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Kingdom Come Deliverance: side quests

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Kingdom Come Deliverance: A Man of the Cloth

This quest is closely related to the side-quest In God’s Hands. In that mission, you’re tasked with helping Henry’s old acquaintance Johanka look after the sick and wounded in Sasau. One of them, Phillip, is suffering from poison, and Johanka suggests meeting with Father Simon, a poison expert, to learn of a cure. Unfortunately, he disappeared several years ago, and now lives as a hermit in the wilderness.

Once you’re given this quest, the marker will lead you to small farm northeast of Skalitz. Ask the people here about the pastor, and about what happened with his housemaid, with whom he had a relationship. She died years ago, and her parents buried her in the woods – however, the cross above her grave is being decorated regularly by a mysterious visitor. Who would be visiting the grave, if not Simon?

Find Mary’s Cross and Father Simon

The quest marker leads you to a point in the woods west of Skalitz. At the edge of the path you’ll find a cross with a bouquet of flowers in front of it; interact with it to be given a new quest marker leading to the southwest. Before you leave, however, be sure to check out the grave to the northeast, in the bushes, where you’ll discover all sorts of treasures including the book The Food of Hercules IV, some clothes, recipes, and 206 Groschen.

Now, follow the small, east-flowing river upstream in the direction of the marker. Near the source of the river you’ll meet two vagabonds, and Father Simon. A fist-fight ensues when you approach the men.

If you’re not too good with your fists, you can of course pull out your blade and slaughter the vagabonds, but Father Simon will admonish your behaviour. Whichever way you resolve the fight – lethally or no – chat with Simon, before encouraging him to return to St. Jacob’s. He’ll refuse at first, but eventually change his mind.

Speak to Father Simon again to ask him about Phillip’s poisoning (from the quest In God’s Hands). He suggests a cure involving fine alcohol, distilled from vermouth. Let’s wrap this quest up first though, shall we?

Go to Rovna and report what happened

Ride back to the villager in the run-down hut near Rovna, and tell him you found the pastor. He’ll offer you 100 Groschen as thanks, but you can decline the man’s money if you prefer. Thus ends this quest, leaving you free to wrap up the previous one.

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