’re currently chatting to. Using the alchemy station nearby, here’s a step-by-step guide to brewing the potion:

  • Fill the cauldron with oil
  • Put a handful of poppy flowers in and use the bellows three times
  • Let them cook for a turn of the hourglass
  • Put a handful of thistles in the kettle and let everything boil for another hourglass turn
  • Allow the mixture to cool slightly, then add the strawberries
  • Finally, take a vial and fill the sleeping potion directly from the cauldron
  • After the sleepless man gets his forty winks, Sebastian von Berg will enter the room and make a right song and dance. You can leap in to Johanka’s defence here, but if your speech skills aren’t high enough (better than 15/17/8), you’ll spend half a day in the ‘dungeon’ as a result.

    Find Father Simon

    Now, only Phillip remains to be treated. Father Simon from Skalitz knows a lot about poisoning, so let’s travel to Rovna and speak to him. South of the fast-travel point, right at the quest marker, you’ll find a hut. The villager inside will direct you to Father Simon, beginning the linked side-quest A Man of the Cloth.

    Complete that quest, which ends with you finding Father Simon and asking him about Phillip, and you’ll discover that the cure calls for vermouth. You need 2x vermouth, 1x sage, and alcohol, and here are the exact steps for creating the antidote:

  • Fill the kettle with alcohol
  • Add sage and let simmer for a turn of the hourglass
  • Put two handfuls of vermouth into the mortar and crush
  • Put the vermouth into the cauldron and cook the mixture for two turns of the hourglass
  • Take a vial and use it with the distiller
  • Give Phillip the medicine and then cross your fingers that it works. Wait for a couple of hours in the infirmary, and you’ll know one way or the other. If your treatment was successful, you will have now helped all the needy people, who will thank you if you go and speak to them again. To finish the quest, speak to Johanka once more.

    Continue with: Kingdom Come Deliverance: A Man of the Cloth.

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